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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
back To go back in a range of pages or steps. Opposite of \"Forward\", Usually appears as buttons in various MS products, for example on the \"Standard buttons\" toolbar in internet Explorer. ወደኋላ
back up Verb. To make a backup copy. ተተኪ አኑር
backbone In a WAN such as the Internet, a high-speed, high-capacity medium that is designed to transfer data over hundreds or thousands of miles. አከርካሪ
backend The portion of a program that accomplishes the processing tasks that the program is designed to perform. ደጀን
Background Opposite of \"foreground\" or \"front\". For example the attributes of the background of a table, object, etc. ዳራ
background color The underlying color of a slide. ዳራቀለም
background printing The printing of a document in the background while a program is active in the foreground. Particularly useful if you frequently print long documents or use a slow printer. ዳራ ህትመት
Background processes group Any process group that is a member of a session which has established a connection with a controlling terminal that is not in the foreground process group. ዳራ የሂደት ቡድን
background program A program that runs while the user is working on another task. The computer\'s microprocessor assigns fewer resources to background programs than foreground programs. ዳራ ፍርግም
backlighting A display design that involves shining light at a liquid crystal display (LCD) from behind, increasing the contrast between light and dark pixels. It makes LCDs much more readable in bright-light conditions, such as those outdoors. የኋላ ብርሃን
backlit display A display design that incorporates backlighting. የኋላ ብርሃን አሳይ
backplane A motherboard. Originally the term describes a main circuit board mounted vertically at the rear of the case. እናት ሰሌዳ
backslash Character: / ሕዝባር
BACKSPACE key On the keyboard. የኋሊት ደምሳሽ
Backup Noun. A duplicate copy of a program, disk or data maintained for safety reasons. Verb. To create a backup (duplicate copy of a program, a disk, or data, made either for archiving purposes or for safeguarding valuable files from loss should the active copy be damaged or destroyed. A backup is an \"insurance\" copy) መጠባበቂያ
backup copy Noun. A duplicate copy of a program, disk or data maintained for safety reasons. መጠባበቂያ ቅጂ
backup file A file that is a backup of another file. መጠባበቂያ ፋይል
backup operator A type of local or global group that contains the user rights you need to back up and restore files and folders. Members of the Backup Operators group can back up and restore files and folders regardless of ownership, permissions, encryption, or auditing settings. መጠባበቂያ ከዋኝ
backup procedure A regular maintenance procedure that copies all new or altered files to a backup storage medium, such as floppy disks or a tape drive. መጠባበቂያ ደንብ
backup program Program for making backups መጠባበቂያ አስቀጅ ፍርግም
backup set A collection of files, folders, and other data that has been backed up and stored in a file or on one or more tapes. መጠባበቂያ ስብስብ
backup set catalog A summary of the files and folders that have been saved in a backup set. የመጠባበቂያ ስብስብ ማውጫ
backup types A type that determines which data is backed up and how it is backed up. There are five backup types: copy, daily, differential, incremental, and normal. የመጠባበቂያ አይነቶች
backup utility A utility program designed to backup programs and data files from a hard disk to a backup medium such as floppy disks or a tape drive. የመጠባበቂያ አገልግሎት
backward The opposite of \'Forward\' የኋሊት
backward chaining In expert systems, a commonly used method of drawing inferences from IF/THEN rules. የኋሊዮሽ ትስስር
backward compatible About software or hardware that is compatible with previous versions. የኋሊት ተኳኃኝ
backward search In a database, spreadsheet, of word processor document, a search that begins at the cursor’s location and proceeds backward toward the beginning of a database or a document (rather than searching forward to the end). የኋሊዮሽ ፍለጋ
bad Can mean damaged or just incorrect, depending on context, for example \"bad data\" ብልሹ
ball bat In UNIX a common slang term for an exclamation point (!). ትእምርተ ኣንክሮ
balloon In Microsoft Word: Balloons: In print layout view or Web layout view, markup balloons show markup elements, such as comments and tracked changes, in the margins of your document. Use these balloons to easily see and respond to reviewers\' changes and comments. ፊኛ
band In a database management program’s report function, an area set aside for a certain type of information, such as a header area or data from fields. ድግ
band character Synonymous with ball bat. ትእምርተ ኣንክሮ
bandwidth the amount you can send through network connection bandwidth is usually measured in bits-per-second (bps) መተላለፊያ ይዘት
bank switching A way expanding memory beyond an operating system’s or microprocessor’s address limitations by switching rapidly between two banks of memory. የማኀደረ ትውስታ ልወጣ
banner Microsoft Outlook: 1.Event or holiday name that appears at the top of the dates you specify in Calendar. A banner can span multiple days. Items in banners are marked as free time and are represented by the color white when you view your Calendar. Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Word: 2. A section of a web page containing a graphic element and text, such as the page title. Page banners are usually displayed at the top of web pages. General meaning: 3. synonym for \'flag\'. Microsoft Word: 4. a headline in large type running across a newspaper page ሰንደቅ
bar Noun. Object used in various contexts, such as \"barchar\", \"task bar\" etc አሞሌ
bar chart Microsoft Excel chart that consists of bars አሞሌ ገበታ
bar code The special identification code printed as a set of vertical bars of differing widths on books, groceries and other products. Microsoft Word: Insert Menu, Field, \"BarCode\". Note that this particular barcode used on US envelopes may not be used in your country. የአሞሌ ኮድ
barcode reader An input device that scans bar codes and with special software, converts the bar codes into a number onscreen. መሰውር አንባቢ
base band In LANs, a communications method in which the information-bearing signal is placed directly on the cable in digital form without modulation. መሰረተ ድግ
base font The font that is used in a document. መሰረተ ቅርፀቁምፊ
baseline In printing and in the display of characters on a screen, an imaginary horizontal with which the base of each character, መነሻ መስመር
basic input/output system (bios) A set of programs encoded in read-only memory (ROM) on IBM መሰረታዊ ግቤት/ውጤት ስርአት (ባዮስ)
battery pack A rechargeable battery that supplies power to a computer, usually a portable computer when external (main) power is not available. የኮምፒዩተር ባትሪ
baud Measurement unit ባውድ
baud rate Measurement unit ,especially used about modem speeds. ባውድ ምጥን
BCC Microsoft Outlook :an abbreviation for\" blind carbon copy\". If you add a recipients name to this box in a message ,a copy of the message is sent to that recipient, and the recipient\'s name is visible to other recipients of the message. ስውር ቅጂ
Be Right Back One of the types of user status in Windows Messenger ቶሎ እመለሳለሁ
beep Warning sound from the PC ጲጵ
Before Appears as a dialog label in various Office apps to indicate to indicate a measurement \"before\" something, for example spacing. Usually appears together With \"After\". For a context example, see Word ,paragraph, indents and Spacing, \"Before\" ቀድሞ
beginner Noun. Inexperienced user ጀማሪ
Bell A hollow metal musical instrument, usually cup-shaped with a flared opening, that emits a metallic tone when struck ደወል
below Preposition. Lower in place ታች
benchmark A standard measurement, determined by a benchmark program that is used to test the performance of different brands of equipment. ካስማ
benchmark program A utility program used to measure a computer’s processing speed so that its performance can be compared to that of others computers running the same program. ካስማ ፍርግም
Best Fit Basically means \"whatever fits best\". Appears as a submenu command in Outlook. In the Inbox (for example), to quickly change the width of a column so you can see all the information in the column, just right-click the column title and then click Best Fit. ምርጥ ግጣም
beta test The second stage in the testing of a computer software, after alpha test but before commercial release. ቤተ ፍተሻ
beta version Noun. A new software or hardware product, or one that is being updated, that is ready to be released to users for beta testing in real-world situations. Usually betas have most or all of the features and functionality implemented that the finished product is to have. ግርድፍ ቅጂ
bibliographic retrieval service An online information service that specializes in maintaining huge computerized indexes to scholarly, scientific, medical and technical literature. መዘርዘር መላሽ አገልግሎት
bi-directional language \"BiDi\" is an abbreviation for \"Bi-directional\", a term coined internally at Microsoft. Bi-directional is a general way of referring to the Arabic and Hebrew languages and the common editing used in those cultures. Arabic and Hebrew are written from Right to Left. ክልኤ አቅጣጫ ቋንቋ
billing Synonym for invoicing እዳሰነዳ
bin Common abbreviation for binary file. ቢን
binary A file that contains encoded information interpreted according to the application that created in general, a binary file can be edited only by the application in which it was created. ሁለትዮሽ
binary coded decimal (BCD) A method of coding long decimal numbers so that they can be processed with great precision in a computer, which uses a fixed number of places, such as 8 or 16, to code numerical values. የሁለትዮሽ ኮድ አሥርዮሽ(ሁኮአ)
binary compatible In microprocessors, capable of running software designed for another companies central processing unit (CPU) ሁለትዮሽ ተኳኋኝ
binary file A file containing data or program instructions in a computer readable format. ሁለትዮሽ ፋይል
binary numbers A number system with a base (radix) of 2 Binary numbers is preferred for computers for precession and economy. ሁለትዮሽ ቁጥሮች
Birthday A person\'s anniversary. ልደት
bit Short for \"binary digit \",either 1 or 0 in the binary number system. ቢት
bitmap A picture made from a series of small dots, much like a piece of graph paper with certain squares filled in to form shapes and lines. When stored as files, bitmaps usually have the extension. Bmp. ንድፈ ቅንጣት
bits per second (bps) A measurement of data transmission speed. ቅንጣቶች በሰከንድ (ቅበስ)
black Color name. ጥቁር
black hole In the WWW, a hyperlink to a document that has been erased or moved. Synonymous with stale link. ፀሊም ጉድጓድ
black-and-white Used about images and printing as opposed to color ጥቁርና ነጭ
blank Noun Synonym for \"empty ባዶ
blank space the character entered by pressing the spacebar ባዶ ቦታ
blessed folder The Macintosh folder containing a system file and a Finder file. ጠቃሚ አቃፊ
blessing The act of moving system and finder files to a new folder, creating a blessed folder. ጠቃሚ ማህደር መፍጠር
block Noun; a contiguous collection of similar things that are handled together as a whole. ጥምር
Block Verb; similar to \"to lock አግድ
block letter In typography, a family of typefaces derived from German handwriting of the medieval era. ግዙፍ ፊደል
block move A fundamental editing system in a word processing in which a marked block of text is cut from one location and inserted in another. Synonymous with cut and paste. በጥምር አሻግር
block operation The act of transferring a block of information from one area to another. ጥምር ማሻገር
block protection In a word processing and page layout programs, a command that prevents the insertion of a soft page break in a specific block of text, prevent a bad page break. ጥምር ጥበቃ
block size The size of an individual piece of data transmitted by a file transfer protocol or error correction protocol over a modem. XMODEM uses a block size of 128 bytes for example. መጠነ ጥምር
Blue Color name. ሰማያዊ
blurb In desktop publishing, a brief explanatory subheading that’s set below or next to a headline. ንዑስ ገላጭ
body text text that forms the major content of a publication .Does not include titles, headlines, pull quotes , and captions, for example. አካለ ፅሁፍ
body type The font (usually 8 to 12 point) used to set paragraphs of text, distinguished from the font used to set headings, captions, and other typographical elements. የዋናው ጽሑፍ ፊደል
Boilerplate A block of text used over and over in letters, memos or reports. ዝውትር ሃረግ
Bold A type style that makes the text the to which it is applied appear darker and heavier than the surrounding text. አድምቅ
bold button Button in many MS programs that makes text bold ማጉያ አዝራር
book weight A typeface that’s darker and heavier than most typefaces, but not so dark and heavy as boldface. ጭጋግማ ቁምፊ
booklet Type of document that can be created in Microsoft Word መጽሐፊት
bookmark A location or selection of text in a file that you name for reference purposes. Bookmarks identify a location within your file that you can later refer or link to. For an example of the term used in context, see Microsoft Word, Insert menu, \"Bookmark\". Note that Internet Explorer does not use the Netscape Navigator term \"bookmark\", but \"favorite\". እልባት
boolean An expression that can be evaluated as either true (nonzero) or false (0).You can the keywords True and False to supply the values of 1 and 0, respectively. The field data type Yes/NO is Boolean and has the value of for You. ቡልያዊ
Boolean operator A symbol used to specific the logical relationship between two quantities or concepts. (OR, AND, NOT) ቡልያዊ ከዋኝ
Boolean search A search that involves the use of Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT). ቡልያዊ ፍለጋ
boot verb. Start the PC አስነሳ
boot area A portion of a mass storage medium on which the volume header and a ``bootstrap\'\' program used in booting the operating system reside. The boot area is reserved exclusively for use by HP-UX. መነሻ ስፍራ
boot disk A floppy disk that contains key system files from a PC-compatible operating system and that can boot, or start, the PC. A boot disk must be inserted in the primary floppy disk drive (usually drive A:) and is used when there is some problem with starting the PC from the hard disk, from which the computer generally boots. Also called bootable disk. የማጫወቻ ማስነሻ
boot drive In a Pc-compatible computer, the disk drive that the BIOS uses to automatically load the operating system when the computer is turned on. ማስነሻ ፋይል
boot files The system files needed to start Windows. The boot files include Ntldr and መነሻ ፋይሎች
boot partition The partition that contains the operating system and its support files. The boot partition can be, but does not have to be, the same as the system partition. መነሻ ክፍል
boot ROM A program residing in ROM (Read-Only Memory) that executes each time the computer is powered up and is designed to bring the computer to a desired state by means of its own action. The first few instructions of a bootstrap program are sufficient to bring the remainder of the program into the computer from an input device and initiate functions necessary for computation. The function of the boot ROM is to run tests on the computer\'s hardware, find all devices accessible through the computer, and then load either a specified operating system or the first operating system found according to a specific search algorithm. ማስነሻ ሮም
boot sector The first track on a hard or floppy disk (track 0) መነሻ ክፋይ
boot sequence The order in which a computers basic input/output systems (BIOS) searchers disk drives for operating systems files. የመነሻ ቅደም ተከተል
boot volume The volume that contains the operating system and its support files. The boot volume can be, but does not have to be, the same as the system volume. መነሻ ቅጽ
boot-up The process of loading, initializing, and running an operating system. ኣስነሳ
border the visible line around the edge of an object. For example, the four lines of a rectangle compose its border. ክፈፍ
Border Noun ,In programs and working environments that feature on- screen windows\' the edge surrounding the user\'s workspace. ወሰን
border color color of a border. ክፈፍ ቀለም
border style thickness or pattern the border line is drawn, e.g. dashed line, double line ክፈፍ ቅጥ
Bottom Adj. Of, relating to, or situated at the bottom ግርጌ
bottom margin Noun. The part situated at the bottom of a page or sheet outside the main body of printed or written matter ግርጌ ህዳግ
bounced message An e-mail message that comes back to the sender after a failed delivery attempt. The failure may be due to an incorrectly typed e-mail address or to a network problem. ተመላሽ መልእክት
boundary Noun. Something (as a line, point, or plane) that indicates or fixes a limit or extent ድንበር
Box Noun. 1. Container for a piece of electronic equipment. 2. The boundary around a graphic image on screen. ሳጥን
bps Bits per second ቢፒኤስ
braces Character:{ } ሃረግ ቅንፍ
brackets Character:[ ] ማዕዘን ቅንፍ
Break To cause a routine, module, or program that had previously worked to cease working correctly. ግታ
Break Noun. 1. Interruption of a program caused by the user pressing the Break key or its equivalent. 2. Interruption of a communications transmission that occurs when the receiving station interrupts and takes over control of the line or when the transmitting station prematurely halts transmission. ግት
BREAK key Key on the keyboard. መግቻ ቁልፍ
break link Especially Microsoft Excel. Command that removes a \"Link\" between two spreadsheets. \"Break Link\" appears as a button in Microsoft Excel, Exit menu, Links submenu. ግንኙነት ግታ
breakpoint A line of code in Function or Sub procedure at which Microsoft Visual basic automatically suspends execution መግቻ ቦታ
bridge In local are networks, a device that allows segmentation of a network into two independent parts. ብሪጅ
Bright . ብሩህ
brightness Qualitative measure of object luminosity. ብሩህነት
Bring To Front Move an object to the foreground, so it\'s visible and not overlapped by other objects. The command \"Bring to Front\" apperas in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and other apps when you have inserted several objects (for example, drawings). It appears on the Drawing toolbar, Draw command, Order subcommand. ኣስቀድም
Broadband Of or relating to communications systems in which the medium of transmission (such as a wire or fiber-optic cable) carries multiple messages at a time, each message modulated on its own carrier frequency by a modem. ብሮድባንድ
broadband connection A high-speed connection. Broadband connections are typically 128 kilobytes per second (KBps) or faster. Broadband includes DSL and cable modem service. የብሮድ ባንድ ግንኙነት (አገናኝ)
broadcast message In a network, a message to all system users that appears when you log on to the system. የተሰራጨ መልእክት
Browse Verb. To scan database a list of files, or the internet, either for a particular item or for anything that seems to be of interest. Somewhat synonymous to \"to search\" or \"to scan\". አስስ
browse mode A mode in which data records are displayed in columns for quick, on-screen review. የአሰሳ ሁነታ
Browse View To search within this particular view of data የአሰሳ እይታ
browser A software program, such as internet Explorer, used for navigation in computer file system and internet. ማሰሺያ
Browser Hijacker A computer program that changes some settings in your browser to redirect your \"search\" page to pass all searches to a certain pay-per-search site, change the default home page to the desired company page and often transmit URLs (websites) viewed toward the desired company server. ማሰሺያ ጠላፊ
browsing The process of searching information on world wide web. ማሰስ
brush style In typography, a typeface design that simulates script drawn with a brush or broad-pointed pen. ቅጠ ብሩሽ
B-size paper A page that measures 11 x 17 inches as specified by ANSI. ቢ-ልክ ወረቀት
B-size printer A printer capable of printing on B-size (11 x 17 inches) and small paper. ቢ ልክ አታሚ
bubble size Excel Bubble chat parameter, defining the size of a bubble. መጠነአረፋ
bubble-jet printer A variable on the ink jet printer concept that uses heating elements instead of piezoelectric crystals to shoot ink from nozzles. ባብልጄት አታሚ
buffer A unit of memory given the task of holding information temporarily; especially while waiting for slower components to catch up. ቋት
bug A programming error that causes a programmer or a computer system to perform erratically, produce incorrect results, or crash. ሳንካ
Build Noun ግንብ
build Verb ገንባ
builder An Aces tool that simplifies a task. For example, you can quickly create a complex expression with the Expression Builder. ገንቢ
built-in Intrinsic, integral feature or part, constructed with it by design. አብሮገነብ (ነ ይጠብቃል)
bulk storage Magnetic media that can store data. ዐቢይ ማከማቻ
bullet A dot or other symbol placed before text, such as items in a list, to add emphasis. Can also be a filled or empty circle, diamond, box, or asterisk, used to set off or enumerate a small text or each item in a list. ነጥበ ምልክት
bullet character Character that is used as bullet on a bulleted list ነጥበ ምልክት ቁምፊ
bulleted list A list of text lines with bullets in front of each line ነጥበ ምልክት ዝርዝር
bus An electrical path way along which signals are sent from one part of the computer to another. Eg. Address bus, data bus, control bus ባስ
bus address A number which makes up part of the address HP-UX uses to locate a particular device. The bus address is determined by a switch setting on a peripheral device which allows the computer to distinguish between two devices connected to the same interface. A bus address is sometimes called a ``device address\'\'. የመስመር አድራሻ (የስልክ መስመር፣ የትራንስፖርት መስመር እንደሚባለው)
business Noun. (Usage: Often attributive) A usually commercial or mercantile activity. Examples: 1. business graphics. The representation of business information, such as sales figures and stock prices, in chart form rather than as lists of numbers. Used to give viewers an immediate grasp of business statistics and their significance. 2. business software. Any computer application designed primarily for use in business, as opposed to scientific use or entertainment. In addition to the well-known areas of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and communications, business software for microcomputers also encompasses such applications as accounting, payroll, financial planning, project management, decision and support systems, personnel record maintenance, and office management. ንግድ
busy Microsoft Outlook calendar. Blocks of time marked busy appear with a solid availability indicator and are shown as unavailable when other people view your calendar. ተይዟል
button Noun. 1. A graphic element in a dialog box that, when activated, performs a specified function. The user activates a button by clicking on it with a mouse or, if the button has the focus, by hitting the Return or Enter key. 2. On a mouse, a movable piece that is pressed to activate some function. Older mouse models have only one button; newer models typically have two or more buttons. አዝራር
button bar A bar containing buttons, see also tool bar. አዝራር አሞሌ
button face Face on a button ገፀ ኣዝራር
button icon A small image displayed on the screen to represent a button. አዶ አዝራር
button image Face on a button ምስለ አዝራር
by Date The sort order in which icons shall be listed or arranged - by date, creator etc. The date for a particular computer task. በቀን
by default \"as standard\" እንደ ነባሪ
By Modified The sort order in which icons files, etc. shall be listed or arranged - by date, creator etc. By selecting this option the items will sorted by date of last modification.. በእርምት
by Name The sort order in which icons shall be listed or arranged - by ate, creator etc. The name of a particular computer task. በስም
by Size The sort order in which icons shall be listed or arranged - by date, creator etc. The date for a particular computer task. በመጠን
by Status The sort order in which icons, files, etc. shall be listed or arranged - by date , creator etc. By selecting this option the items will be sorted by date of creation. በሁኔታ
by Title The sort order in which icons, files, etc. shall be listed or arranged - by date , creator etc. By selecting this option the items will be sorted alphabetically by title. በርእስ
by Type The sort order in which icons shall be listed or arranged - by date, creator etc. The type of a particular computer task. በዓይነት
byte A unit of information, consisting of 8 bits. ባይት