1. ስለ

ምሳሌያዊ ትርጉሞች[አርም]

about (prep) ስለ

  • They were talking about the war.
  • ስለ ጦርነቱ ያወሩ ነበር

about () በ...ላይ

  • There is something queer about him.
  • በሱ ላይ አንድ እንግዳ ነገር ይታያል

about () አንድ

  • There were about thirty people present.
  • አንድ ሠላሳ ያህል ሰዎች ነበሩ

about () ያህል

  • This house is about as high as that tree.
  • ይህ ቤት ያንን ዛፍ ያህል ይረዝማል

about () በ...ዙሪያ

  • The dog capered about its master.
  • ውሻው በጌታው ዙሪያ ቧረቀ
  • John is adept at repairing things about the house.
  • ጆን የቤት እቃዎችን የመጠገን ችሎታ አለው
  • He is about my age.
  • በዕድሜ እኩያዬ ነው
  • The officer roared,"about face"!
  • መኮንኑ ቀኝ ኋላ ዙር ብሎ አዘዘ

be about + imperfect () ሊ...ነው

  • The pail is about full.
  • ባልዲው ሊሞላ ነው
  • Lunch is about ready.
  • ምሳ ሊደርስ ነው

be about the same () የተቀራረበ / የተመሳሰለ ነው

  • Is the weather in Addis Ababa better than in Harar?
  • የአዲስ አበባ ያየር ሁኔታ ከሐረር ይሻላል? የተቀራረበ (የተመሳሰለ) ነው?

be about + imperfect () ሊ...ነው (ነበር)

  • He is about to leave.
  • ሊሄድ ነው
  • I was about to send for you.
  • ልልክብህ ነበር

Have about enough of በቃ(ው)

  • I have had just about enough of your arguments.
  • ያንተ ጭቅጭቅ በቅቶኛል
  • How about it?
  • ታዲያስ?[