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this side is copied directely from en.wiktionary. It is yet to be adopted to the need of am.wiktionary. I am working on it. ተፈራ 11:46, 21 May 2006 (UTC)

Welcome to the Community Portal!

Contact us[አርም]

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Policies, guidelines, and policy discussions[አርም]

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Help us with entries needing attention[አርም]

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With the above two,you can go there and add your own entries, or help tidy up the already nominated entries. But best first to see Cleanup and deletion process

See also - Wiktionary:Lists of words needing attention


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There are a number of Wiktionary projects on the go at any one time, developing certain aspects of Wiktionary. All contributions are welcome.

Projects are listed in Category:Wiktionary Projects