absorb () መጠጠ

  • The sponge absorbed the water quickly.
  • ሰፍነጉ ውኅውን ወዲያው መጠጠው

absorb () ያዘ

  • You can not absorb all that material in a single lesson.
  • ያንን ሁሉ ትምሕርት ባንድ ጊዜ ልትይዘው አትችልም

absorb () ዋጠ

  • large companies absorb smaller ones.
  • ትልልቅ ኩባንያዎች ትንንሾቹን ኩባኒያዎች ይውጧቸዋል

absorb () መቀበል / ተቀበለ

  • The United States absorbed millions of immigrants.
  • አሜሪካ በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠሩ ስደተኞች ተቀበለች

absorb () ቻለ

  • The company will absorb all the research costs.
  • ኩባኒያው የጥናቱን ወጪ ሁሉ ይችላል

absorb () ወሰደ(በት)

  • This job absorbs all my time.
  • ይህ ስራ ጊዜዬን በሙሉ ይወስድብኛል

absorb () ማረከ

  • The circus absorbed the boy's attention.
  • ሰርከሱ የልጁን መንፈስ ማረከው

be absorb () ተመሰጠ

  • He was so absorbed in his book, he didn't hear me come in.
  • በመጽሐፉ በጣም ተመስጦ ስለነበር ስገባ አልሰማኝም