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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
tab A control that allows for simple navigation between logical pages or sections of information in dialog boxes. For an example, see Word, Tools / Options ትር
Tab Character A character used to align lines and columns on screen and in print. Although a tab is visually indistinguishable from a series of blank spaces in most programs, the tab character and the space character are different to a computer. A tab is a single character and therefore can be added, deleted, or overtyped with a single keystroke. The ASCII coding scheme includes two codes for tab characters: a horizontal tab for spacing across the screen or page and a vertical tab for spacing down the screen or page. የትር ቁምፊ (ትር፡- space)
tab delimited Entries separated by tab stops ትር ግድብ
TAB key On the keyboard. የትር ቁልፍ
Tab Order The order in which the TAB key moves the input focus from one control to the next within a dialog box. Usually, the tab order proceeds from left to right in a dialog box, and from top to bottom in a radio group. የትር ተራ
tab stop A location on the horizontal ruler that indicates how far to indent text or where to begin a column of text. ትር መቆሚያ
table A database object that stores data in records (rows) and fields (columns). The data is usually about a particular category of things, such as employees or orders. ሰንጠረዥ
table cell Cell: A box formed by the intersection of a row and column in a worksheet or a table, in which you enter information. የሰንጠረዥ ህዋስ
table of contents A list of the specific headings in a document, along with the numbers of the pages the headings appear on. ማውጫ
Tablet PC Microsoft product. ጡባዊ ተኮ
Tab A control that allows for simple navigation between logical pages or sections of information in dialog boxes. For an example, see Word, Tools / Options ህብረማውጫ
Tabular table based ሰንጠረዣዊ
tag A text string used in HTML to identify a page element\'s type, format, and appearance. Many elements have start and end tags that define where the element starts and stops. መለያ (ለ ይጠብቃል)
tag line A brief, memorable statement that summarizes the purpose of an organization or emphasizes an important aspect of a product or service. አይረሴ መለያ
target Opposite of \"source\" e.g. in copying. Same as destination. መቀበያ
Task Used in various contexts, for example in Outlook: (task: A personal or work-related duty or errand that you want to track through completion.) ክንውን
task list Microsoft Outlook: (task list: A list of tasks that appears in the Tasks folder and in the TaskPad in Calendar.) የክንውን ዝርዝር
task pane A window providing commonly used commands within an Office application. Its location and small size allow you to use these commands while still working on your files. መከወኛ ትንሽ መስኮት
Task Request A command from Outlook. Go to File>New>Task Request. A task in Outlook is a personal or work-related errand you want to track through completion. A task can occur once or repeatedly. ሥራ ማዘዣ
Taskbar Taskbar: graphic toolbar used in Windows 9x, Windows CE, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 to select, via the mouse, one of a number of active applications. አሞሌ ክንውን
taskbar button A button that appears on the taskbar and corresponds to a running application. አዝራረ አሞሌ ክንውን
TaskPad The list of tasks in Calendar. ድርጁ ክንውን
Tasks Either a user\'s task or the system\'s (A stand-alone application or a subprogram that is run as an independent entity.) መስተካውን (መስተዋድድ በሚለው አምሳል የተሰየመ ቃል ነው፡፡ የማከናወኛው ፕሮግራም መጠሪያ ነው)
TCP Internet networking software that controls the transmission of packets of data over the Internet. Computers must run TCP to communicate with Web servers. ቲሲፒ
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol; a protocol for communication between computers. This is the standard for communication over networks, including the Internet. ቲሲፒ/ አይፒ
Telephone device for conveying sounds over great distances by changing the sounds into electrical impulses ስልክ
telephone book Directory with phone numbers የስልክ ማውጫ
Tell Me More request for detail የበለጠ ንገረኝ
template A file or files that contain the structure and tools for shaping such elements as the style and page layout of finished files. For example, Word templates can shape a single document, and FrontPage templates can shape an entire W ቅንብር ደንብ (ን እና ብ አይጠብቁም)
Temporary Lasting for a short time only ጊዜያዊ
Tentative experimental; temporary ተለዋጭ
tentative confirmation About meeting invitations in Outlook ጊዜያዊ ማረጋገጫ
Terminal An input/output device, consisting of a keyboard and a monitor, commonly used with multi user systems. ተርሚናል
terminal affiliation The process by which a process group leader establishes an association between itself and a particular terminal. A terminal becomes affiliated with a process group leader (and subsequently all processes created by the process group leader, see terminal group) whenever the process group leader executes (either directly or indirectly) an open(2) or creat(2) system call to open a terminal. Then, if the process which is executing open(2) or creat(2) is a process group leader, and if that process group leader is not yet affiliated with a terminal, and if the terminal being opened is not yet affiliated with a process group, the affiliation is established (however, see open(2) description of O_NOCTTY). የተርሚናል እስትስስር
Test Verb. To test if something works as intended. ፈትሽ
Text script; words ጽሁፍ
Text alignment left, right, justfied, center; position of the text with respect to a reference ጽሁፍ ስለፋ
Text Area A control to receive an extended textual description from the user መካነ ጽሁፍ
text box Two uses: 1. A standard Windows control where text can be entered and edited. In Word, a movable, resizable container for text or graphics. Use text boxes to position several blocks of text on a page or to give text a different orientation from other text in the document. ቅጥረጹፍ (ቅጥር+ ጽሁፍ፤ ቅጥር ማለት የታጠረ ማለት ነው)
Text chart In presentation graphics, a slide, transparency or handout that contains text, such as bulleted list. ጽሑፋዊ ገበታ
Text direction describes the orientation of the text; from left to right or right to left የጽሁፍ አቅጣጫ
text editor Such as Notepad ጽሁፍ አርታኢ
text file Data file containing a human-readable text. ጽሁፋዊ ፋይል
text format Data file format with no extensive formatting information, but solely text only data. ቀረፃ ያልበዛበት ጽሁፍ
text formatting Applying bold and italic text, lists, headline fonts in various sizes, and so on) ጽሁፍ ቅርፀት
text only Data read or write mode, disregarding formatting information and special characters and treating text as \"plain text\". ጽሁፍ ብቻ
Text Size The size of a text (letters, etc). መጠነ ጽሁፍ
text wrapping To specify whether text should move around the edges of a frame or stop above the frame and resume below the frame. ጽሁፍ ልገታ (ለገተ፡- አስጠጋ፣ አካበበ ማለት ነው)
textbox A control to receive textual input from the user ጽሁፍ ማስገቢያ ሳጥን
texture A pattern of color tones or lines used to draw a graphic object. ስሪት
theme A theme applies a set of coordinated graphic elements to a document, page or across all pages in a web site. Themes can consist of designs and color schemes for fonts, link bars, and other page elements. ገጽታ
Then by Follows \"Sort by\" (see Sort) in software በማስከተል
Thermal printer A non-impact printer that forms an image by moving heated stylus over specially treated paper. ግለታዊ ማተሚያ
thesaurus Type of proofing tool. መዝገበ ተመተቃላት (ተመሳሳይና ተቃራኒ ቃላት)
This field current field; see field በዚህ ርዕሳምድ (ርዕሰ + አምድ፡- የዓምድ ርዕስ)
This Folder current folder; see folder በዚህ አቃፊ
thousand separator A number format ሺህ ለይ
thread The basic entity to which the operating system allocates CPU time. A thread can execute any part of the application\'s code, including a part currently being executed by another thread. All threads of a process share the virtual address space, global variables, and operating-system resources of the process. ክር
thumbnail A miniature representation of a picture on a Web page, usually containing a hyperlink to a full-size version of the graphic. Thumbnails are used to load pages rich in graphics or pictures more quickly in a Web browser. ጥፍር አከል
tick marks Small marks on an axis across the plot area, corresponding to the units of measurement of a chart - for example, centimeters. ትክል ነቁጥ
Tight close-fitting; tense ጥግልግት (ል ይጠብቃል) ጥግግ + ልግት)
tilde Character: ~ ድፋትቅናት (ድፋት+ቅናት)
Tile To tile is to fill the space on a monitor or within a smaller area with multiple copies of the same graphic image. Also, in an environment with multiple windows, to rearrange and resize all open windows so that they appear fully on the screen without any overlap. ሰድር
Tile Vertically To tile is to fill the space on a monitor or within a smaller area with multiple copies of the same graphic image. Also, in an environment with multiple windows, to rearrange and resize all open windows so that they appear fully on the screen without any overlap. ሽቅብ ሰድር
tiled windows In an environment with multiple windows, open windows rearranged and resized so that they appear fully on the screen without any overlap. ስድር መስኮቶች
Tilt See Rotation ማዘንበል
Tilt and Swivel The ability for the monitor head to either move up and down (tilt) or side to side (swivel). መዘንበልና መዞር
Time Noun. For example 9:30 AM. ሰዓት
Time format The format time is displayed in, for example 9:30 AM or 21:30. የሰዓት አጻጻፍ
time stamp A time signature that is added by a program or system to files, e-mail messages, or Web pages. A time stamp indicates the time and usually the date when a file or Web page was created or last modified or when an e-mail message was sent or received. Most time stamps are created by programs and are based on the time kept by the system clock of a computer on which the program resides. Commercial time stamp services are available on the Web or by e-mail, and offer proof of posting certificates to corroborate the time and date a message was sent. ማህተመ ሰዓት
time zone Such as GMT for UK. የሰዓት ሰቅ
tint A color mixed with white. A 10-percent tint is one part of the original color and nine parts white. ቅልም
tip Such as a tip to do something more efficiently. ጠቃሚ ምክር
title bar The horizontal area at the top of a window that includes the name of the window and acts as a handle by which the window can be moved by dragging. የርእስ አሞሌ
title text The text that is included in the title bar of a window. ጽሁፈ ርእስ
Today Today\'s date. ዛሬ
toggle Switching between states — for example, a button that switches from showing more options to showing fewer options is called a toggle button. ቀይር
toggle key A keyboard key that turns a particular mode on or off, for example the Insert key ቀያሪ ቁልፍ
token A lexical alias or object, referencing or representing often complex and extensive data or other object. For example, the @ symbol can be used in place of the domain name as a token. ተለዋጭ ሥም
tool In a graphical user interface, on-screen buttons or icons, which, when they are clicked on with the mouse, activate macros or certain functions of the application. For example, word processors often feature a tool for changing text to italic, boldface, and other styles. መሳሪያ
Toolbar In a program in a graphical user interface, a row, column, or block of on-screen buttons or icons. When clicked, these buttons or icons activate certain functions, or tasks, of the program. ሰሪ አሞሌ
toolbar button A command button used in a toolbar (or status bar). የሰሪ አሞሌ አዝራር
toolbar icon When referring to an image on a button. የሰሪ አሞሌ አዶ
toolbox A set of tools which are available in Design view to add controls to a form, report, or data access page. The toolset available in page Design view is different from the toolset available in form and report Design view. ሳጥነ መሳሪያ
Tools Can be either a small mini program contained in Windows that helps in performing specific tasks; or, in the main menu of a Microsoft software, there is almost always one menu item (apart from \"File\" Edit\" \"View\") that is called \"Tools\" which contains additional functionalities such as a spell-checker. መሳሪያዎች
Top opposite: bottom አናት
topic The subject of a dynamic data exchange (DDE) conversation between two applications. For most applications that use files, the topic is a file name. ርእስ
Total Addition of numbers. ድምር
total row Row with totals. የድምር ረድፍ
track Noun ዱካ
Track Verb ዱካ ተከተል
track changes Word mode when all editing changes are recorded and stored in a document along with original contents. ዱካ መሪ ስልት
trackball Type of mouse. ምርዋጽ (የሚያሮጥ፣ የሚያሽከረክር)
tracked change A mark that shows where a deletion, insertion, or other editing change has been made in a document. አስተዢ ዱካ (አስተዢ፡- ትዝ የሚያሰኝ)
trademark A word, phrase, symbol, or design (or some combination thereof) used to identify a proprietary product, often accompanied by the symbol ™ or ®. የንግድ ምልክት
transaction A series of changes made to a database\'s data and schema. ዝውውር
transfer 1. The movement of data from one location to another. 2. The passing of program control from one portion of code to another. ሰደዳ
Transform 1. To change the appearance or format of data without altering its content; that is, to encode information according to predefined rules. 2. In mathematics and computer graphics, to alter the position, size, or nature of an object by moving it to another location (translation), making it larger or smaller (scaling), turning it (rotation), changing its description from one type of coordinate system to another, and so on. ለውጥ (ትዕዛዝ ስለሆነ \'ው\' ይጠብቃል)
transition One of a set of transitional display effects which are available in some Microsoft Office applications. Transitions specify how the display changes (such as fading to black) as a user moves from one item (such as a slide or Web page) to another. ሽግግር
Translate 1. In programming, to convert a program from one language to another. Translation is performed by special programs such as compilers, assemblers, and interpreters. 2. In computer graphics, to move an image in the “space” represented on the display, without turning (rotating) the image. ተርጉም
transmission The sending of information over a communications line or a circuit. ስርጭት
transmit To send information over a communications line or a circuit. Computer transmissions can take place in the following ways: asynchronous (variable timing) or synchronous (exact timing); serial (essentially, bit by bit) or parallel (byte by byte; a group of bits at once); duplex or full-duplex (simultaneous two-way communication), half-duplex (two-way communication in one direction at a time), or simplex (one-way communication only); and burst (intermittent transmission of blocks of information). አሰራጭ
Transparency The property of being \"see-through\" አሳይነት
Transparent 1. In computer use, of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a device, function, or part of a program that works so smoothly and easily that it is invisible to the user. For example, the ability of one application to use files created by another is transparent if the user encounters no difficulty in opening, reading, or using the second program’s files or does not even know the use is occurring. 2. In communications, of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a mode of transmission in which data can include any characters, including device-control characters, without the possibility of misinterpretation by the receiving station. For example, the receiving station will not end a transparent transmission until it receives a character in the data that indicates end of transmission. Thus, there is no danger of the receiving station ending communications prematurely. 3. In computer graphics, of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the lack of color in a particular region of an image so that the background color of the display shows through. ግልጽ
trap The half-point overlap that occurs wherever two colors overlap. ጠመዳ
tree A data structure containing zero or more nodes that are linked together in a hierarchical fashion. If there are any nodes, one node is the root; each node except the root is the child of one and only one other node; and each node has zero or more nodes as children. ዛፍ
tree structure Any structure that has the essential organizational properties of a tree. ስርዓተ ዛፈ መዋቅር
trend A curve derived by statistical methods reflecting the general movement in the course of time of a statistically detectable change. አዝማሚያ
trendline A graphic representation of trends in data series, such as a line sloping upward to represent increased sales over a period of months. Trendlines are used for the study of problems of prediction, also called regression analysis. የአዝማሚያ መስመር
trigger A special form of a stored procedure that is carried out automatically when data in a specified table is modified. Triggers are often created to enforce referential integrity or consistency among logically related data in different tables. ቀስቅሴ
Troubleshoot To isolate the source of a problem in a program, computer system, or network and remedy it. መላ ፈልግ
troubleshooting To isolate the source of a problem in a program, computer system, or network and remedy it. መላ ፍለጋ
TrueType font A font (typeface) that appears on a printed document exactly the way it appears on the screen. TrueType fonts are scalable to any font size. In the Font list, TrueType fonts are preceded by the letters \"TT\". እሙን ቅርፀ ቁምፊ
truncate To cut off the beginning or end or a series of characters or numbers. ጉረድ
trust Assured reliance on the character or truth of someone or something. In Windows security model, an assumption that no additional identity verification is required to carry out a data exchange operation. ልጨኛነት
Try Again as text says ዳግም ሞክር
tty Originally, an abbreviation for teletypewriter; now, generally, a terminal. ቲቲዋይ
Turn Off As opposed to Turn on or Switch on አጥፋ
turn on Switch on አስነሳ
Tutorial A form of instruction in which a student is guided step-by-step through the application of program to a specific task አጋዥ ሥልጠና
two-dimensional Existing in reference to two measures, such as height and width—for example, a two-dimensional model drawn with reference to an x-axis and a y-axis, or a two-dimensional array of numbers placed in rows and columns. ጎነ ሁለት
type A classification of an object based on its characteristics, behavior, and attributes. ዓይነት
type To enter a character ተይብ
type library A file (or component within another file) that contains Automation standard descriptions of exposed objects, properties, and methods. Object library (.olb) files contain type libraries (.tlb) that are shipped as stand-alone files. ቤተ ፋይለመረጃ
Typeface The distinctive design of a set of type, distinguished from its weight (such as bold), posture (such as italic) and type size. መልከ ቁምፊ
unavailable The state and visual appearance of controls whose normal functionality is not presently available to the user (also known as disabled). የቦዘነ
unavailable command An existing command which cannot temporarily be used by the user. የቦዘነ ትእዛዝ
uncheck a check box To deactivate a check box ሳጥነ እሽንቢ አታመልክት (ሳጥነ እሽንቢ= check box ፤ እሽንቢ፡- እሽ+እንቢ)
Undelete To restore ውግድ መልስ
Underline Character formatting option. To format a selection of text so that the text is printed with a line slightly below it. መስመረግርጌ
Underline To format a selection of text so that the text is printed with a line slightly below it. ከግርጌ አስምር
underscore Symbol: _ ሰረዘዘብጥ
Undo To undo is to reverse the last action, for example to undo a deletion, thus restoring deleted text to a document ቀልብስ
undock About a laptop computer from a docking station ንቀል
Undock Computer Item on Start menu in Windows (only appears when using a laptop in a docking station). Removes your laptop or notebook computer from a docking station. ኮምፒውተር ንቀል
Ungroup To separate items that you previously united into a group. ነጣጥል
Unhide opposite of hide አትደብቅ
Unicode A character encoding standard developed by the Unicode Consortium. By using more than one byte to represent each character, Unicode enables almost all of the written languages in the world to be represented by using a single character set. ዩኒኮድ
uninstall To remove an installation አራግፍ
unique The only one of its sort ብቸኛ
unit a specified basic amount for any measurement; see unit of measurement አሃድ
unit of measurement Quantity or amount used as a standard of measurement. የመለኪያ አሃድ
Unsubscribe To remove oneself as a recipient on a mailing list or list of newsgroups, for example. ደንበኛነት ተው
untitled Name of document that is not yet saved with a name ርእስ የለሽ
Update Either a verb or a noun, both in the sense of: Full updates include all content, incremental updates include only content that has changed. Adaptive updates include only content that is likely to have changed based on an analysis of historical information. አዘምን
upgrade A new release of an existing software product. With hardware, especially in the case of one or more pieces intended to replace or supplement existing pieces...(MS Press dictionary) አልቅ
upload 1. In communications, the process of transferring a copy of a file from a local computer to a remote computer by means of a modem or network. 2. The copy of the file that is being or has been transferred. ስቀል
UPPERCASE Of, pertaining to, or characterized by capital letters. Compare lowercase. ትልቁ ፊደል( በአማርኛ ስርዓተ ጽሕፈት ጥቅም የለውም)
Upsizing Wizard a wizard to adjust a size of an item or object አላማጅ አዋቂ
URN An Internet standard for uniquely identifying a network resource. In Web applications, URNs are used to name item types and field definitions. The format of a URN uses a registered domain name. For example, urn ዩአርኤን
usage analysis Data collected to evaluate how the web site is being used, such as visitor user names, how often each page was visited, and the types of Web browsers used. የአጠቃቀም ትንተና
use as default Refers to settings. Defaults are choices made by a program when the user does not specify an alternative. እንደ ነባሪ አድርገው
User The person that uses something. ተጠቃሚ
user account An account identified by a user name and a personal ID (PID) that is created to manage the user\'s permissions to access database objects in an Access workgroup. የተጠቃሚ መለያ
user ID Each system user is identified by an integer known as a user ID, which is in the range of zero to UID_MAX, inclusive. Depending on how the user is identified with a process, a user ID value is referred to as a real user ID, an effective user ID, or a saved user ID. የተጠቃሚ መታወቂያ
user interface The portion of a program with which a user interacts. Types of user interfaces (UIs) include command-line interfaces, menu-driven interfaces, and graphical user interfaces. የተጠቃሚ አዋዋይ
User name as text says የተጠቃሚ ሥም
user profile A computer-based record maintained about an authorized user of a multi-user computer system. A user profile is needed for security and other reasons; it can contain such information as the person’s access restrictions, mailbox location, type of terminal, and so on. የተጠቃሚ ግለማህደር
user-defined customized ተጠቃሚ ብጅት
User\'s Guide Manual title የተጠቃሚ መምሪያ
utility An executable file, which might contain executable object code (that is, a program), or a list of commands to execute in a given order (that is, a shell script). You can write your own utilities, either as executable programs or shell scripts (which are written in the shell programming language). መገልገያዎች