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abstain () ተቆጠበ

  • The doctor ordered him to abstain from meat.
  • ሐኪሙ ከስጋ እንዲቆጠብ አዘዘው

abstain () ተጠበቀ

  • Athletes usually abstain from smoking.
  • ስፖርተኞች አብዛኛውን ጊዜ ከማጨስ ይጠበቃሉ

abstain () ድምጽ አልሰጠም

  • Three nations voted for the proposal and two abstained.
  • ሦስት አገሮች የቀረበውን ሐሳብ ሲደግፉ ሁለቱ ግን ድምጽ አልሰጡም