absolve () ነጻ አደረገ

  • The judge absolved him of guilt in the accident.
  • በአደጋው ካደረሰው ጥፋት ዳኛው ነጻ አደረገው

absolve () ሰረዘ(ለት)

  • He absolved me from the the promise I made.
  • ገብቼለት የነበረውን ቃል ሰረዘልኝ

be absolved () ተሰረየ(ለት)

  • He was absolved from his sin.
  • ኅጢአቱ ተሰረየለት

absolve (someone)of his sin () ፈታ

  • The priest absolved him of his sin.
  • ቄሱ ፈቱት