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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
3-D Short for three-dimensional. Of, pertaining to, or being an object or image having or appearing to have all three spatial dimensions (length, width, and depth).2.Having the illusion of depth or varying distances, as in 3-D audio. 3-ል (ል- ልኬት)
3-D Area Excel chart type. (see Excel, insert menu, chart submenu) 3-ል ስፋት (ል-ልኬት)
3-D bar Excel chart type. (see Excel, insert menu, chart submenu) 3-ል አሞሌ (ል-ልኬት)
3-D Column Excel chart type. (see Excel, insert menu, chart submenu) 3-ል አምድ (ል-ልኬት)
3-D effect An illusion of depth and realism created by representing an object in a three dimensional space (x, y, z). Effects you can apply to the chart, for example, color, rotation, depth, lighting, or surface texture- click 3-D Settings, and then click the options you want on the 3-D Settings toolbar. 3-ል ክውነት (ል-ልኬት)
3-D Line Excel chart type. (see Excel, insert menu, chart submenu) 3-ል መስመር (ል-ልኬት)
3-D Pie Excel chart type. (see Excel, insert menu, chart submenu) 3-ል አምባሻ (ል-ልኬት)
3-D Style A combination of formatting characteristics, such as font, font size, and indentation, that you name and store as a set. When you apply a style, all of the formatting instructions in that style are applied at one time. In HTML it controls other attributes 3-ል ቅጥ (ል-ልኬት)
3-D Surface Excel chart type. (see Excel, insert menu, chart submenu) 3-ል ገፅታ (ል-ልኬት)
3rd party A company that manufactures and wells accessories or peripherals for use with a major manufacturer\'s computer or peripheral, usually without any involvement from the major manufacturer. 3ኛ ወገን
A-B roll editing In multimedia, a method for creating a master edited video sequence by directing selected portions of video signals from two video source to a destination recording device, usually a VCR. ሀ-ለ-ጥቅል ማደት
abandon To clear a document, spreadsheet, command or procedure while it is in progress. You can often abort a procedure manually, or a procedure may abort by itself because of a bug in the program, power failure or other unexpected cause. ተው
abort Interrupt or stop a program or a process. አጨንግፍ
About Usually pointing to program information such as version number, copyright info, etc. The command \"About\" appears on the Help menu in most Microsoft applications. ስለ
Absolute path name A path name beginning with a slash (/). It indicates that the file\'s location is given relative to the root directory (/), and that the search begins there. ፍፁም ስመ ዱካ
absolute reference Absolute cell reference: In a formula, the exact address of a cell, regardless of the position of the cell that contains the formula. An absolute cell reference takes the form $A$1. ፍፁም ማጣቀሻ
absolute value The positive value of a number, regardless of its sign (positive or negative). The absolute value of -25, for example, is 25. ፍፁም እሴት


acceleration board A circuit board designed to speed up some function of your computer. አጥዳፊ ሰሌዳ
accelerator key Hotkey or shortcut key አጥዳፊ ቁልፍ
accent Any type of accent, such as accent acute ትእምርት
accent acute Character:\' ትእምርተ ይዘት
Accent Breve character ˘ ትእምርተ ቁንፅል
accent circumflex Character:^ ትእምርተ ድፋት
Accent Dieresis character \" ትእምርተ ጥቅስ
accent grave Character:` ትእምርተ ጭረት
Accent Macron character ° ትእምርተ ማክሮን
Accent Tilde character ˜ ትእምርተ ምስስል
Accept In the sense of accepting something that is being proposed, e.g.: accept changes made for a certain setting. ተቀበል
access Noun. A user\'s access to something. መድረሻ
access Verb. To access something ድረስ
access code an identification number or password used gain access to a computer system. የመድረሻ ኮድ
access control In a network, a means of ensuring a systems security by demanding that users supply a login name and password. የመድረሻ ቁጥጥር
access group The group access list is a set of supplementary group IDs used in determining resource accessibility. Access checks are performed as described below in file access permissions. የመድረሻ ቡድን
access key The key that corresponds to an underlined letter on a menu or bottom (also referred to as a mnemonic or mnemonic access key).=hotkey. የመድረሻ ቁልፍ
access mode An access mode is a form of access permitted to a file. Each implementation provides separate read, write, and execute/search access modes. የመድረሻ ሁነታ
access permission A user\'s permission to access something, for example a particular folder or file. የመድረሻ ፈቃድ
access time The amount of time that laps between a request for information from memory and delivery of the information; Access times apply to disks and to random access memory (RAM) የመድረሻ ጊዜ
accessibility The feature of a given system of hardware or software that makes it useable by people with one or more physical disabilities, such as impaired mobility, vision, or hearing. ተደራሽነት
accessories in the sense of extra or additional components or items to perform a certain task. Translation should probably be consistent with the windows program group Accessories. ተቀጥላዎች
Account A record of entries to cover details of a particular item or a particular person or concern. A record about a certain user or a user group kept e.g. by Windows, an online service or another multi-user operating system for each authorized user of the system for identification, administration and security purposes. መለያ
accumulator A register in a central processing unit (CPU) that holds values to be used later in a computation. አጠራቅሜ
accuracy The preciseness of something, e.g. an accurate measurement ልክነት
accurate See accuracy ልክ
ACL Abbreviation of Access Control List. A list that indicates which users or groups have permission to access or modify a particular file on windows NT based server. ኤሲኤል
acoustic coupler A modem with cups that fit around the earpiece and mouthpiece of a standard (non cellular) telephone receiver. ድምፅ አቀናጅ
acoustical sound enclosure An industrial cabinet for noisy impact printers that reduces the noise such printers make. ድምፅ ቀንስ ሳጥን
acronym A word, made up of the initial letters of the word these letters represent; i.e. WYS/WYG የቃል መነሻ ስብስብ
Across In the sense of spanning across something, e.g. a table or a page in a document, or as a direction as opposed to \"down\" or \"up\". For example, the word \"across\" appears in contexts such as Word, Table menu, Table properties, Row, \"Allow row to break across pages\". Also appears in a number of descriptions of charts, for example, Excel, Insert, Chart, (description box) \"Clustered bar. Compares values across categories.\" በመላው
action The basic building block of a macro; a self-contained instruction that can be combined with other actions to automate tasks. This is sometimes called a command in other macro languages. ርምጃ
action button A read-made button that you can insert into your presentation and define hyperlinks for. የርምጃ አዝራር
activate To make a chart sheet or worksheet the active, or selected, sheet. The sheet that you activate determines which menu bar and toolbars are displayed. To activate a sheet, click the tab for the sheet in the workbook. አግብር
Active The state when an object is accepting user input. Usually the cursor or a highlighted section shows the active element on the display screen. ገባሪ
active area In spreadsheet document, such as a lotus 1-2-3 worksheet, the area bounded by a cell A1 and the lowest rightmost cell containing data. ገባሪ አካባቢ
active cell In spreadsheet, the cell in which the cell pointer is located. Synonymous with current cell. ገባሪ ህዋስ
active database In a database management, the database file in use and present in a random-access memory (RAM). ገባሪ ውሂብ ጎታ
active document The document in which you\'re working. Text you type; or graphics you insert in Microsoft Word appear in the active document. The title bar of the active document is highlighted ገባሪ ሰነድ
active light On the front of a computer\'s case, a small colored light flickers when a hard and floppy disk drive is reading or writing data. ገባሪ ብርሃን
active matrix display In portable computers, a full-color liquid-crystal display (LCD) in which each of the screen\'s pixels is controlled by its own transistor. አክቲቨ ማትሪክስ ማሳያ
active object The object with which the user is currently interacting or that has the input focus. ገባሪ ነገር
active sensing In multimedia, a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) message that tells a device to monitor its channels to determine whether messages occur on the channels within a predetermined time frame (called a time window). ገባሪ ሰሚ
active window The window in which a user is currently working. The window that has an input focus. ገባሪ መስኮት
ActiveX 1)product name-should not be localized. 2)A set of technologies that enables software components to interact with one another in a networked environment, regardless of the language in which the components were created. አክቲቭ ኤክስ
ActiveX control A control such as a check box or button that offers options to users or runs macros or scripts that automate a task. You can write macros for the control in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications or scripts in Microsoft Script Editor. አክቲቨ ኤክስ ኮንትሮል
Actual Size correct measured size እውነተኛ መጠን


Adapter Usually a hardware component that enables a personal computer to use a peripheral device, such as a CD-ROM drive, modem, or joystick. Hardware, such as a network adapter. አስማሚ
add Verb. To join or append an item to a list, etc. አክል
Add File A command that specifies that a file should added to something, for example a list. File: a file is the basic unit of storage that enables a computer to distinguish one set of information from another. ፋይል አክል
Add new In the sense of adding a new item to something, e.g. adding a new item to list. Please watch for gender of what \"new\" is referring to, if needed in your language. አዲስ አክል
Add Picture A command that specifies that a picture be added to something, for example a list or a document being edited ሥዕል አክል
add-in Add-in; A supplemental program that ads custom commands or custom features to a program, such as Microsoft office. Add-ins can be wizards, builders, or menu add-ins. ጨማሪ
address The path to an object, document, file, page, or other destination. An address can be a URL (Web address) or a UNC path (network address), and can include a specific location within a file, such as a Word bookmark or an Excel cell range. It could be also a postal address. አድራሻ
Address bar Toolbar in folder windows. Displays a box where you can type a folder, file or web site. አድራሻ መጻፊያ
address book A ledger of address entries, containing contact information for particular person or purpose. አድራሻ ደብተር
address labels Printed labels with addresses. Used in Word and Publisher, for example for mail merge. የአድራሻ መሰየሚያዎች
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) An Internet standard that provides IP addresses to workstations on a local area network (LAN). አድሬስ ሪዞልሽን ፕሮቶኮል (ኤአርፒ)
address space The range of memory locations to which a process can refer. ወሰነ ሰፈር
Adjust to To change so as to match or fit; cause to correspond. ወደ… አስተካክል
administer Verb. To administer or manage a network, pc or system አስተዳድር
administrator Noun, Person who manages a network, pc or system አስተዳዳሪ
administrator setup Special mode for installations where a system adminmistrator installs. የመሪ ውቅር
Adobe Acrobat An application program that creates richly formatted portable document that can be accessed and read on a wide variety of computers. አዶቤ አክሮባት
Adobe photoshop A very powerful image-editing program that enables you to alter a photograph much more extensively than you could in a darkroom. አዶቤ ፎቶሾፕ
Adserver A Web-based server that delivers banner ads to the requesting Web pages. For websites that sell their own ads, the adserver may be an in-house or co-located machine at an Internet service provider (ISP), or it may be owned by an Internet advertising company. ማስታወቂያ አቅራቢ
advance To cause to move forward; To aid the growth or progress of አልቅ
Advanced Additional settings or options, sometimes meant for advanced users only. \"Advanced\" leads to more or additional options to be set by the user. የላቀ
advanced setup options Options in the BIOS setup program that you let choose PCI interrupts, port addresses, and hard disk setup options. ምጡቅ ውቅር ምርጫዎች
Adware (ADvertisementWARE) - Any software application or program in which advertising banners are displayed or Pop-up windows appear while the program is running. Adware is considered \"spyware\" and is installed without the user\'s knowledge. It typically displays targeted ads based on words searched for on the Web or derived from a user\'s surfing habits that have been periodically sent in the background to a Web server አድዌር


affect Verb. To have an influence on something, to produce an effect on something. ተጽእኖ አሳድር
affiliation See terminal affiliation. ትስስር
After animation Dialog box label in PowerPoint. Specifies what should happen after an custom animation has been run on a slide. To reproduce, start PowerPoint, insert an object, select the object, choose Custom animation on the Slide Show menu. Click Add effect and insert an effect. Right-click the effect on the list and choose Effect Options. The label \"After animation\" appears on the Effect tab. ድኀረ እነማ
agate A 5.5-point type size used in newspaper classified advertisements and financial tables, but too small for other uses. አጌት
agent A program that is designed to operate on the user\'s behalf, performing specific function in the background. ወኪል
alert box Dialog box showing a warning. ማስጠንቀቂያ ሳጥን
alert message Message showing a warning. ማስጠንቀቂያ መልእክት
algorithm Noun. A finite sequence of steps for solving a logical or mathematical problem or performing a task. ስልተ ቀመር
alias Alternate name of a person, from Latin alius (\"other\")- \"otherwise called or known as\". Refers to a person or group of people on a network, for example \"e-mail alias\". ተለዋጭ ስም
align To line up objects or text አሰልፍ
Align to Grid Command to line up objects in a grid በፍርግርግ አሰልፍ
Alignment The arrangement of objects in fixed or predetermined positions, rows, or columns. The consistent positioning of text, graphics, and other objects. Types of alignment include left, right, and justified. ስለፋ (ለ ይጠብቃል)
alignment buttons Name of toolbar buttons used in Microsoft Word. Buttons to are used to right-align, left-align or center text or objects. የስለፋ አዝራሮች
All Please watch for gender of what \"all\" is referring to, if needed in your language. ሁሉም
all caps only capital letters-Example; ALL CAPS ሁሉም ዓብይ
All fields In selection, or options, the command to select all options or choices ሁሉም መስኮች
All items In selection, or options, the command to select all options or choices ሁሉም ዓይነት
All Programs Item on start menu in windows. Opens a sub menu displaying installed programs on the PC. ሁሉም ፍርግሞች
allocate Verb. To reserve a resource, such as sufficient memory, for use by a program. መድብ
allow To permit a user or a program to do a specific task on a system. ፍቀድ
alphabetic Adj. 1.arranged in the order of the letters of the alphabet. 2.of, relating to, or employing an alphabet. ፊደላዊ
alphanumeric characters characters available on a keyboard, including upper-and lowercase letters A through Z, numbers 0 through 9, functions marks, and special keyboard symbols. ፊደል ቁጥር ቁምፊ
ALT key Key on the keyboard. ማማረጫ ቁልፍ
alter Verb. Synonym for \"change\" ለውጥ (ው ይጠብቃል)
alternative text Used by Web browsers to display text during image downloads for users who have graphics turned off, and for users who rely on screen-reading software to convert graphics on the screen to spoken words. ምትክ ጽሑፍ
Always on Top in Windows, the user can open more than one programs at a time. \"Always on top\" displays a specified program window to be always in the foreground and not in the background although opening other windows. ሁሌ ከላይ
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) A standard single-byte character encoding scheme used for text-based data. ASCII uses designated 7-bit or 8-bit number combinations to represent either 128 or 256 possible characters. Standard ASCII uses 7 bits to represent all uppercase and lowercase letters, the numbers 0 through 9, punctuation marks, and special control characters used in U.S. English. አሜሪካን ስታንዳርድ ኮድ ፎር ኢንፎርሜሽን ኢንተርቼንጅ (አስኪ)
Amount The total of two or more quantities; the aggregate; A number; a sum መጠን
ampersand Character;& እና
analog A representation of changing values of a property using an indicator that can vary continuously. አናሎግ
analog monitor A monitor that accepts a continuously varied video signal and consequently can display a continuous range and infinite number of colors. አናሎግ ማሳያ
analog computer A computer used to measure condition that change constantly, such as temperature, heartbeat etc. አናሎግ ኮምፒውተር
analog device A peripheral that handles information in continuous variable quantities rather than digitize the information in to discrete digital representations. አናሎግ መሳሪያ
analog modem Modems designed to communicate over plain old telephone service (POTS) line. They are the most common kind of modems available today. አናሎግ ሞደም
Analyze The evaluation of a situation or problem. ተንትን
anchor Noun. In HTML, anchors mark the start and end of hypertext links. Verb used in various contents. In word to \"anchor\" graphics on a page. መልህቅ
anchor cell In Lotus 1-2-3 and Quattro pro, the cell in a range on which the cell pointer is located. መልህቅ ህዋስ
anchored graphic A graph or picture fixed in an absolute position on the page rather than attached to a specific text. የታሰረ ንድፍ
Angle The figure formed by two lines or planes diverging from a common point ማዕዘን
angle brackets Character;<> የማዕዘን ቅንፍ
animate Verb. Usually used about animating graphics, e.g. in PowerPoint, or in \"animated gif files\". አንም
animation A motion picture made by capturing and the displaying successive positions of objects. እነማ
anniversary The recurrence of a date making a notable event, or celebration of such. ዓመትባል
annotation An explanatory note or comment inserted in to a document. ዝርዝር ዘገባ
anonymous Not named or identified: lacking individuality, distinction or reconcilability. Often used about accessing an ftp site as an anonymous user, i.e. not supplying username and password. ስም አልባ
answer Verb. To answer something. መልስ (ል ይጠብቃል)
answer Noun. An answer to a question. መልስ
answer wizard a part of the Help system in Microsoft applications. መልስ አወቅ
antivirus Measure to protect applications and systems against computer virus. ፀረቫይረስ
any character See character ማንኛውም ቁምፊ (ቁምፊ - ቁጥር፣ ምልክት፣ ፊደል)
API call Programming term: A cal to an API (Application Programming Interface) የኤፒኣይ ጥሪ
apostrophe Character: \' ትእምርተ ጭረት
Appear To become visible; To come into existence; To come before the public ተከሰት
append To add data at the end of a file or a database. In a database management, for example, to append a record is to add a new record after all existing records. ጨምር
Apple computer A Cupertino, California-based company best-known for manufacturing the Macintosh line of computers. አፕል ኮምፒውተር
applet A small application (e.g. Notepad). Context example: Support for java applets, or mini-applications created in the java programming language. Also a small application on a home page that runs when the user clicks on its link in his browser. ንዑስ ፍርግም
AppleTalk a local area network (LAN) standard developed by Apple computer. AppleTalk can link as many as 32 Macintosh computers, IBM አፕልቶክ
Application Synonymous with software program. መተግበሪያ
Application Program Interface (API) system software that provides a complete set of functions and resources on which programmers can draw to create user interface features, such as pull-down menus, command names, dialog boxes, keyboard commands, and windows. ኣፕሊከሽን ፕሮግራም ኢንተርፌስ(ኤፒኣይ)
application software Programs that perform specific user tasks, such as word processing, spreadsheet, or database management. መተግበሪያ ሶፍትዌር
application window In a graphical user interface (GUI), an application\'s main window, containing a title bar, the application\'s menu bar, and a work area. The work area can contain one or more document windows. መተግበሪያ መስኮት
apply Verb. Used in may contexts, for example to apply a setting or apply a color to something. Usually used if the user is able to change a setting by clicking \"Apply\" for the selected changes to take effect. ተግብር
apply a font Verb. In DTP, to define a style for a specific area of a document. ቅርፀ ቁምፊ ተግብር
apply a style Verb. In DTP, to define a style for a specific area of a document. ቅጥ ተግብር
Apply to All apply the action specified to all items. See apply, all items ለሁሉም ተግብር
Apply View Button or command in Microsoft applications to specific that the selected \"view\" should be used in the session. እይታን ተግብር
appointment A pre-arranged agreement to meet with someone at a specific time. Somewhat synonymous with meeting. Used in outlook about meetings, etc. ቀጠሮ
arc Shape of object. ቅስት
archie An internet tool for finding specific fields that are available in publicly accessible File Transfer Protocol (FTP) archives. አርኪ
architecture The physical structure or design of a computer and its components, from its internal operating structure and specific chips to the programs that make it usable. መዋቅረ ኮምፒውተር
archive A file, or media in which data is preserved. መዝገብ
archiving Verb.1.To copy files onto a tape or disk for long-term storage.2.To compress a file ምዝገባ
Area Chart Chart type ያካባቢ ገበታ
Area code A dialing prefix for a region or city if dialing from outside that region or city. Example; Paris 01, Vienna 01, Berlin 030. የአካባቢ ኮድ
area graph A line graph in which the area below the line is filled in to emphasize the change in volume from one time period to the next. The x-axis is the horizontal axis and the y-axis is the vertical axis. ቅብ ክልል ግራፍ
argument Programming term. A value that provides information to an action, an event, a method, a property, a function, or a procedure. ነጋሪ እሴት
Arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) The portion of the Control Processing Unit (CPU) that makes all the decisions for the microprocessor, based on the mathematical computations and logic functions it performs. አርቲሜቲክ ሎጂክ አሀድ (አሎአ)
around The label \"Around\" will appear in various dialogs (either on its own or with extra text) to indicate that text or other items should wrap \"around\" objects. It should be consistent unless there are special needs for your languages. It appears in places such as Word: Insert a table, click in the table, select Table properties from the table menu, \"Around\" will appear on the Table tab to indicate that text should wrap around the table. ዙሪያ
arrange For example used in the command \"Arrange icons\". ደርድር
arrange icons Icon: A small image displayed on the screen to represent an object or software program. Here, icons on the desktop can be arranged or sorted the way the user wants them to be (e.g. by size, by name etc) አዶዎችን ደርድር
array A variable that contains a finite number of elements that have a common name and data type. Each element of an array is identified by a unique index number. Changes made to one element of an array don\'t affect the other elements. An array range shares a common formula; an array constant is a group of constants used as an argument. ድርድር
arrow Noun. Something shaped like an arrow, especially in the context of a mark to indicate direction, as in cursor shapes or labels on arrow keys. ቀስት
arrow keys On the keyboard. ቀስት ቁልፎች
arrow pointer In graphics-based environments, an on-screen symbol that is controlled by a mouse as means of indicating (and selecting) locations or choice on screen. ጠቋሚ ቀስት
art Noun. Decorative or illustrative elements in printed matter. ጥበብ
article A message or positing in a discussion group or an Internet newsgroup. An article can be a response to a previous article. አስተያየት
ascender In typography, the portion of lowercase letters b, d, f, h, l and t that rises above the height of the letter x. The height of the ascender varies in different typefaces. አሽቃቢ
ascending Sort order from A-Z ሽቅብታ
ASCII Code representing characters in the English language as numbers. Each character is assigned a numbers from 0 to 127. Most computers use ASCII to represent text and to transfer data from one computer to another. አስኪ
ASCII transfer A file transfer protocol that employs no error-correction protocol or flow control አስኪ ትልልፍ
A-sized paper Letter-sized paper. ANSI defines A-size paper as a page 8.5 by 11 inches (210 by 297 millimeters). ኤ-ልክ ወረቀት
ASP Active Server Pages, A server-side scripting technology used to create dynamic interactive web applications. An ASP file is an HTML page containing scripts processed by a Web server before being sent to a browser. ኤኤስፒ
Aspect Ratio The ratio of the width of the picture to the height. For most current monitors, this ratio is 4:3. For HDTV, the ratio will be 16:9 or 16:10. ምጥጥነ ገፅታ
Assembler A program that transforms an assembly language program into machine language so the computer can execute the program. አሴምብለር
assign Verb. To fix or specify in correspondence or relationship. Example: assign a drive letter to a network drive. መድብ
assigned to To regard as belonging to ለ … የተመደበ
associate Verb. To inform the operating system that a particular filename extension is linked to a specific application. When a file is opened that has an extension associated with a given application, the operating system automatically starts the application and loads the file. አጎዳኝ
association Used in contexts like \"associating programs with file extensions\" ጉድኝት
asterisk Character:* ኮከቢት
AT keyboard An 84-key keyboard introduced with the IBM personal computer AT in response to complaints about the original IBM personal computer keyboard. ኤቲ ቁልፍ ሰሌዳ
At least According to the lowest possible assessment, no less than ቢያንስ
at most At the largest amount, the furthest limit; also, in the most extreme case ቢበዛ
at sign Character:@
attach Verb. To include an external document as part of an e-mail message. አያይዝ
attachment A file or object that is sent along with the main body of email message and contains data In different format. አባሪ
attendee Noun. Participant to an event, such as a meeting ተሳታፊ
attention Noun. Text usually preceding a note or a warning for users ማስገንዘቢያ
attribute An object or text feature, such as line fill or text color, that you can manipulate by using drawing tools and menu commands. አይነታ
audio The transmission, reception, or reproduction of sound. ተሰሚ
audio helper A program that is designed to play that have been found and downloaded while browsing the WWW. ተሰሚ ረዳት
audio input device An audio input device records music and voice input into your computer. Examples of audio input devices are CD-ROM players and microphones. ድምፀ ግቤት መሳሪያ
audio monitor A speaker mounted on a modem that lets you hear what is happening on the telephone line. They let you hear a busy signal, or hissing sound of two modems establishing a carrier. ማዳመጫ
audit policy A policy that determines the security events to be reported to the network administrator. መቆጣጠሪያ ፖሊሲ
Auditing The process that tracks the activities of users by recording selected types of events in the security log of a server or a workstation. ቁጥጥር
authenticate Process used to validate a certificate\'s source delivered by a Web site or used to sign a macro. If the security level enabled on the computer cannot authenticate the digital signature, the certificate is ignored or the user is prompted. ኣረጋግጥ
authentication In a multi-user or network environment, the process of validating user logon information. A name and password are compared to an authorized list, and, if there is a match , access is granted with the level of permission specified. ማረጋገጥ
authenticity Security / digital signature term. ርግጠኝነት
author In Web pages, the creator of a Web page. In Word, the creator of a document. ደራሲ
authoring See Web author, usually means the process of writing content for Web pages. ደረሳ
authorization The process of determining what types of activities are permitted. Usually, authorization is in the context of authentication: once you have authenticated a user, they may be authorized different types of access or activity. ፈቀዳ
auto Short form of automatic. ራስ
Auto Adjust A special one-touch Auto Adjust button allows users to quickly set the display panel to match their preferences and provides users with excellent front-of-screen performance and minimal set up. ራስ አሰናጅ
auto arrange About automatically arranging icons on the desktop. Icon: A small image displayed on the screen to represent an object or software program. Here, icons on the desktop can be arranged or sorted the way the user wants them to be (e.g. by size, by name or automatically) ራስ ደርድር
AutoCAD A computer aided (CAD) program developed by Autodesk and widely used for professional CAD applications. አውቶ ካድ
Auto repeat key A key that repeatedly enters a character as long as you hold it down. ራስ ድገም ቁልፍ
Auto save A desirable application program feature that saves your work at a specific interval, such as every five minutes. ራስ መዝግብ
auto scale automated or system supported enlargement or reduction of a graphic display, such as a drawing or a proportional character font, by adjusting its size. ራስ መዝን
auto sizing A monitor feature that allows a monitor to size an image to fit the display, regardless of its resolution. ራስ መጥን
auto trace In a graphic program such as Adobe Illustrator, a command that transforms an imported bit-mapped graphic in to an object-oriented graphic. ራስ ገልብጥ
auto-answer modem Synonymous with auto-dial modem. ራስ መልስ ሞደም
auto archive Software feature of Office products that allows automatic creation of archives triggered by time, user, or other event and storing old items in the archive, so as to free space on disk or decrease the size of data file. ራስ መዝግብ
autocorrect Software feature of office products the corrects the spelling of the frequently misspelled words without even invoking a speller. ራስ አርም
auto-dial modem A modem that can generate tones to dial the receiving computer and can answer a ringing telephone to establish a connection when a call is received. ራስ ደውል ሞደም
AutoFilter Software feature of Office products that allows to filter records in Excel spreadsheet or Access database by selecting filer criteria right in the working window rather than going through complex views and features. ራስ አጥራ
AutoFit Software feature of Office products that adjusts the grid dimensions on screen so that data would fit automatically for best viewing. ራስ ገጠም
AutoForm Software feature of Office products that creates forms automatically, without invoking special form designer tools. ራስ ቀፅ
AutoFormat In Excel, a built-in collection of cell formats such as font size, patterns, and alignment that determines the appearance of the controls and sections in a form or report and that you can apply to a range of data. Also appear in Word. ራስ ቅርፀት
automate Verb.1.To operate by automation.2.To convert to largely automatic operation ራስ ሥራ
automatic About something being done automatically. The opposite of \"manual\". ራስሰር
automatic backup An application program feature that saves a document automatically at a period a user specifies, such as every 5 or 10 minutes. ራስሰር መጠባበቂያ
automatic emulation switching In printers, the ability to change printer control languages without human intervention. ራስሰር ምስለ ልወጣ
automatic font downloading The transfer of downloadable fonts from the hard disk to the printer by a utility program as the fonts are needed to complete a printing job. ራስሰር ቅርፀቁምፊ ማውረድ
automatic head parking A hard disk feature that moves the read/write head over the landing zone - preventing a head crash - whenever power is shut off. ራስሰር ራስ ማቆሚያ
automatic link OLE term - The link between a client document containing a linked object and that object\'s server applications, while the server is editing the object. ራስሰር አገናኝ
automatic recalculation In spreadsheet, a mode in which cell values are recalculated every time any cell changes in the worksheet. It can be switched to manual calculation. ራስሰር ዳግም አስሊ
automatic updating Verb. To change a system or a data file automatically to make it more current. ራስሰር ዝመና
automation A way to work with an application\'s objects form another application or development tool. Formerly called OLE Automation, Automation is an industry standard and a feature of the Component Object Model (COM). ራስሰርነት
autoPlay A Microsoft-initiated standard for CD-ROMs. ራስ ተጫዋች
AutoShapes A group of ready-made shapes that includes such basic shapes as rectangles and circles, plus a variety of lines and connectors, block arrows, flowchart symbols, stars and banners, and callouts. ዝግጁ ቅርፆች
AutoSum Excel feature that automatically creates sum formula based on user selection. ራስደመር
AutoText In Word, a storage location for text or graphics you want to use again, such as a standard contract clause or a long distribution list. Each selection of text or graphics is recorded as an Auto Text entry and is assigned a unique name. ዝግጁ ጽሑፍ
AutoText entry See AutoText. A record of a text fragment that is repeatedly used over various documents, such as a standard clause or phrase, that is assigned a unique name and stored in AutoText database. ራስ ፅሁፍ ገቢ (ገ ይጠብቃል)
auxiliary battery In a portable computer, a small, built-in battery that can power the computer for a few minutes while you insert a freshly charged pack. ረዳት ባትሪ
available hard disk space Noun. Free space on hard disk available for storage የዋና ዲስክ ቀሪ ቦታ
available memory Noun. Memory which is not allocated to any program ቀሪ ትውስታ
average Noun. For example, it can refer to the general meaning (neither good or bad), but also has a more specific meaning as a mathematical function in Excel: Insert menu, Function, \"AVERAGE\" አማካይ
AVI A Microsoft Windows multimedia file format for sound and videos that uses the Microsoft Resource interchange file Format (RIFF) ኤቪአይ
axes Plural of \"axis\" as in mathematics (reference lines of a coordinate system). The specific software reference \"axis\" appear in Microsoft Excel (When you have inserted a chart) in the \"chart options\" dialog,\" Axes\" tab ዘንጎች
axis As in \"Y or X axis\" (reference lines of a coordinate system). The specific software references \"axis\" appear in Microsoft Excel (when you have inserted a chart) in the \"Chart options\" dialog. ዘንግ