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accede ~ to (verb) ተቀበለ (ግስ)

  • He acceded to my request.
  • ጥያቄዬን ተቀበለ

accede (verb) ያዘ (ግስ)

  • He acceded to the chairmanship after the incumbent died.
  • የቀድሞው ሊቀ መንበር ሲሞት እሱ ሊቀ መንበርነቱን ያዘ

accede (verb) ወረሰ (ግስ)

  • When the king died his son acceded to the throne.
  • ንጉሱ ሲሞቱ ልጁ አልጋውን ወረሰ