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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
pack Package your publication files by using the Pack and Go Wizard. ሸክፍ
Pack and Go Microsoft PowerPoint feature. When you want to run a slide show on another computer, you can use the Pack and Go Wizard to pack your presentation. The wizard packs all the files and fonts used in the presentation together on a disk or network location. When you intend to run your show on a computer that doesn\'t have Microsoft PowerPoint installed, you have the option of including the PowerPoint Viewer. You can include linked files as part of your package, and if you use TrueType fonts you can include them as well. If you make changes to your presentation after you use the Pack and Go Wizard, just run the wizard again to update the package. ሸክፍና ሂድ
package A program or group of programs intended to help automate some procedures, e.g. Accounting package, financial package. አካታች
Packages plural of package ጥቅሎች
page A single document in a web site written in HTML. You can use FrontPage to create and modify pages without having to know HTML. ገፅ
page break The point at which one page ends and another begins. Microsoft Word inserts an \"automatic\" (or soft) page break for you, or you can force a page break at a specific location by inserting a \"manual\" (or hard) page break. ገፅ ከፋይ
PAGE DOWN key On the keyboard. ታች ገጽ(ቁልፍ)
page field A field that\'s assigned to a page orientation in a PivotTable or PivotChart report. You can either display a summary of all items in a page field, or display one item at a time, which filters out the data for all other items. የገፅ መስክ
page header Use to display a title, column headings, dates, or page numbers at the top of every page in a form or report. In a form, the page header appears only when you print the form. የገፀ ራስጌ
Page orientation landscape; portrait የገፅ አቅጣጫ
Page printer A printer that develops an image of a printed page in the memory, then transfer that image to paper in one orientation. ገፅ አታሚ
Page Setup A set of choices that affect how a file is printed on the page. Page setup might reflect the size of paper going into the printer, the page margins, the specific pages in the document to be printed, whether the image is to be reduced or enlarged when printed, and whether another file is to be printed immediately after the first file is printed. መቀናብረ ገፅ
PAGE UP key On the keyboard. ላይ ገጽ ቁልፍ
Page view In FrontPage, the view you use to create, edit, and preview web pages. Page view displays web pages as they will appear in a Web browser. የገጽ እይታ
pagination The process of adding page numbers, as in a running head. የገፅ ቁጥር መስጠት
pagination The process of dividing a document into pages for printing በገፅ መከፋፈል
Paint program A program that allows you to paint the screen by specifying the color of the individual dots or pixels that make up a bit-mapped screen display. መቀብያ ፍርግም
palette 1. In paint programs, a collection of drawing tools, such as patterns, colors, brush shapes, and different line widths, from which the user can choose. 2. A subset of the color look-up table that establishes the colors that can be displayed on the screen at a particular time. The number of colors in a palette is determined by the number of bits used to represent a pixel. ቤተ ስእል
palette window A secondary window that displays a toolbar or other choices, such as colors or patterns. የቤተስእል መስኮት
palmtop Computer type የመዳፍ ኮምፒውተር
pane A portion of the document window bounded by and separated from other portions by vertical or horizontal bars. ንጥል
panel A separate or distinct part of a surface on the screen ውስን ቦታ
Pantone One of the most widely used color-matching systems in commercial printing. ቀለም ማዛመጃ
paper thin sheets of fibrous material ወረቀት
paper bin In printers የወረቀት መጋቢ
paper format Size and type of paper for printing የወረቀት ዓይነት
paper jam About printers የወረቀት ንክሰት
Paper Source Which tray in the printer the paper is in የወረቀት መገኛ
Paper-white monitor A monochrome monitor that displays black text and graphics on a white background. የአታሚ መልእክት ማሳያ
paragraph Text that has a carriage return (hard return) at the end of it, such as when you press ENTER. Each item in a bulleted or numbered list is a paragraph; a title or subtitle is also a paragraph. አንቀፅ
paragraph break The point at which the flow of text in a document moves to the top of a new paragraph. አንቀፅ ከፋይ
paragraph formatting Paragraph formatting: Formatting that controls the appearance of a paragraph — for example, indentation, alignment, line spacing, and pagination. የአንቀጽ አቀማመጥ
paragraph mark The nonprinting symbol that Microsoft Word inserts when you press ENTER to end a paragraph. The paragraph mark stores the formatting you apply to the paragraph. እልባተ አንቀፅ
parallel Extending in the same direction, everywhere equidistant, and not meeting ትይዩ
parameter A value that is assigned to a variable at the beginning of an operation or before an expression is evaluated by a program. A parameter can be text, a number, or an argument name assigned to another value. ግቤት (ቤ ይጠብቃል)
parent Should refer to the higher-level node in a tree structure. ወላጅ
parent directory A file system directory containing current file or directory. ወላጅማውጫ
parent folder Folder that contains the current folder ወላጅ አቃፊ
parent web In a hierarchical structure, the web site immediately above the current web site. ወላጅ ድር
parenthesis Character: ( ) ቅንፍ
parity The quality of sameness or equivalence, in the case of computers usually referring to an error-checking procedure in which the number of 1s must always be the same—either even or odd—for each group of bits transmitted without error. If parity is checked on a per-character basis, the method is called vertical redundancy checking, or VRC; if checked on a block-by-block basis, the method is called longitudinal redundancy checking, or LRC. In typical modem-to-modem communications, parity is one of the parameters that must be agreed upon by sending and receiving parties before transmission can take place. አቻነት
partition On a disk drive ክፍልፍል
password A security method used to restrict access to computer systems and sensitive files like workbooks and documents. የይለፍ ቃል
password protection The use of passwords as a means of allowing only authorized users access to a computer system or its files. ይለፍ ቃል ጥበቃ
Paste To insert text or a graphic that has been cut or copied from one document into a different location in the same or a different document. ለጥፍ
Paste Link See definition of paste and link (a segment of text or a graphical item that serves as a cross-reference between parts of a hypertext document or between files or hypertext documents.) ተለጣፊ አያያዥ
Paste Shortcut See definitions of paste and shortcut አቋራጭ ለጥፍ
Paste Special Same as paste, but gives you a choice to only paste text, formats, values etc. dependent on the program used ልዩ ለጥፍ
patch Usually a small program that fixes a bug in released software ጠጋኝ
path The route the operating system uses to locate a folder or file; for example, C:\\\\\\\\House finances\\\\\\\\March.doc. ዱካ
path name A sequence of directory names separated by slashes, and ending with any file name. All file names except the last in the sequence must be directories. If a path name begins with a slash (/), it is an absolute path name; otherwise, it is a relative path name. A path name defines the path to be followed through the hierarchical file system in order to find a particular file. ስመ ዱካ
path prefix A path name with an optional ending slash that refers to a directory. የዱካ ቅድመ ቅጥያ
pattern An effect created by simple, repeating designs such as vertical or horizontal lines. ስርዓተ ጥለት
PAUSE key On the keyboard. ፋታ ቁልፍ
PC Personal Computer; See personal computer ተኮ (የተናጠል ኮምፒውተር) - Personal computer ይመልከቱ
PCD A graphics file format developed by Eastman Kodak Company. FrontPage can import PCD files. Stands for Photo CD. ፒሲዲ
PCX A graphics file format that compresses the graphic\'s data with RLE-type compression, used by early versions of Windows Paintbrush. FrontPage can import PCX files. ፒሲኤክስ
pen An input device that consists of a pen-shaped stylus that interacts with a computer. ብእር
percent sign Character: % መቶኛ ምልክት (%)
Percentage rate or proportion per hundred; part of a whole expressed in hundredth; proportion መቶኛ
performance The way an action is executed and fulfilled አፈፃፀም
period the specific character: . (also called \"full stop\" in text) ነቁጥ
period a period of time ክፍለ ጊዜ
permissions A set of attributes that specify what kind of access a user has to data or objects in a database. ፈቃዶች
personal computer A small, relatively inexpensive computer designed for an individual user. In price, personal computers range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. All are based on the microprocessor technology that enables manufacturers to put an entire CPU on one chip. Businesses use personal computers for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing, and for running spreadsheet and database management applications. At home, the most popular use for personal computers is for playing games. Personal computers first appeared in the late 1970s. One of the first and most popular personal computers was the Apple II, introduced in 1977 by Apple Computer. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, new models and competing operating systems seemed to appear daily. Then, in 1981, IBM entered the fray with its first personal computer, known as the IBM PC. The IBM PC quickly became the personal computer of choice, and most other personal computer manufacturers fell by the wayside. One of the few companies to survive IBM\'s onslaught was Apple Computer, which remains a major player in the personal computer marketplace. Other companies adjusted to IBM\'s dominance by building IBM clones, computers that were internally almost the same as the IBM PC, but that cost less. Because IBM clones used the same microprocessors as IBM PCs, they were capable of running the same software. Over the years, IBM has lost much of its influence in directing the evolution of PCs. Many of its innovations, such as the MCA expansion bus and the OS/2 operating system, have not been accepted by the industry or the marketplace. Today, the world of personal computers is basically divided between Apple Macintoshes and PCs. The principal characteristics of personal computers are that they are single-user systems and are based on microprocessors. However, although personal computers are designed as single-user systems, it is common to link them together to form a network. In terms of power, there is great variety. At the high end, the distinction between personal computers and workstations has faded. High-end models of the Macintosh and PC offer the same computing power and graphics capability as low-end workstations by Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and DEC. የተናጠል ኮምፒውተር
personal information Information about you or your organization, such as name, address, and organization name that Publisher stores and reuses in subsequent publications you create. ግላዊ መረጃ
Personal Name name of a person ግለ ስም
phone book A book listing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of telephone customers ስልክ ማውጫ
phone number As text says ስልክ ቁጥር
photo album Album of photographic images. ፎቶ አልበም
PIC See position-independent code. ፒአይሲ
pica 1. With reference to typewriters, a fixed-width type font that fits 10 characters to the linear inch. See also pitch (definition 1). 2. As used by typographers, a unit of measure equal to 12 points or approximately 1/6 inch. ፒካ
pick Verb. አንሳ
picture A file (such as a metafile) that you can ungroup and manipulate as two or more objects or a file that stays as a single object (such as bitmaps). ስእል
Pie type of cake አምባሻ
Pie Chart in chart applications; a chart that looks like a pie አምባሻ ገበታ
Pivot axis; focus; center ምሰሶ
PivotChart view A view that shows a graphical analysis of data in a datasheet or form. You can see different levels of detail or specify the layout by dragging fields and items, or by showing and hiding items in the drop-down lists for the fields. የምሰሶ ገበታ እይታ
PivotTable list A Microsoft Office Web Component that allows you to create a structure similar to an Excel PivotTable report. Users can view the PivotTable list in a Web browser and change its layout in a manner similar to an Excel PivotTable report. የምሰሶ ሰንጠረዥ ዝርዝር
PivotTable report An interactive, cross-tabulated Excel report that summarizes and analyzes data, such as database records, from various sources including ones external to Excel. የምሰሶ ሰንጠረዥ ሪፖርት
PivotTable view A view that summarizes and analyzes data in a datasheet or form. You can use different levels of detail or organize data by dragging the fields and items, or by showing and hiding items in the drop-down lists for the fields. የምሰሶ ሰንጠረዥ እይታ
pixel A single unit of measurement that your computer\'s display hardware uses to paint images on your screen. These units, which often appear as tiny dots, compose the pictures displayed by your screen. ፒክስል
placeholder Something that represents text or an object in a document, for example a field. ext example: Fields are used as placeholders for data that might change in a document…. ቦታ ያዥ
plain text Text without any formatting ስነጣ አልባ ጽሑፍ
platform Another term for \"operating system\" የመሳሪያ ሥርዓት
play perform; make music with a multimedia application; አጫውት
play game; entertainment; ጨዋታ
plot area In a 2-D chart, the area bounded by the axes, including all data series. In a 3-D chart, the area bounded by the axes, including the data series, category names, tick-mark labels, and axis titles. መሳያ ቦታ
Plotter font A vector font designed to be used with a plotter. The font composes characters by generating dots connected by lines. ንድፈ ቅርፀቁምፊ
plug-in One of a set of software modules that integrate into Web browsers to offer a range of interactive and multimedia capabilities. ተሰኪ
plus sign Character: + የመደመር ምልክት +
point Unit of measurement referring to the height of a printed character. A point equals 1/72 of an inch, or approximately 1/28 of a centimeter. ነጥብ
Point To move the mouse pointer on-screen without clicking the button. ጠቁም
pointer A graphic image displayed on the screen that indicates the location of a pointing device (sometimes called a cursor). ጠቋሚ
pointing device Usually means mouse, but can refer to trackball, etc. ጠቋሚ መሳሪያ
policy Organization-level rules governing acceptable use of computing resources, security practices, and operational procedures. መምሪያ
Policy Module A module of an application that implements the application usage policy like password, access, etc… የመምሪያ ክፍል
Polygon figure with three or more sides ጎነ ብዙ
Pop-up A small window that is displayed on top of the existing windows on screen. A popup window can be used in any application to display new information. It is widely used on Web pages to cause an ad to \"pop up;\" however, pop-ups can be prevented or made to appear beneath the browser window using various pop-up blockers. ብቅ ባይ
pop-up menu A menu that is displayed at the location of a selected object. The menu contains commands that are relevant to the selection. ብቅ ባይ ምናሌ
pop-up window A secondary window with no title bar that is displayed next to an object; it provides contextual information about that object. ብቅ ባይ መስኮት
port One of the network input/output channels of a computer running TCP/IP. On the World Wide Web, it usually refers to the port number a server is running on. One computer can have many web servers running on it, but only one server can run on each port. ወደብ
Portable document Format A richly formatted document, which may contain graphics as well as text, that can be transferred to another type of computer system without losing the rich formatting. ተጓጓዥ ሰነድ ቅርፀት
portrait Vertical paper orientation for printing. በቁመት
position Location: the point or area occupied by an item/object አቀማመጥ
positioning Positioning is another way to place elements, such as text and graphics, on a page. Positioning lets the page author control the exact location and layer order of a page element. ቅመጣ
post Verb. Post a web page, Post a file on the server, Post an article to the a public folder, Post Reply in This Folder አስቀምጥ
postal code A number that identifies each postal delivery area in a country የፖስታ ኮድ
Power electrical power supply የኤሌክትሪክ ሀይል
Precision The number of digits past the decimal that are used to express a quantity. ትክክልነት
predefined automatically set (by the program) as opposed to customized (by the user) ቅድመ ውስን
preference Should refer to options, which have priority as defined by the user ምርጫ
preferences Currently actual set of configuration parameter values. ምርጦች
prefix Several contexts, for example in phone numbers, 00, to indicate that the following digits are an international phone number. ቅድመ ቅጥያ
prepare To make ready before something, e.g. prepare a speech or prepare a document before printing. አዘጋጅ
preset Previously set value. ቅድመ ቅምጥ
press To depress a mouse button, depress and release a keyboard key, or to place the tip of a pen to the screen. ተጫን
press a key To press and release a keyboard key or to touch the tip of a pen to the screen. See also click. ቁልፍ ተጫን
press and hold a mouse button Generally used for selection purposes. መዳፊቷን ተጭነህ ቆይ
preview In word processing, previewing refers to formatting a document for the printer, but then displaying it on the display screen instead of printing it. Previewing allows you to see exactly how the document will appear when printed. If you have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), previewing is unnecessary because the display screen always resembles the printed version. For word processors that are not WYSIWYGs, however, previewing is the next-best thing. If your word processor does not support previewing, you may be able to buy a separate program that allows you to preview documents. ቅድመ እይታ
preview pane In Microsoft Outlook, the preview pane is a pane where you can read the first couple of lines of an e-mail wihout having to open it. ቅድመ እይታ ሉህ
primary A primary form, frameset, or page has no restrictions as to what client browsers or languages can access the form, frameset, or page. ቀዳሚ
primary color Any of a set of colors from which all other colors may be derived መሰረታዊ ቀለም
primary key One or more fields (columns) whose values uniquely identify each record in a table. A primary key cannot allow Null values and must always have a unique index. A primary key is used to relate a table to foreign keys in other tables. ዋና ቁልፍ
primary window A window in which the main interaction takes place. Typically, the primary window is a document window. See also document window. ዋና መስኮት
print To produce something in printed form. In computing, to send information to a printer. አትም
print area One or more ranges of cells that you designate to print when you don\'t want to print the entire worksheet. If a worksheet includes a print area, only the print area is printed. ታታሚ ክልል
Print head The mechanism that actually does the printing in a printer. There are several thermal, inkjet, and electrostatic. የአታሚ ራስ
print job The source code that contains both the data to be printed and the commands for print. Print jobs are classified into data types based on what modifications, if any, the spooler must make to the job for it to print correctly. የሕትመት ሥራ
print preview A view of a document as it will appear when you print it. የህትመት ቅድመ እይታ
PRINT SCRN key Key on the keyboard. When pressed, it copies an image of what the user sees on the screen at the time, where the key is pressed. The copied image can then be inserted in an image editor, like Paint, and be modified as the user wants. የታይታ ማተሚያ ቁልፍ
Printer A device that puts text or images on paper or other print media. Examples are laser printers or dot-matrix printers. አታሚ
printer driver The device that communicates between your software program and your printer. The printer driver tells Publisher what the printer can do, and also tells the printer how to print the publication. አታሚ አዛዥ
Printers and Faxes Item on Start menu in Windows. Shows installed printers and fax printers, and helps you add new ones. ማተሚያዎችና ፋክሶች
priority For Process Control, the relative ranking of a process or process group with respect to the use of CPU and system resources. You can configure this in the Process Control snap-in. ቅድሚያ
privacy General concept referring to keeping personal information from users confidential, for example on a Web site. Also used in connection with Office Privacy Policy ብሕትውነት
Probability An estimate of how possible it is to be, e.g., successful in a sales opportunity. ምናልባትነት
procedure A sequence of declarations and statements in a module that are executed as a unit. Procedures in Visual Basic include both Sub and Function procedures. ቅደም ተከተል
process In Windows, an object consisting of an executable program, a set of virtual memory addresses, and a thread, ሂደት
product 1. An operator in the relational algebra used in database management that, when applied to two existing relations (tables), results in the creation of a new table containing all possible ordered concatenations (combinations) of tuples (rows) from the first relation with tuples from the second. The number of rows in the resulting relation is the product of the number of rows in the two source relations. Also called Cartesian product. Compare inner join. 2. In mathematics, the result of multiplying two or more numbers. 3. In the most general sense, an entity conceived and developed for the purpose of competing in a commercial market. Although computers are products, the term is more commonly applied to software, peripherals, and accessories in the computing arena. ውጤት
Product ID Appears in several places in a Microsoft product, e.g. as part of the hologram on the sleeve. የምርት መታወቂያ
Product key A 25-digit number identifying the product license. Can be found on the user’s CD case. የምርት መታወቂያ ቁጥር
Product News news and announcement about software or hardware products የምርት ዜና
Profession vocation; employment ሙያ
Professional edition One version (edition) of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office ፕሮፌሽናል እትም
profile Profile (Outlook user profile: A group of e-mail accounts and address books. Typically, a user needs only one but can create any number, each with a set of e-mail accounts and address books. Multiple profiles are useful if more than one person uses the computer. ) መገለጫ
program A complete, self-contained set of computer instructions that you use to perform a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management. Program is also called application. ፍርግም
Program Files Name of system drive folder. የፍርግም ፋይሎች
program icon A small picture that represents an object or program. Icons are very useful in applications that use windows, because with the click of a mouse button you can shrink an entire window into a small icon. (This is sometimes called minimizing.) To redisplay the window, you merely move the pointer to the icon and click (or double click) a mouse button. (This is sometimes called restoring or maximizing), የፍርግም አዶ
Programmable Capable of being controlled through instructions that can be varied to suit the user\'s needs. ተከዋኝ ፍርግም
programmed of developed in programming ፍርግም የተደረገ
programmer A person who developes computer programs. ፈርጋሚ
progress indicator A standard Windows control that can be used to display the percentage of completion of a particular process. ሂደት አመልካች
project The set of all code modules in a database, including standard modules and class modules. By default, the project has the same name as the database. Note, Project is also the name of a Microsoft application. ፕሮጀክት
Project management program Software that tracks individual tasks that make up an entire job. የፕሮጀክት ምነጃ ፍርግም
promote In an outline, to change body text to a heading, or to change a heading to a higher level heading ? for example, from Heading 6 to Heading 5. ከፍ ማድረግ
prompt In command-driven systems, one or more symbols that indicate where users are to enter commands. For instance, in MS-DOS, the prompt is generally a drive letter followed by a \"greater than\" symbol (C:\\>). In Unix, it is usually %. See also command-driven system, DOS prompt. 2. Displayed text indicating that a computer program is waiting for input from the user. ስንዱ
proofing tools Such as spell checker, grammar checker or hyphenator ማረሚያ
properties In FrontPage, the characteristics of an item in the current web, such as the title and URL of a web, or the name and initial value of a form field. You can also specify properties for page elements such as tables, graphics, and active elements. ባሕሪያት
property A named attribute of a control, a field, or an object that you set to define one of the object\'s characteristics (such as size, color, or screen location) or an aspect of its behavior (such as whether the object is hidden). ባህሪ
property page A grouping of properties in a property sheet. See also property sheet. የባህሪ ገፅ
property sheet A window used to view or modify the properties of various objects such as tables, queries, fields, forms, reports, data access pages, and controls. የባህሪ ሉህ
protect To make settings for a worksheet or workbook that prevents users from viewing or gaining access to the specified worksheet or workbook elements. ጠብቅ
Protection guarding; watching over ጥበቃ
protocol A method of accessing a document or service. For example, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). ፕሮቶኮል
Prototype A demonstration version of a proposed program or hardware device. ለአብነት
proxy server An Internet server that acts as a firewall, mediating traffic between a protected network and the Internet. የእጅ አዙር አገልጋይ
pt Abbreviation for point ነጥብ
publication The \'output\' created in desktop publishing applications ህትመት
publish The process of exporting datasheets, forms, or reports to static HTML or server-generated HTML, or creating data access pages, and setting up these files and all related files as a Web application on a Web server such as Microsoft IIS. ድረ ገፅ ላይ አስቀምጥ
Pull down menu An on-screen menu of command options that appears after you select the command name on the menu bar. ተዘርጋፊ ምናሌ
pull quote An excerpt from the body of a story used to emphasize an idea, draw attention, or generate interest. ሳቢ ጥቅስ
Push Button A control in a dialog box in a graphical user interface. By clicking the button, the user causes the computer to perform some action, such as opening a file that has just been selected using the other controls in the dialog box. ተጫኝ አዝራር
Pyramid geometric figure with a polygonal base and sides which are isosceles triangles ፒራሚድ
query 1. A question about the data stored in your tables, or a request to perform an action on the data. A query can bring together data from multiple tables to serve as the source of data for a form, report, or data access page ጥያቄ
query In a database management, a search question that tells the program what kind of data should be retrieved from the database. መጠይቅ
question mark Character: ? ጥያቄ ምልክት ?
questions and answers Phrasing sometimes used repeatedly in Help. ጥያቄዎችና መልሶች
queue For example in print queue ወረፋ
Quick View A feature, optionally installed as part of Windows 9x, that provides a set of file viewers for previewing the contents of files without having to start the application(s) that created them. The feature is accessed through the Quick View command, available either from the File menu or by right-clicking a filename. If the feature has been installed but the file type is not supported by a viewer, the Quick View command does not appear. (MS Press Computer Dictionary (4th Ed.) ፈጣን እይታ
quit 1. To stop in an orderly manner. 2. To execute the normal shutdown of a program and return control to the operating system. ጨርስና አቁም
quit signal The SIGQUIT signal (see signal(2). The quit signal is generated by typing the character defined by the teletype handler as your quit signal. (See stty(1), ioctl(2), and termio(7).) The default is the ASCII FS character (ASCII value 28) generated by typing Ctrl-\\. This signal usually causes a running program to terminate and generates a file containing the ``core image\'\' of the terminated process. The core image is useful for debugging purposes. (Some systems do not support core images, and on those systems no such file is generated.) ማስቆሚያ ምልክት
quotation mark Punctuation mark. One of a pair of punctuation marks \" \" or ` \' used chiefly to indicate the beginning and the end of a quotation in which the exact phraseology of another or of a text is directly cited. (Merriam Webster) ትእምርተ ጥቅስ