Comp Glossary JK



English Term Definition Amharic Translation
jagged line A line with a sharply uneven edge or surface መጋዝ መስመር
jammed About paper in printers የነከሰ
Java A general-purpose programming language created by Sun Microsystems. Currently, the most widespread use of Java is in programming small applications, or applets, for the World Wide Web. ጃቫ
Job An inbound or outbound print job or a fax transmission that is in a queue; A specified series of operations, called steps ስራ
Job control Job control allows users to selectively stop (suspend) execution of processes and continue (resume) their execution at a later time. የሥራ መቆጣጠሪያ
job queue A series of tasks automatically executed, one after the other, by the computer. ሥራ ወረፋ
Job Title The name of the position at a workplace የስራ መደብ
join An association between a field in one table or query and a field of the same data type in another table or query. Joins tell the program how data is related. Records that don\'t match may be included or excluded, depending on the type of join. አገናኝ
journal A list of records serving as an account of events. መፅሄት
journal entry A journal record. የመፅሄት ምዝግብ
joystick A lever that moves in all directions and controls the movement of a pointer or some other display symbol. A joystick is similar to a mouse, except that with a mouse the cursor stops moving as soon as you stop moving the mouse. With a joystick, the pointer continues moving in the direction the joystick is pointing. To stop the pointer, you must return the joystick to its upright position. Most joysticks include two buttons called triggers. Joysticks are used mostly for computer games, but they are also used occasionally for CAD/CAM systems and other applications. ጆይስቲክ
JPEG format A graphic formal standardized by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. ጄፔግ ቅርፀት
jump Often about jumping from one Web page to another using hyperlinks ዝለል
jumper An electrical connector that allows the user to select a particular configuration on a circuit board. አማራጭ ማያያዣ
Junk Mail Junk (or also called Spam) is unsolicited e-mail on the Internet. From the sender\'s point-of-view, it\'s a form of bulk mail, often to a list culled from subscribers to a Usenet discussion group or obtained by companies that specialize in creating e-mail distribution lists. አይፈለጌ መልእክት
justification Of characters or text መስተካክል
Justify To align lines of text evenly along both the left and right margins of a column by inserting extra space between the words in each line. If the spacing is excessive, it can be reduced by rewriting or by hyphenating words at the ends of lines. አስተካከል
Katakana The form of Japanese syllabic writing used especially for scientific terms, official documents, and words adopted from other languages - compare Hiragana. ካታካና
KB Primary source of product information for Microsoft support engineers and customers. This comprehensive collection of articles, updated daily, contains detailed how-to information, answers to technical-support questions, and known issues. የእውቀት ማእከል
KB (e.g. 720 KB) ኬቢ
keep To preserve አቆይ
kernel The HP-UX operating system. The kernel is the executable code responsible for managing the computer\'s resources, such as allocating memory, creating processes, and scheduling programs for execution. The kernel resides in RAM (random access memory) whenever HP-UX is running. አውራ ከዋኝ
kerning The adjustment of the spacing between two characters to create the appearance of even spacing, fit text to a given space, and adjust line breaks. ማስተካከል
kerning table The kerning table contains the values that control the inter-character spacing for the glyphs in a font. ማስተካከያ ሰንጠረዥ
Key In a database ቁልፍ
Key On the keyboard ቁልፍ
key combination Combination of keyboard keys, such as CTRL+ALT ህብረ ቁልፍ
Keyboard A device for entering text on PC systems. የቁልፍ ስሌዳ
keyboard layout The layout for a particular locale. የቁልፍ ሰሌዳ አቀማመጥ
Keyboard logger A computer program or hardware device specialized to record your keystrokes. It can record anything that you type, including your passwords, e-mails, credit card number. They save the recorded keystrokes into a log file or send them to another machine. Most keyloggers can be detected by spyware removal software. የቁልፍ ሰሌዳ ዘጋቢ
keypad Usually refers to the numeric keypad on keyboard የቁጥር ሰሌዳ
keystroke The physical action of pressing down a key on the keyboard so that a character is entered or a command is inserted. ቁልፍ መጫን
keyword A word that\'s part of the Visual Basic for Applications programming language. Keywords include the names of statements, data types, methods, operators, objects, and predefined functions. Don\'t use keywords for variable or object names. ቁልፍ ቃል
keyword search A search that begins by supplying the computer with one or more words that describe the topic of your search. በቁልፍ ቃል መፈለግ
kill To stop an ongoing process. አቁም