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decline (noun) ማነስ (ስም)

  • The decline in exports transmuted the economic life of the country.
  • ወደ ውጭ የሚላከው እቃ ማነስ ያገሪቱን የኤኮኖሚ ሁኔታ ለወጠው
  • The decline of Roman Empire was due to many causes.
  • የሮም መንግሥት የደከመው በብዙ ምክንያቶች ነበር

be on the decline () ዝቅ እያለ ሄደ / አሽቆለቆለ

  • Ivory sales are on the decline.
  • የዝሆን ጥርስ ሺያጭ ዝቅ እያለ ሄዷል

decline እየበረደ ሄደ

  • The epidemic is on the decline.
  • ተላላፊው በሽታ እየበረደ ሄደ

there is a decline in () ወረድ አለ

  • There is a decline in prices.
  • ዋጋ ወረድ ብሏል