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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
daemon A process which runs in the background, and which is usually immune to termination instructions from a terminal. Its purpose is to perform various scheduling, clean-up, and maintenance jobs. lpsched(1M) is an example of a daemon. It exists to perform these functions for line printer jobs queued by lp(1). An example of a permanent daemon (that is, one that should never die) is cron(1M). ስውር አገልጋይ
Daily An action that is performed every day, for example about setting a \"daily reminder\" for a meeting or task in the Calendar in Microsoft Outlook. እለታዊ
daisywheel printer An input printer that simulates the typescript produced by a typewriter. ዴይዚዊል አታሚ
damage Verb አውድም
damage Noun ውድመት
Dark Lacking or having very little light ጨለማ
Dashed Indicates that an object should consist of dashes, for example a \"dashed line\". Appears in Word: Insert an AutoShape, select it, right-click and choose Format AutoShape. \"Dashed\" appears on the Colors and Lines tab. ባለሰረዝ
data Plural of the Latin datum, meaning an item of information. In practice, data is often used for the singular as well as the plural form of the noun. ውሂብ
data area Microsoft Excel. The part of a PivotTable report that contains summary data. Values in each cell of the data area represent a summary of data from the source records or rows. የውሂብ ስፍራ
data bus An internal channel that carries data between a computer\'s central processing unit and its random-access memory. የውሂብ ባስ
data dictionary In a database management program, a list of all the database files, indexes, views, and other files relevant to a database application. የውሂብ ማብራሪያ
Data encryption The sequence of directory prefixes that sh(1), time(1), and other HP-UX commands apply in searching for a file known by an relative path name (that is, a path name not beginning with a slash (/)). It is defined by the environment variable PATH (see environ(5)). login(1) sets PATH equal to :/usr/bin, which means that your working directory is the first directory searched, followed by /usr/bin. The search path can be redefined by modifying the value of PATH. This is usually done in /etc/profile, and/or in the .profile file found in the home directory. ውሂብ ስወራ
Data Entry The process of writing new data to computer memory. ውሂብ ምዝገባ
data field A field from a source list, table, or database that contains data, for example, that data that is summarized in a PivotTable report or PivotChart report In Microsoft. Excel. A data field usually contains numeric data, such as statistics or sales amounts. የውሂብ መስክ
data file File with data, usually in the format not readable or intended for humans. የውሂብ ፋይል
Data Files Files consisting of data in the form of text, numbers, or graphics, as distinct from a program file of commands and instructions. የውሂብ ፋይሎች
data form A dialog box that displays one complete record at a time. You can use data forms to add, change, locate, and delete records. የውሂብ ቅጽ
data interchange format (DIF) file In spreadsheet programs and some database programs, a standard file format that simplifies importing and exporting data between different spreadsheet programs. መረጃ ልውውጥ ቅርፀት (መልቅ) ፋይል
data label A label that provides additional information about a data marker, which represents a single data point or value that originates from a datasheet cell. የውሂብ መሰየሚያ
Data Mapping The process of converting data encoded in one format to another format. ውሂብ ማገላበጥ
data points About charts in Microsoft Excel. Individual values plotted in a chart and represented by bars, columns, lines, pie or doughnut slices, dots, and various other shapes called data markers. Data markers of the same color constitute a data series. የውሂብ ነጥቦች
data processing The general work performed by computers. More specifically, the manipulation of data to transform it into some desired result. ውሂብ ቅንበራ
data range The extent of allowed values between the limits, defining a data range. ውሂብ ከስከ (ከ...እስከ)
data series About charts in Microsoft Excel. Related data points that are plotted in a chart and originate from datasheet rows or columns. Each data series in a chart has a unique color or pattern. You can plot one or more data series in a chart. Pie charts have only one data series. ተከታታይ ውሂብ
data source A stored set of source information used to connect to a database. A data source can include the name and location of the database server, the name of the database driver, and information that the database needs when you log on. Used in the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Word. የውሂብ ምንጭ
data stripping A method in which a single unit of data is distributed along several hard disks, increasing resistance to a failure of one of the drives. ውሂብ ብተና
data table A range of cells that shows the results of substituting different values in one or more formulas. There are two types of data tables ውሂብ ሰንጠረዥ
data transfer rate The speed expressed in bits per second (bps), at which a modem can transfer, or is transferring, data over a telephone line. የውሂብ ትልልፍ መጠን
data type The characteristic of a field that determines what type of data it can hold. Data types include Boolean, Integer, Long, Currency, Single, Double, Date, String, and Variant (default). የውሂብ አይነት
data validation A set of rules you can apply to form fields to restrict the type of information site visitors enter into forms. For example, you can set rules so that only letters, and not numbers, can be entered into a \"name\" field on a form. የውሂብ ማረጋገጫ
data view A data view is an object that acts as a layer on top of the data table, providing a filtered and sorted view of the table\'s contents. A data view is similar to a view in a database, in that it is not a copy of the data. የውሂብ እይታ
data view manager A data view manager is an object that contains a collection of data views, one for each table in a dataset. The data view manager provides centralized access to sorted and filtered data. This is especially helpful when working with related tables. የውሂብ እይታ ማእከል
database A collection of data related to a particular subject or purpose. Within a database, information about a particular entity, such as an employee or order, is categorized into tables, records, and fields. የውሂብ ጎታ
database application Microsoft Access is an example of a database application. የውሂብ ጎታ ትግበራ
database connection A connection that specifies the name, type, location, and optional information for a database file. የውሂብ ጎታ ግንኙነት
database management Tasks related to creating, maintaining, organizing, and retrieving information from a database. የውሂብ ጎታ ምነጃ
database management program An application program that provides the tools for data retrieval, modification, deletion, and insertion. የውሂብ ጎታ ምነጃ ፍርግም
database management system (DBMS) A program that organizes data in a database. የውሂብ ጎታ ምነጃ ስርአት (ውጎምስ)
database objects A Microsoft Access database contains objects such as tables, queries, forms, reports, pages, macros, and modules. An Access project contains objects such as forms, reports, pages, macros, and modules. የውሂብ ጎታ ነገራት
database structure A definition of the data records in which information is stored. የውሂብ ጎታ መዋቅር
database window The window that appears when you open an Access database or an Access project. It displays shortcuts for creating new database objects and opening existing objects. የውሂብ ጎታ መስኮት
datasheet Data from a table, form, query, view, or stored procedure displayed in a row-and-column format. የውሂብ ሉህ
datasheet view A window that displays data from a table, form, query, view, or stored procedure in a row-and-column format. In Datasheet view, you can edit fields, add and delete data, and search for data. የውሂብ ሉህ እይታ
Date Numbers or words used to refer to a particular day, month, and year (1 May 2003) ቀን
date format Usually used in country settings. ቀን አጻጻፍ
Date separator The symbol you use for separating the figures or names for the particular day, month and year; e.g. \"/\" -> May/01/2003, or \"-\" May-01-2003 ቀን መለያ
date stamping A software feature that automatically inserts the current date into a document. ቀን አታሚ
Day Noun. \"A period of 24 hours\" or \"the period of time between when it becomes light in the morning and the time it becomes dark\" or \"the time during the day when you are awake\" or \"a weekday: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday or sunday\". እለት
daylight time Usually refers to the time zone feature in Windows Control Panel, Date and Time, \"Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes\" ሰዓተ መአልት
deactivate To stop something from functioning, sometime temporarily. Antonym to activate. አቦዝን
dealer Company or shop that sells products, e.g. your printer dealer ሻጭ
debug To detect, locate and correct logical or syntactical errors in a computer program. አርም
debugger A utility program that helps programmers find and fix syntax errors and other errors in source code. አራሚ
decimal numbers A fraction expressed (by an extension of the ordinary Arabic notation) by figures written to the right of the units figure after a dot or point (the decimal point), and denoting respectively so many tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc. አሥርዮሽ ቁጥሮች
decimal place Digit of the number after the decimal separator in decimal notation. የአሥርዮሽ ቤት
decimal separator A character separating groups of numbers, as comma in English number 1,000,000 (one million). ቁጥር መለያ ነጥብ
Decline About declining appointments/meeting invitations in Calendar in Microsoft Outlook. አለመቀበል
decoding The process of converting coded data back into its original form. ስወር መግለጥ
decompress To restore the contents of a compressed file to its original form. Also called uncompress. በትን
decompression To reverse the procedure conducted by compression software, and thereby return compressed data to its original size and condition. መበተን
Decrease grow progressively less (as in size, amount, number, or intensity) . 2. to cause to decrease ቀንስ
Decrease Indent Command in Microsoft Word. Indent=\"to start a line of writing further towards the middle of the page than other lines\". Decrease=\"shrink in size\" ገብ ቀንስ
decrypt To restore encrypted data to its original form. ፍታ
decryption The process of restoring encrypted data to its original form. መፍታት
dedicated file server A computer dedicated exclusively to providing services to the users of the network and running the network operating systems (NOS). ምድብ የፋይል አገልጋይ
dedicated line A telephone line, devoted to data communications, that has been specially conditioned and permanently connected. ምድብ መስመር
default A predefined setting. You can accept the default option settings, or you can change them to suit your own preferences. ነባሪ
default button The command button that is invoked when the user presses the ENTER key. A default button typically appears in a secondary window. ነባሪ አዝራር
default chart Chart type which is selected by default. ነባሪ ገበታ
default editor the text editor that the system automatically starts when the services of a text editor are needed. ነባሪ አርታኢ
default extension The three -letter extension an application program uses to save and retrieve files unless you override the default by specifying another extension. ነባሪ ቅጥያ
default font The font that the printer uses unless you tell it otherwise. ነባሪ ቅርፀ ቁምፊ
default printer The printer a program automatically uses when we tell it to print. ነባሪ አታሚ
default settings See default. ነባሪ ቅንብሮች
default value A value that is automatically entered in a field or control when you add a new record. You can either accept the default value or override it by typing a value. ነባሪ እሴት
Define Usual sense. Usually in the same meaning as \"set up\". በይን
Define Views View = \"The display of data or an image from a given perspective or location.\" Defining means setting (the standard) view. እይታዎች በይን
definition In the sense of defining something. ብየና
defragmentation A procedure in which all the files on a hard disk are written on disk so that all parts of each files are written to contiguous sectors. አሰባሰብ
Degauss Adjusts the monitor for changes in the surrounding magnetic field. Most monitors automatically degauss at power on. A degauss button or control provides degauss without powering down. An indication of the need to degauss is the appearance of color irregularities on the screen, which can be caused by interference from other magnetic devices placed near the monitor. ዲጋውስ
degree symbol Character: ° የዲግሪ ምልክት
deinstall To remove an installation አራግፍ
DEL key On the keyboard. ሰርዝ ቁልፍ
Delay Appears in PowerPoint to indicate a delay before a animation should run. To reproduce, start PowerPoint, insert an object, select the object, choose Custom animation on the Slide Show menu. Click Add effect and insert an effect. Right-click on the effect and choose Timing. The label \"Delay\" appears on the Timing tab. May also appear in other stings to indicate that something should be delayed. አዘግይ
delegate Delegate: Someone granted permission to open another person\'s folders, create items, and respond to requests for that person. The person granting delegate permission determines the folders the delegate can access and the changes the delegate can make. እንደራሴ
delete To remove an object (or value). ሰርዝ
Delete All To remove all the items that have been selected. to permanently remove e.g. the selected files from the computer. Please check for gender and number of what \"all\" is referring to, if needed for your language. ሁሉን ሰርዝ
Delete Item To remove an item. ዓይነቱን ሰርዝ
Delete Page remove a page from a sequence of pages in word processing programs ገጽን ሰርዝ
Delete Rows To remove rows from a table or spreadsheet application ረድፎችን ሰርዝ
Delete Shortcut remove a shortcut on desktop or in a folder; See shortcut አቋራጭን ሰርዝ
Deleted Items In Outlook, a folder with deleted mails, appointments, etc. ዓይነቶችን ሰርዝ
Delimited See comma delimited. It also appears in contexts such as Excel, File, Save as, Save as type, \"Text (tab delimited)\" and \"CSV (comma delimited)\" to indicate which characters separate entries in a Text format file. ግድብ
delimiter A special character that sets off, or separates, individual items in a program or set of data. In the following example, commas separate the fields in a database record (each non-numeric field is enclosed by double quotation marks). \"Jones\", \"718 Harbor Drive\", \"Bayview\", \"WA\", 98077; \"Smith\", \"324 Marina Ave.\", \"Yelm\", \"WA\", 98597; ገዳቢ
delta A term used in the Source Code Control System (SCCS) to describe a unit of one or more textual changes to an SCCS file. Each time an SCCS file is edited, changes made to the file are stored separately as a delta. The get(1) command is then used to specify which deltas are to be applied to or excluded from the SCCS file, thus yielding a particular version of the file. Contrast this with the vi or ed editor, which incorporates changes into the file immediately, eliminating any possibility of obtaining a previous version of that file. A similar capability is provided by RCS files (see rcsintro(5)). ውሉጥ (ወለጠ ከሚለው የተገኘ ሲሆን የተለወጠ፣ ቅይር፣ ልውጥ ማለት ነው)
Demo 1. Short for demonstration. A partial or limited version of a software package distributed free of charge for advertising purposes. Demos often consist of animated presentations that describe or demonstrate the program\'s features. 2. A computer in a store that is available for customers to test, to see if they wish to buy it. ቅንጭብ ማሳያ
demote In an outline, to change a heading to body text or to a lower heading level - for example, to change from Heading 5 to Heading 6. ደረጃ ቀንስ
demount To deactivate a disk drive. ንቀል
Department Usually in the sense of one of the groups of people working together to form part of a large organization such as a hospital, university or company ክፍል
dependent worksheet In Microsoft Excel, a worksheet that contains a link or reference formula, to data in another Excel worksheet called the source worksheet, on which it depends for the data. ጥገኛ ቀመረ ሉህ
Depth The extent, measurement, or dimension downward, backward, or inward ጥልቀት
descending order Order from the highest value to the smallest value አቆልቋይ ሥርአት
Description A piece of writing or speech that says what someone or something is like. ገለጣ
descriptor A word used to classify a data record so that all records containing the word can be retrieved as a group. ገላጭ
deselect To clear a check box, or remove a selection of text, etc. ተወው
Design A plan or scheme conceived in the mind and intended for subsequent execution; the preliminary conception of an idea that is to be carried into effect by action; a project. ንድፍ
Design To form a plan or scheme of; to conceive and arrange in the mind; to originate mentally, plan out, contrive. ንደፍ
design template A file that contains the styles in a presentation, including the type and size of bullets and fonts; placeholder sizes and positions; background design and fill; color schemes; and a slide master and optional title master. ዝግጁ ንድፎች
Design view A window that shows the design of these database objects ንድፍ እይታ
designer One that designs, for example web page designer or developer. ነዳፊ
desk accessory (DA) A set of utility programs that assist with day-to-day tasks such as gotting down notes, performing calculations on an on-screen calculator, and displaying an on-screen calendar. የጠረጴዛ ተጨማሪዎች (ጠተ)
desktop The visual work area that fills the screen in Windows. The Desktop is also a container and as such, can be used as a convenient location to place objects stored in the file system. ዴስክቶፕ
desktop computer As opposed to a laptop computer ዴስክቶፕ ኮምፒውተር
desktop presentation The use of a slide show feature available in a presentation graphics program to create a display of charts or illuminations that can be run on a desktop computer. ዴስክቶፕ አገዝ አቀራረብ
desktop publishing (DTP) The use of personal computer as an inexpensive production system for creating typeset-quality text and graphics. የዴስክቶፕ ህትመት (ዴህ)
desktop publishing program Such as Microsoft Publisher ዴስክቶፕ የኅትመት ፍርግም
desktop video A multimedia application in which a personal computer, coupled with a videocassette recorder or laser desk player, is used to control the display of still or motion images. የዴስክቶፕ ቪዲዮ
destination General term for the name of the element you go to from a hyperlink. መድረሻ
destination file Destination file: The file that a linked or embedded object is inserted into. The source file contains the information used to create the object. When you change information in a destination file, the information is not updated in the source file. መድረሻ ፋይል
detail Usual meaning. Often used about personal details. ዝርዝር
Details Heading for items in folder windows. Displays size, file type and other information about a file or folders you select in the window. ዝርዝሮች
Detect and repair Feature in Office apps to detect errors. Appears on the Help menu. ፈልገህ ጠግን
detection Discovery of a certain condition that affects a computer system or the data with which it works. ማግኘት
developer One who designs and develops software. ገንቢ
device Such as a printer መሣሪያ
Device address See bus address. የመሳሪያ አድራሻ
device contention The technique used to handle simultaneous request from multitasked programs to access devices. የመሳሪያ ሽሚያ
device driver Driver for a device መሣሪያ አንቀሳቃሽ
diacritics In right-to-left languages, markings that are printed above or below vowels that specify how to pronounce the vowels. የንባብ ምልክቶች
Diagonal About the direction of an special effect. For example of context, see PowerPoint, Slide Show, Custom animation, Add effect, Motion Paths, \"Diagonal Down Right\" ሰያፍ
Diagram Object type. See Excel, Insert menu, \"Diagram\" ንድፍ
Dial Verb. To move the numbered wheel, press the buttons on a telephone or press the button in phone software in order to make a telephone/computer call. ደውል
dial tone The tone on a telephone system indicating that a call can be made ድምጸ ደውል
dial up Verb. To access a remote computer or network with a modem. ደውል
Dialer A type of software that silently disconnects your modem from your usual Internet service provider and dials another phone number. The new number is usually a long distance or 1-900 billable call. ደዋይ
dialog Usually short for dialog box መገናኛ
dialog box A vehicle user interaction in Microsoft software. መገናኛ ሳጥን
dialog box title The title displayed in a dialog box ርእሰ መገናኛ ሳጥን
dial-up Noun. To access a remote computer or network with a modem. መደወል
dial-up account A basic type of Internet account that allows you to dial-up a provider\'s computer with a modem. የመደወያ መለያ
dial-up networking Concept. Working on one computer from a remote computer የመደወያ ምረባ
Diamondtron A picture tube using aperture grille technology for generating the pixels on the CRT. This tube is also shaped differently from a flat square tube, in that it is flat, rather than spherical, which aids in reduction of glare from overhead lighting. ዲያመንድትረን
dictation Office User Assistance term - about speech recognition የቃል ነገራ
Dictionary As used in the Spelling tools. See Word, Tools, Options, Spelling and Grammar መዝገበ ቃላት
dictionary sort A sort order that ignores the case of characters as devices, that records images in a machine-readable format. መዝገበ ቃላት ደርድር
digit One of the characters used to indicate a whole number (unit) in a numbering system. In any numbering system, the number of possible digits is equal to the base, or radix, used. For example, the decimal (base-10) system has 10 digits, 0 through 9; the binary (base-2) system has 2 digits, 0 and 1; and the hexadecimal (base-16) system has 16 digits, 0 through 9 and A through F. አሀዝ
Digital In computing, analogous to binary because the computers familiar to most people process information coded as combinations of binary digits (bits). ዲጅታል
digital camera A portable camera, incorporating one or more charge-coupled devices, that recorded images in a machine-readable format. ዲጅታል ካሜራ
digital computer A computer that uses the digits 0 and 1 to represent data, and then uses at least party automatic procedures to perform computations on this information. ዲጅታልኮምፒውተር
digital ID Contains a private key that stays on the sender\'s computer, and a certificate that contains a public key. The certificate is sent with digitally signed messages. Recipients save it and use the public key to decipher messages from the sender. ዲጅታል መታወቂያ
digital signature A unique digital object embedded in document or other digital object that serves to identify the person or machine that created or processed such document or object. ዲጅታል ፊርማ
digitally sign To embed digital signature into the object for identification purposes. በዲጅታል መፈረም
digitize The process of transforming analog data into digital form. ዲጅታል ማድረግ
Dim For example of context, see PowerPoint, Slide Show, Custom animation, Effect Options, After animation, \"Don\'t dim\" አፍዝ
dimension An OLAP structure that organizes data into levels, such as Country/Region/City for a Geography dimension. In a PivotTable or PivotChart report, each dimension becomes a set of fields where you can expand and collapse detail. ልኬት
dimmed command Visible, but unavailable command ፍዝ ትዕዛዝ (ዝ ይጠብቃል)
direction Specifies the reading order, alignment, and/or visual appearance of right-to-left text and documents, regardless of the keyboard language. Direction also describes how the user interface, controls, and other screen objects are oriented. አቅጣጫ
direction keys Same as Arrow Keys and Cursor Keys. አቅጣጫ አመልካች ቁልፎች
directory1 An alphabetical or classified list (as of names and addresses) in certain format - e.g. Active Directory, or LDAP Directory. ማውጫ
directory2 curreent directory, working directory ማውጫ
Directory Services About the directory in Windows 2000 (Active Directory). The name Active Directory should not be localized. የማውጫ መገለጫ
directory sorting The organized display of files in a directory, sorted by name, extension, or date and time of creation. ማውጫ ድርደራ
directory tree A graphical representation of disk\'s contents that shows the branching structure of directories and subdirectories. የማውጫ ዛፍ
disability A skill level that is near the lower range for an average person. አቅመ ውሱን
disable Turn something off, e.g. an option አቦዝን
disc A flat, nonmagnetic metal disk to be read from and written to by optical (laser) technology. Can refer to CD or DVD ዲስክ
discard To remove something. አስወግድ
disclaimer A notice that warns that the manufacturer of the product limits liability in certain situations/uses. ማሳሰቢያ
disconnect Break a connection. አለያይ
discussion A feature of a Web site that enables site visitors to post and reply to conversational topics. Visitors can post stand-alone discussions or they can associate conversational topics with the content of a document. ውይይት
discussion board A Web site component that enables users to participate in topics of discussion by posting and replying to comments. Requires a Web server that is running Microsoft\'s Share Point Team Services. የውይይት መድረክ
discussion comment A remark or topic of discussion that is associated with a Web page or Microsoft Office file and is stored on a discussion server. የውይይቱ ርእሰ ጉዳይ
disk Usually refers to hard disk or floppy disk. Compare disc ዲስክ
disk capacity The storage capacity of a floppy disk or hard disk, measured in kilobytes (K) or megabytes (M). አቅመ ዲስክ
disk drive An electromechanical device that reads from and writes to disks. The main components of a disk drive include a spindle on which the disk is mounted, a drive motor that spins the disk when the drive is in operation, one or more read/write heads, a second motor that positions the read/write head(s) over the disk, and controller circuitry that synchronizes read/write activities and transfers information to and from the computer. Two types of disk drives are in common use: floppy disk drives and hard disk drives. Floppy disk drives are designed to accept re movable disks in either 5.25-inch or 3.5-inch format; hard disk drives are faster, high-capacity storage units that are completely enclosed in a protective case. ዲስክ አንጻፊ
disk drive An interface designed to read and/or read data encoded on storage disk. ዲስክ አንፃፊ
disk icon An icon in Windows representing a disk, for example in My computer. የዲስክ አዶ
disk space The amount of space on a disk አቅመ ዲስክ
Dismiss To turn something down. For example, it can refer to rejecting an invitation to an online meeting. See Excel Help topic \"Accept a request for an online meeting \" for a context example. እንቢበል
Display Can have 2 meanings: the physical screen, such as an \"LCD display\". Or, used as a verb, a command in Windows and Office meaning \"to show something\" አሳይ
Display Can have 2 meanings: the physical screen, such as an \"LCD display\". Or, used as a verb, a command in Windows and Office meaning \"to show something\" ማሳያ
Display as Option in certain dialogs that allows you to insert an object እንደ... አሳይ
Display as icon Option in certain dialogs that allows you to insert an object as an icon instead of the actual object. See WordPad, Insert menu, Object እንደ አዶ አሳይ
display name Control label that is displayed on screen, may be different from internal field name. ስም አሳይ
Distribute Two main meanings in Microsoft products: to inform someone of something (for example, \"do not distribute this e-mail\"), or to spread objects across something so they are in equal distance from each other, for example in Word, on the Drawing toolbar, insert two objects and select \"Draw\" on the toolbar. The menu item \"Align and distribute\" appears. አድል
Divide The mathematical function. Dialog option. Appears in Paste Special, Operation. አካፍል
division line Re: fractions አካፋይ መስመር
DLL (Dynamic Link Library) File with the extension .dll ዲኤልኤል
dock to couple ትከል
docked toolbar A toolbar that is attached to one edge of the program window. When you drag a toolbar below the program title bar or to the left, right, or bottom edge of the program window, the toolbar snaps into place on the edge of the program window. ትክል ሰሪ አሞሌ
docking station Type of PC equipment that you allows you to plug in a laptop usually work with a normal keyboard and screen. መትከያ ጣቢያ
document Common unit of data used in tasks and exchanged between users. The use of the term document also refers to spreadsheets, charts, and so on. ሰነድ
document formatting The formatting in a document ሰነድ ቀረፃ
document icon An icon representing a document የሰነድ አዶ
document image processing A system for the imaging, storage and retrieval of text-based documents that includes scanning documents, storing the files on optical or magnetic media, and viewing when needed using a monitor, printer, or fax. ሰነድ ምስል አቀናባሪ
Document Library A folder where a collection of files is shared and the files often use the same template. Each file in a library is associated with user-defined information that is displayed in the content listing for that library. ቤተ ሰነድ
document map A vertical pane along the left edge of the document window that displays an outline of the document\'s headings. You can use the Document Map to quickly move through a document and to keep track of your location in it. See Word. የሰነድ ካርታ
document processing The use of computer technology during every stage of production of documents, such as instruction manuals, handbooks, reports and proposals. የሰነድ አቀናባሪ
document recovery Office feature that allows you to recover work done after a crash. For a specific software reference, the Document Recovery task pane appears after you reopen an Office application after a crash. ምርካበ ሰነድ
document type definition See XML schema የሰነድ ዓይነት ብሂል
document window A window that provides a primary view of an object (typically its contents). ሰነደ መስኮት
documentation The instruction, tutorials, and reference information that provide you with the information you need to use a program or a computer system effectively. ስነዳ
Documents and Settings Name of system drive folder. ሰነዶችና ቅንብሮች
dollar sign Character: $ የዶላር ምልክት
domain A set of records defined by a table, a query, or an SQL expression. Domain aggregate functions return statistical information about a specific domain or set of records. ጎራ
DOS prompt In MS DOS, a letter representing the current disk drive followed by the \">\" symbol, which together inform that the operating system is ready to receive a command. የዶስ ስንዱነት
Dot Pitch A measurement of distance between the centers of two same-color phosphor dots on the screen. The closer the dots, the smaller the dot pitch, and the sharper the image. ነጥብ እርቀት
dot-matrix printer A type of a printer. An impact printer that forms text and images by hammering the ends of pins against a ribbon in a pattern (a matrix) of dots. ነጥብ ማትሪክስ አታሚ
dots per inch Abbreviated dpi ነጠብጣብ በየኢንቹ
dotted line See \"hidden text\" ባለነጠብጣብ መስመር
double byte character Re: Asian, Hebrew and Arabic languages. እጥፍ ባይት ቁምፊ
double density A widely used recording technique that packs twice as much data on a floppy or hard disk as the earlier single-density standard. እጥፍ እፍጋት
double the size To make an object or space twice as big as the original በእጥፍ አሳድግ
double underline An underline with 2 lines for added emphasis ድርብ መስመር
double-byte font Used for Chinese and Japanese characters እጥፍ ባይት ቅርፀ ቁምፊ
double-click Verb. To press and release a mouse button twice in rapid succession. ሁለቴ ጠቅ አድርግ
double-click Noun. The act of double-clicking. ሁለቴ ጠቅታ
double-sided A storage medium that can store data on both its surfaces. ጎነ ሁለት
double-speed drive A disk drive that can transfer data at two different speed እጥፍ ፍጥነት አንፃፊ
Doughnut Type of chart. See Excel, Insert menu, Chart, Chart type ዶናት
Down Not functioning, in reference to computers, printers, communications lines on networks, and other such hardware. አይሰራም
Down Direction. As opposed to Up. ቁልቁል
Down Arrow Type of AutoShape. For example, see Word, Drawing toolbar, AutoShapes, Block arrows ቁልቁሊት ቀስት
Download 1. In communications, to transfer a copy of a file from a remote computer to the requesting computer by means of a modem or network. 2. To send a block of data, such as a PostScript file, to a dependent device, such as a PostScript printer. አውርድ
downshifting The conversion of an uppercase character to its lowercase representation. ንዑስ ፊደል ማድረግ
downtime Idle time when a user cannot work on a computer system due to errors, maintenance, etc. ድኩም ጊዜ
DPA Distributed password authentication. An advanced method of user authentication that allows a single user log-on. Support is provided by the Microsoft Membership System and is optimized for the needs of Internet service providers and online services. ዲፒኤ
DPI setting Setting for screen resolution. Appears in Control Panel, Display, Settings, Advanced, General. ዲፒአይ ቅንብር
draft For example a draft of a document or a mail message ረቂቅ
drag To press and hold a mouse button while moving the mouse. ጎትት
drag and drop Metaphor of user manipulation with data and documents, leveraging the concept of material representation of data pieces that can be handled by mouse pointer in a fashion, similar to handling pieces of paper on a desktop. ጎትትና አኑር
draw tool In many program that includes graphics capabilities, a command that transforms the cursor into a \"pen\" for creating object oriented (vector) graphics. መሳያ መሰሪያ
Drawing Name of toolbar in Word, Excel, PowerPoint. ስእል
drawing canvas An area upon which you can draw multiple shapes. Because the shapes are contained within the drawing canvas, they can be moved and resized as a unit. የስዕል ሸራ
drawing object Any graphic that you can draw or insert, and change and enhance. Drawing objects include Custom Shapes, curves, lines, and WordArt drawing objects. Any graphic you draw or insert which can be changed and enhanced. Drawing objects include AutoShapes, curve ነገራተ ስእሎች
Drive Noun. Same as disk drive: (n. An electromechanical device that reads from and writes to disks. The main components of a disk drive include a spindle on which the disk is mounted, a drive motor that spins the disk when the drive is in operation, one or more read/write heads, a second motor that positions the read/write head\'s) over the disk, and controller circuitry that synchronizes read/write activities and transfers information to and from the computer. Two types of disk drives are in common use: floppy disk drives and hard disk drives. Floppy disk drives are designed to accept removable disks in either 5.25-inch or 3.5-inch format; hard disk drives are faster, high-capacity storage units that are completely enclosed in a protective case.) አንጻፊ
Drive current drive እየሰራ ያለ አንጻፊ
drive icon A small image displayed on the screen to represent an disk drive that can be manipulated by the user. አዶ አንጻፊ
drive letter The naming convention for disk drives on IBM and compatible computers. Drives are named by letter, beginning with A, followed by a colon. የአንጻፊ ፊደል
Driver Noun. A hardware device or a program that controls or regulates another device. A line driver, for example, boosts signals transmitted over a communications line. A device driver is a device-specific control program that enables a computer to work with a particular device, such as a printer or a disk drive. አንቀሳቃሽ
drop Verb. About an object. See drag-and-drop አኑር
drop area An area in PivotTable or PivotChart view in Microsoft Excel where you can drop fields from the field list to display the data in the field. The labels on each drop area indicate the types of fields you can create in the view. ማኖሪያ ስፍራ
drop cap A large dropped initial capital letter. ፊደል አተልቅ
drop lines In line and area charts in Microsoft Excel, lines that extend from a data point to the category (x) axis. Useful in area charts to clarify where one data marker ends and the next begins. አመልካች መስመሮች
drop shadow A shadow placed behind an image ጥላጣል
Drop-down the action of displaying a list when a graphical user interface (GUI) control gets focus ተቆልቋይ
drop-down arrow Arrow on a drop-down box. ተቆልቋይ ቀስት
Dropdown Box A control that has a drop down capability ተቆልቋይ ሳጥን
drop-down combo box A standard Windows control that combines the characteristics of a text box with a drop-down list box ተቆልቋይ ጥምድ ሳጥን
drop-down list A GUI control type, a hidden list of selectable items which opens by clicking on down arrow to the right of the entry field. ተቆልቋይ ዝርዝር
drop-down list box A standard Windows control that displays a current setting, but that can be opened to display a list of choices. ተቆልቋይ ዝርዝር ሳጥን
drop-down menu A menu that is displayed from a menu bar. ተቆልቋይ ምናሌ
dropout type White characters printed on a black background. ነጭ ቁምፊ
dropouts Characters lost in data transmission for some reason. ጠፍ ቁምፊ
drunk mouse A mouse whose pointer seems to jump widely and irritatingly just as you\'re about to select something. አይገዜ መዳፊት
D-shell connector The connector that plugs into the video adaptor end of the cable between the video adapter and the monitor. ዲ-መሳይ መቀጠያ
DTD See XML schema ዲቲዲ
dual-actuator hard disk A hard disk design that incorporates two read/write heads. የባለ መንትያ መርፌ ዋና ዲስክ
Due date The date by which a task must be done. See Outlook, Tasks. ቁርጥ ቀን
dump To transfer the content of memory to a printer or disk storage. Programmers use memory dumps while debugging programs to see exactly what the computer is doing when the dump occurs. አራግፍ
duplex printing Printing or reproducing a document on both sides of a page so that the verso (left) and recto (right) pages face each other after the document is bound. ፊትና ጀርባ ህትመት
Duplicate A copy of data. አባዛ
Duplicate to make a copy ቅጂ
duplication station A printer/scanner combination that can serve as a light-duty photocopier. ማባዣ ስፍራ (ጣቢያ)
Duration The period of time that something lasts or exists ቆይታ
DVD A type of optical disc storage technology. A digital video disc (DVD) looks like a CD-ROM disc, but it can store greater amounts of data. DVDs are often used to store full-length movies and other multimedia content that requires large amounts of storage space. ዲቪዲ
dynamic object A document or portion of a document pasted or inserted into a destination document using direct linking and embedding (OLE) technique. ልጥፍ ነገር