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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
C A high level programming language widely used for professional programming and preferred by most major software publishers.
C: In IBM PC-compliable personal computers, the default letter assigned to the first hard disk ሐ:
C++ A high level programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT & T\'s Bell Laboratories. ሲ ++
cache A special memory subsystem in which frequently used data values are duplicated for quick access. መሸጎጫ
caddy A tray, usually plastic, into which a CD-ROM disk is inserted before it is placed in certain CD-ROM disk drive. Caddies prevent fingerprint from getting on the disk surface, but it can be a hassle to load and unload caddies every time you want to change CD-ROMs. ሙዳየ ሲዲ
calculated field In a database management programme, a data field that contains the result of calculations performed on other fields. ቅምር መስክ
calculated item item in a form or report, where only a formula is defined, and a value is calculated on the fly at runtime, rather than retrieved from the database. ተሰይ ዓይነት
calculator Broadly, any device that performs arithmetic operations on numbers. Sophisticated calculators can be programmed for certain functions and can store values in memory, but they differ from computers in several ways: they have a fixed set of commands, they do not recognize text, they cannot retrieve values stored in a data file, and they cannot find and use values generated by a program such as a spreadsheet. Also a component in Windows. ማስያ
calendar Other than conventional meaning, a system (usually, tabular register of days) for keeping the list or schedule of events or activities giving dates and details. ቀን መቁጠሪያ
calendar type lunar, solar, lunisolar, rule-based, ethiopian, gregorian etc. ቀን መቁጠሪያ ዓይነት
call Noun. A telephone call. ጥሪ
call Verb. To call someone. ጥራ
call waiting Telecommunications function: when you\'re on the phone and a third person tries to call you, you will get a signal to let you know another call is waiting. ጠባቂ ጥሪ
callback Telecommunications function: lets another computer call your PC to save connection costs. A user dials in to a computer and types a logon ID and password. The computer breaks the connection and automatically calls the user back at a preauthorized number. ተዘዋዋሪ ጥሪ
callout A graphic object of illustration, chart of drawing g, helping to identify or give details about the part of a drawing. Usually a line and a number, referencing a detailed explanation below. ንጥል ማስታወሻ
camera A device capable of capturing moving image and sound and converting it to analog or digital information stream. ካሜራ
camera-ready copy A finished, printed manuscript or illustration ready to be photographed by a printing company for reproduction. ለኅትመት ዝግጁ ቅጂ
cancel Verb. To revoke or abort an action. To quit an action without saving any changes that the action would result in. Name of a button in dialogs. ሰርዝ
Cancel Message Microsoft Outlook. To revoke a message that has already been sent. አትላክ
cap height In a typeface, the height of capital letters, measured in points from the baseline. የአቢይ ፊደል ቁመት
capital letters Letters conforming to the series \"A, B, C\", etc. rather than \" a, b, c\", etc. አቢይ ፊደል
capitalization Using capital letters\" አቢይ ማድረግ
capitals Synonym for \"capital letters\" አበይት ፊደላት
caps Short form of \"capital letters\" አበይት ፊደላት
CAPS LOCK key on the keyboard. አቢያት ማርጊያ ቁልፍ
caption Heading of a chart, drawing, etc. መግለጫ ጽሑፍ
caret Character:^ ድፋት
carriage return A signal that forces the printer to the move to left margin. መስመረ መላሽ
carrier A continuous tone established by two connected modems. ድምጸ ተያያዥ ሞደም
carry out an action To put the action into execution. አከናውን
Cartridge A removable module containing data storage media such as magnetic tape or disks. In printers, a removable module that expands the printer\'s memory or contains fonts, called cartridge fonts. ቀፎ
Cartridge font A printer font supplied in the form of a read-only memory (ROM) cartridge that plugs in to a receptacle on Hewlett-Packard LaserJet laser printer and clones. የቅርፀቁምፊ ቀፎ
cascaded hubs A network configuration in which hubs are connected to other hubs. ስክ መገናኛዎች
cascading menu A menu that is submenu of a menu item. Also known as a hierarchical menu. ፏፏቴ ምናሌ
cascading windows In a GUI, two or more windows displayed so they overlap. ተደራራቢ መስኮቶች
Case The metal cabinet that contains the motherboard, adapters, and any internal components, such as disk drives. There are several types of cases. Cases typically are sold with a power supply installed. መያዣ
case sensitive Adj. Capable of distinguishing between uppercase and lowercase letters. A case-sensitive search finds only text that is an exact match of uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, such a search would treat \"ZeroLengthStr\" and \"zerolengthstr\" as different words. መልከፊደል ትብ
cast-based animation In a multimedia, an animation method in which each object in a production is treated as an individual graphic image (a cast member). ነገረተኮር ምነማ
catalog 1. An object containing a list of items arranged systematically with descriptive details (book, software object). 2. A directory of information about data sets, files, or a database. A catalog usually describes where a data set, file or database entity is located and may also include other information, such as the type of device on which each data set or file is stored. ካታሎግ
category Any of several fundamental and distinct classes to which entities or concepts belong. E.g., a classification for labeling and grouping web pages and files by common criteria such as page contents, file types, or a similar distinction. ፈርጅ
category label Descriptive category caption or text. ፈርጅ መሰየሚያ
category name Name of category. ስመ ፈርጅ
cathode ray tube (CRT) In a monitor, a vacuum tube that uses an election gun (cathode) to emit a beam of electrons that illuminates phosphors on-screen as the beam sweeps across the screen repeatedly. ካቶድ ጨረር ቱቦ
CC Microsoft Outlook. An abbreviation for \"carbon copy\". If you add a recipient\'s name to this box in a message, a copy of the message is sent to that recipient, and the recipient\'s name is visible to other recipients of the message. ካርቦን ቅጂ (ካቅ)
Cc box Microsoft Outlook. To, Cc, and Bcc boxes: A message is sent to the recipients in the To box. Recipients in the Cc (carbon copy) and Bcc (blind carbon copy) boxes also get the message; however, the names of the recipients in the Bcc box aren\'t visible to other recipients. ካርቦን ቅጂ ሳጥን
CD Compact Disk – An optical multimedia storage medium ሲዲ
CD key The number on the CD sleeve on MS products. Leave in English when it refers to the actual number with the text \"CD Key\". Only translate when general references are made to it. ሲዲ ቁልፍ
CD-R Compact Disk-Recordable, መቅጃ ሲዲ
CD-ROM Acronym for compact disc read-only memory. A form of storage characterized by high capacity (roughly 650 megabytes) and the use of laser optics rather than magnetic means for reading data. Although CD-ROM drives are strictly read-only, they are similar to CD-R drives (write once, read many), optical WORM devices, and optical read-write drives. ሲዲ አንብቻ (አንብቻ - አንብብ ብቻ)
CD-ROM changer A machine that will automatically load from a set of CD-ROMs into a CD-ROM disk drive. ሲዲ ኣንብቻ ለዋጭ
CD-RW Compact Disk-Rewritable ማንፃፊያ ሲዲ
cell Normally means an intersection of a row and a column in a table (Microsoft Excel especially), but please check context here as it can refer to a cell phone (= mobile phone) too. In the former meaning in Microsoft Excel, each row and column in a table is unique, so each cell can be uniquely identified--for example, cell B17, at the intersection of column B and row 17. ህዋስ
cell address In a spreadsheet, a letter and number combination that identities a cell\'s location on the worksheet by column and row (A9,B12,K8 etc) የህዋስ አድራሻ
cell animator An animation technique in which a background painting is held in place while a series of transparent sheets of celluloid containing objects are placed over the background painting, producing the illusion of movements. ህዋስ ምነማ
cell definition The actual contents of a cell in a spreadsheet, as displayed on the entry line የህዋስ ይዘት
cell pointer In spreadsheet programs, the rectangular highlight that indicates the current cell. When you enter data in the spreadsheet, it\'s recorded in the current cell. ህዋስ ጠቋሚ
cell protection In a spreadsheet program, a format applied to a cell, a range of cells, or an entire file that prevents you from altering the contents of protected cells. ህዋስ ጠባቂ
cell reference Microsoft Excel. The set of coordinates that a cell occupies on a worksheet. For example, the reference of the cell that appears at the intersection of column B and row 3 is B3 ህዋስ ማጣቀሻ
center Verb. To center; to place something in the middle. To align characters around a point located in the middle of a line, page, or other defined area; in effect, to place text an equal distance from each margin or border, አማክል
certificate A certificate is what gets sent when a message is digitally signed. The certificate proves the sender\'s identity and supplies the recipient with a public key with which to decrypt the sender\'s encrypted messages. ምስክር
Certificate of Authenticity The term \"Certificate of Authenticity\" appears on the so-called COA card which is the small card that is included for the OEM version. When a user buys a computer and Windows is preinstalled they include a small slip of paper entitled Certificate of Authenticity. የትክክለኛነት ማረጋገጫ
chain printing The printing of separate files as a unit by placing commands at the end of the first file to direct the program to continue printing the second file, etc. ሰንሰለታዊ ህትመት
chamfer In a desktop publishing (DTP) and presentation graphics, a beveled edge between two intersecting lines. ሽርፍ
change To alter something. Name of button in various apps that allows the user to change a setting. ለውጥ
change All Usually used about a button that allows the user to alter all settings at one time. Please watch for gender and number of the items \" all\" is referring to, if needed for your language. ሁሉን ለውጥ (ው ይጠብቃል)
change icon Command in several apps that allows the user to change the icon displayed, for example Microsoft Word, Insert menu, Object submenu, \"Change Icon\" appears when you select the option \"Display as Icon. Icon: A small image displayed on the screen to represent an object that can be manipulated by the user. Icons serve as visual mnemonics and allow the user to control certain computer actions without having to remember commands or type them at the keyboard. አዶ ለውጥ
Channel A path or link through which noncontrol information passes between two devices. A single Basic Rate Interface (BRI) connection, for example, has one physical connection but two channels for exchanging information between devices. This is often called a bearer channel, implying a channel that carries information. ሰርጥ
chapter In a DVD or CD, a portion of a title, such as a scene or sequence. A title can contain one or more chapters. ምዕራፍ
character A letter, number, punctuation mark, or symbol. ቁምፊ (ቁጥር ምልክት ፊደል)
character font A type face (such as Garamond), style (such as italic), and weight (such as bold) of the character. የቁምፊ ቅርፀ ፊደል
character format The structure and appearance of the character. ቁምፊ ቅርፀት
character map In text-based computer graphics, a block of memory addresses that correspond to character spaces on at display screen. The memory allocated to each character space is used to hold the description of the character to be displayed in that space. የቁምፊ ገበታ
character mode In computers, a display mode in which the computer displays only those characters contained in its built-in character set. Synonymous with text mode. ቁምፊ ሁነታ
character per inch (cpi) The number of characters that fit in an inch of type of a given font. ቁምፊ በኢንች (ቁበኢ)
character set A grouping of alphabetic, numeric, and other characters that have some relationship in common. For example, the standard ASCII character set includes letters, numbers, symbols, and control codes that make up the ASCII coding scheme. ቁምፊ ስብስብ
character spacing The distance between characters in a line of text. Tracking, kerning, and scaling can be used to adjust the space between characters. ቁምፊ አዘራዘር
character special file A special file associated with I/O devices that transfer data byte-by-byte. Other byte-mode I/O devices include printers, nine-track magnetic tape drives, and disk drives when accessed in ``raw\'\' mode (see raw disk). A character special file has no predefined structure. የቁምፊ ልዩ ፋይል
character string Any series of characters (including spaces) that a program treats as a group. ህብረ ቁምፊ
character style A combination of any of the character formatting options identified by a style name. የቁምፊ ቅጥ
character-based program A program that relies on the ASCII and extended ASCII character sets that includes block graphics to create its screens and display the text you enter. መሰረተ ቁምፊ ፍርግም
chart A graphical representation of data in a form, report, or data access page. ገበታ
chart area The entire chart and all its elements. የገበታ ቦታ
chart title A name of the chart. ርእሰ ገበታ
chart type A form of a chart, e.g. column, bar, pie, etc. ዓይነተ ገበታ
chart wizard A wizard to create chart in interactive mode. ገበታ አዋቂ
chat Verb. In programs used as NetMeeting. ተወያይ
check Verb. Refers to selecting a checkbox. አመልክት
check Verb. In the sense of verifying something. አረጋግጥ
check box A control that indicates whether an option is selected. A check mark appears in the box when the option is selected. አመልካች ሳጥን
check in A procedure for returning the file or object into Repository ( a central database of the most actual instances) in a multi-user asynchronous environment after the changes has been done by one user. መልስ
check mark A Windows interface element that appears in a check box. ትእምርተ ማመልከቻ
check names Microsoft Outlook. In email programs, names can be checked against the contents of an address book, if available. It will check whether there is such a contact, if the name or email address is spelled correctly etc. ስሞች አረጋግጥ
check out A procedure for extracting the file or object from the repository (a central database of the most actual instances) in a multi-user asynchronous environment. አውጣ
checkbox A UI control allowing user to change the state of an element in a GUI environment. የማመልከቻ ሳጥን
checked When something is checked, as opposed to unchecked, for example a command የተመረጠ
check-in In a source control system, the action of putting መመለስ
check-out In a source control system, copying the source file from the repository to one\'s own machine (drive), possibly for editing ማውጣት
checksum result of an operation on certain data that helps check if errors are involved. የማረጋገጫ ድምር
chevron Character:<< ትእምርተ መቀጠያ/ማሳጠሪያ
child menu Same as submenu ንኡስ ምናሌ
child object An object that resides in another object. A child object implies relation. For example, a file is a child object that resides in a folder, which is the parent object. ንኡስ ነገር
child process a computer process created by another process (the parent process). ንኡስ ሒደት
chip A miniaturized electronic circuit mass-produced on a tiny wafer of silicon ቺፕ
chip set The collection of chips that work together to perform a function, such as helping a microprocessor access memory or update a display. ቺፕ ስብስብ
choose To select and execute a command or option. ምረጥ
choose font A command or label that guide us to choose a font from available font list in the system. ቅርፀ ቁምፊ ምረጥ
choose style A command or label that guide us to choose a style from available styles in the document. Commonly found in Word processors ቅጥ ምረጥ
chord In desktop publishing and presentation graphics, a straight line that connects the end points of an arc. ሲባጎ
cipher text In cryptography, a message that has been encrypted so that it can be read only by the intended recipient, who processes the key needed to decode the message. ምስጢራዊፅሁፍ
circle Noun ክብ
circuit board A flat plastic board on which electrically conductive circuits are laminated. የሰርኪዩት ሰሌዳ
circular reference In a spreadsheet, an error condition caused by two or more formulas that refer to one another. ክባዊ አጣቃሽ
citation A reference to a specific legal case, statue, or other legal document. ዋቢ
City For example used in address details (Microsoft Outlook, Contacts) ከተማ
class The definition for a n object, including its name, its properties and methods, and any events that it has. When ;you create an instance of a class, you create a new object with all of the characteristics defined by that class. መደብ
classification Classification allows users to view information by using classifiers to organize information. ምደባ
clear1 Verb. To turn off an option by removing the X or check mark from a check box. አፅዳ
clear2 Verb. Delete ሰርዝ
clear Adj. transparent. ግልፅ
clear a checkbox Same as uncheck. ማመልከቻ ሳጥን አፅዳ
clear all Please check number and gender of what \"all\" is referring to , if needed for ;your language. 1. Verb. To turn off an option by removing the X or check mark from a check box. 2. Verb. Delete. 3. Verb. Transparent. ሁሉንም አፅዳ
clear history A command in browsers that allows to remove list of previously visited web pages in Internet Explorer. See history ኣሻራ አጥፋ
click Verb. To position the pointer over an object and them press and release a mouse button. ጠቅ አድርግ
click and type Feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to quickly insert text, graphics, tables, or other items in a blank area of a document. See the Help topic \"About Click and Type\". A specific reference appears, for example, in Word, Tools menu, submenu Options, Edit tab, \"Enable click and type\". ጠቅ አድርግና ጻፍ
click the right mouse button To position the pointer over an object and them press and release the right mouse button. የመዳፊትን ቀኝ አዝራር ጠቅ አድርግ
client On a local area network (LAN) or the Internet, a computer that accesses shared network resources provided by another computer. ተገልጋይ
client application In OLE, an application in which you can create a linked object or embed an object. የተገልጋይ ትግበራ
client request A service request from a client computer to a server computer or, for Network Load Balancing, a cluster of computers. Network Load Balancing forwards each client request to a specific host within the cluster according to the system administrator\'s load-balancing policy. የተገልጋይ ጥያቄ
client/server architecture A design model for applications running on a network, in which the bulk of the back-end processing such as performing a physical search of a database, takes place on a server. ተገልጋይ/አገልጋይ ንድፍ
client/server network A method of allocating resources in a LAN so computing power is distributed among the computers in a network. ተገልጋይ/አገልጋይ አውታረ መረብ
clip A single media file, including art, sound, animation, or movies. ቅንጥብ
clip art A single piece of ready-made art, often appearing as a bitmap or a combination of drawn shapes. ቅንጥብ ስዕል
clipboard Windows feature that allows the user to collect, store and reuse data. የቅንጥብ ሰሌዳ
clipper A compilor developed by Nantucket System, Inc, for the database software command language. ክሊፐር
clock 1. The electronic circuit in a computer that generates a steady stream of timing pulses--the digital signals that synchronize every operation. The system clock signal is precisely set by a quartz crystal, typically at a specific frequency between 1 and 50 megahertz. The clock rate of a computer is one of the prime determinants of its overall processing speed, and it can go as high as the other components of the computer allow. Also called system clock. 2. The battery-backed circuit that keeps track of the time and date in a computer--not the same as the system clock. ሰዓት
Clock tick A rate used within the system for scheduling and accounting. It consists of the number of intervals per second as defined by CLK_TCK that is used to express the value in type clock_t. CLK_TCK was previously known as the defined constant HZ. የሰዓት ርምጃ
clock/calendar board An adapter that includes a battery powered clock for tracking the time and date and is used in computers that lack facilities on their motherboard. የቀን/ሰዓት ቆጣሪ ሰሌዳ
clone A functioned copy of a hardware device, such as a personal computer that runs the software and uses all the peripherals. መሰል
close Verb. To end an application\'s open file so that the application will no longer be able to access the file without opening it again. ዝጋ
close all Please check number and gender of what \"all\" is referring to , if needed for your language. ሁሉን ዝጋ
close button In the graphical user interface for Windows 9x, Windows NT, and the X Window System, a square button in the right corner (left corner in X Windows) of a window\'s title bar with an X mark on it. Clicking on the button closes the window. Also called X button. መዝጊያ አዝራር
close find Close the Find Dialog Box መፈለጊያ ዝጋ
closing To close the window where a search was performed መዝጋት
cluster A cluster includes two or more sectors. እጅብታ
coaxial cable In a local area network (LAN), a high- bandwidth connecting cable in which an insulated wire runs through the middle of the cable. ኮኦክሲል ሽቦ
code Usually instructions written in a programming language. Could also refer to a system of symbols used to convert information from one form to another. A code for converting information in order to conceal it is often called a cipher. ኮድ
code page A table that relates the binary character codes used by a program to keys on the keyboard or to the appearance of characters on the display. Code pages are a means of providing support for the languages used in different countries. የኮድ ሰንጠረዥ
codec In a multimedia, a program that compresses audio, video or graphics files for efficient storage or transmission, and decomposes them for playback purposes. It is an abbreviation of compression/decompression. ኮዴክ
coded character set A set of unambiguous rules that establishes a character set and the one-to-one relationship between each character of the set and its corresponding bit representation. ASCII is a coded character set. ኮዳዊ የቁምፊ ስብስብ
cold boot Starting a computer by turning on the system\'s power switch. ሳይሞቅ ተነሽ
collaboration Concept. When several people in a workgroup cooperate on a project. ትብብር
collapse Especially about Outline view in Microsoft Word. To hide from view the subsections (or subdirectories). Opposite of expand. ሰብስብ
collate Verb. In data handling, to merge items from two or more similar sets to create a combined set that maintains the order or sequence of items in the original sets. Similar to \"to sort\", e.g. when printing a document several times, the printouts are sorted if the user clicks \"collate\" ሰድር
collate copies Your printer can sort multiple copy jobs. For example, if you print two copies of a three-page document and you choose not to collate them, the pages print in this order: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3. If you choose to collate, the pages print in this order: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. ቅጂዎችን ሰድር
collating elements The smallest entity used in collation to determine the logical ordering of strings (that is, the collation sequence). To accommodate native languages, a collating element consists of either a single character, or two or more characters collating as a single entity. The current value of the LANG environment variable determines the current set of collating elements. ተቀዳዳሚ አላባዎች
collation The logical ordering of strings in a predefined sequence according to rules established by precedence. These rules identify a collation sequence among the collating elements and also govern the ordering of strings consisting of multiple collating elements, to accommodate native languages. ስርዓተ ቅድምና
collection An object that contains a set of related objects. An object\'s position in the collection can change whenever a change occurs in the collection; therefore, the position of any specific object in the collection may vary. ክምችት
collision In a local area network (LAN), a garbled transmission that results when two or more workstations transmit to the same network cable at exactly the same time ግጭት
colon Character:: ሁለት ነጥብ
color That aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of the light reflected or emitted by them, definable in terms of the observer or of the light, as: The appearance of objects or light sources described in terms of the individual\'s perception of them, involving hue, lightness, and saturation for objects and hue, brightness, and saturation for light sources. The characteristics of light by which the individual is made aware of objects or light sources through the receptors of the eye, described in terms of dominant wavelength, luminance, and purity. ቀለም
Color Convergence Refers to how well the three (red, green, and blue) color guns intersect at each pixel. The better the guns converge, the more closely the red, green, and blue colors fall directly on top of each other, creating a sharper image. An analogy for poor convergence would be the printed colors of a comic strip page, which, when not converged, show a color \"shadow\" outside the lines of the drawing. ቀለም ጥሞራ (ጠሞረ ማለት ከአንድ በላይ የሆኑ ነገሮችን አንድ ላይ ፈተለ ወይም ሸረበ ማለት ነው)
color depth In monitors, the number of colors a video adapter display at one time. ብዛተ ቀለም
Color graphics adapter (CGA) A bit mapped graphics display adapter for IBM PC- compatible computers ቀለም ስዕል አስማሚ (ቀስአ)
color monitor Hardware. Monitor that can display colors ባለ ቀለም ማሳያ
color printer Hardware. Monitor that can display colors ከለር ማተሚያ
color profile A profile that contains the data needed for translating the values of a color gamut. This data includes information about color, hue, saturation, and brightness. የቀለምማህደር
color scheme Hardware. printer that can print color. ህብረ ቀለም
color space A set of three values that defines how a color can be represented on computer devices such as monitors, scanners, and printers. For example, in the LAB color space, the terms luminance or whiteness (L), redness-greenness (A), and yellowness-blueness (B) are used; in the HVC system, the terms are hue (H), value (V), and chroma (C). Color space refers to the three-dimensional space that is defined by the respective values, such as L, A, and B. የቀለም ህዋ
Color Temperature Defines the whiteness of the white on the screen. Variations are measured in degrees Kelvin. Natural colors used in life-like images, such as people or landscapes, look more true to life when displayed at a color temperature of 6500K. Black text on a white page is better represented by a color temperature of 9300K ልኬተ ቀለም
colors A set of eight balanced colors you can apply to slides, notes pages, ort audience handouts. A color scheme consists of a background color, a color for lines and text, and six other colors designed to make slides easy to read. ቀለማት
column Noun. A series of items arranged vertically within some type of framework, typically a table አምድ
column break A special symbol that breaks the column when inserted into the document, ending current column and starting next column. አምድ መለያ
column chart A type of a chart representing the values by columns. አምደ ገበታ
column heading The shaded area at the top of each Data pane column that contains the field name. የአምድ ርዕስ
column indicator In word processing programs, a message in the status bar that shows the number of horizontal spaces, or columns, the cursor has moved across the screen. አምድ አመልካች
column text chart In presentation graphics, a chart showing related items as side-by-side columns of text. የአምዳዊ ፅሁፍ ገበታ
column value የአምድ እሴት
column width width of a column on tables or spreadsheets የአምድ ወርድ
com On the Internet, a top-level domain name that is assigned to a corporation or business. ኮም
Com port serial port; the 15 pin port on a computer used for communication with other computers. የመገናኛ ወደብ
combination Noun from of \"combine\" ማዋሀድ
combine Verb. To merge two or more items. አዋህድ
combo box A standard Windows control that combines a text box and interdependent list box. Compare drop-down combo box. ጥምድ ሳጥን
comma Character:, ነጠላ ሰረዝ
comma delimited Delimited text file: A file containing data where individual field values are separated by a character, such as comma or a tab. በነጠላ ሰረዝ የተለየ
command instruction or key word to execute something. ትእዛዝ
command button A standard control used to initiate a command, set an option, function or runs an event procedure. Also sometimes called a push button. ማዘዥያ አዝራር
command interpreter A program which reads lines of text from standard input (typed at the keyboard or read from a file), and interprets them as requests to execute other programs. A command interpreter for HP-UX is called a shell. See sh(1) and related manual entries. ትእዛዝ ተርጓሚ
command key On Macintosh keyboards, a key marked with \"that\'s frequently used in combination with alphabetical keys to provide keyboard short cuts for menu options. ቁልፈ አቋራጭ
command line MS-DOS. The string of characters used to start on application. ማዘዥያ መስመር
command mode A modem mode in which it takes instructions from other parts of the computer (keyboard, etc). የትዕዛዝ ሁነታ
command prompt window A window displayed on the desktop used to interface with the MS-DOS operating system. MS-DOS commands are typed at an entry point identified by a blinking cursor. ትእዛዝ አቀባይ መስኮት
comment A note or annotation that an author or reviewer adds to a document. Microsoft Word displays the comment in a balloon in the margin of the document or in the Reviewing pane. አስተያየት
comment symbol In programming, to place a symbol (such as a semicolon) or a command at the beginning of a line that marks the line as documentation. የአስተያየት መስጫ ምልክት
common files Name of system drive folder. የጋራ ፋይሎች
common gateway interface (cgi) A standard that describes how HTTPD- compatible WWW servers should access external programs, so that this data is returned to the user in the form of an automatically generated web page. የጋራ አጋፋሪ በይነ ገፅ (ጋበገ)
communications mode A modem mode in which everything sent to the modem, such as text from the keyboard, is put onto the telephone line. የግንኙነት ሁነታ
communications parameter In telecommunications and serial printing, the settings (parameters) that customize serial communications for the hardware you are contacting. የግንኙነት ግቤት
communications protocol The standards that govern the transfer of information among computers on a network or using telecommunications. The computer involved in a communication must have the same setting and follow the same standards to avoid errors. የግንኙነት ፕሮቶኮል
comp In desktop publishing (DTP), a complete make-up of a page layout design, showing what the final printed page will look like. ቅድመ ህትመት እይታ
company synonym for commercial enterprise. Used in address information. ኩባንያ
compare To examine two or more items in order to discover the differences, e.g. to compare two versions of a document to discover the differences. አወዳድር
comparison The act of comparing or the process of being compared ማወዳደር
compatible The ability of one device or program to work with another device or program. The term compatible implies different ተኳኋኝ
compile To create a binary program code from a source code. Synonymous with \"build, generate, create\". አቀናብር
compiler A program that reads the statements written in a human-readable programming language, such as Pascal or Modula-2 and translate the statements into a machine-readable executable program. አቀናባሪ
complete Verb. Often in the sense of completion of a task. አጠናቅ
complete Adjective የተጠናቀቀ
complex Not simple, composed of several components. ውስብስብ
component As in installing Office components on your computer. ምንዝር
compose To create an object, such as an email message. ፅሁፍ አዘጋጅ
compose sequence A series of keystrokes that lets you enter a character not found on the computer\'s keyboard. ቅደም ተከተል አቀናጅ
Composite graphic symbol A graphic symbol consisting of a combination of two or more other graphic symbols in a single character position, such as a diacritical mark and a basic letter. አናባቢ ውሁድ ንድፋዊ ምልክት
compound device In multimedia, a device such as a Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) sequences, that reproduces sound or other output that you recorded in a specific media file. ውሁድ መሳሪያ
compress To decrease the size of the file with special software compression tools. አምቅ
compressed file A file converted by a file compression utility to a special format that minimizes the disk storage space required. እምቅ ፋይል
compression A means of reducing the amount of space or bandwidth needed to store or transmit data ማመቅ
computation The successful execution of an algorithm, which can be a textual search or sort, as well as a calculation. ስሌት
Computer A device that receives, processes, and presents information. The two basic types of computers are analog and digital. Although generally not regarded as such, the most prevalent computer is the simple mechanical analog computer, in which gears, levers, ratchets, and pawls perform mathematical operations—for example, the speedometer and the watt-hour meter (used to measure accumulated electrical usage). The general public has become much more aware of the digital computer with the rapid proliferation of the hand-held calculator and a large variety of intelligent devices and especially with exposure to the Internet and the World Wide Web. ኮምፒውተር
computer assisted instruction (cai) The use of programs to perform instructional tasks, such as drill and practice, tutorials, and tests. ኮምፒውተር አገዝ መመሪያ (ኮአመ)
Computer based system Complex systems in which computers play a major role. While complex physical systems and sophisticated software systems can help people to lead healthier and more enjoyable lives, reliance on these systems can also result in loss of money, time, and life when these systems fail. Much of the complexity of these systems is due to integration of information technology into physical and human activities. Such integration dramatically increases the interdependencies among components, people, and processes, and generates complex dynamics not taken into account in systems of previous generations. Engineers with detailed understanding both of the application domain and computer electronics, software, human factors, and communication are needed to provide a holistic approach to system development so that disasters do not occur. ኮምፒውተራዊ ሥርዓት
computer dependency A psychological disorder characterized by compulsive and prolonged computer usage. ኮምፒውተር ሱስ
computer system A complete computer installation-including peripherals, such as hard disk and floppy disk drives, monitor, mouse, operating system, software and printer-in which all the components are designed to work with each other. የኮምፒውተር ስርአት
concatenation To link together two or more units of information, such as strings or files, so that they form one unit. In spreadsheet programs, concatenation is used to combine text in a formula by placing an ampersand between the formula and text. አቀጣጥል
concordance file A file containing the words you want a word processing program to include in the index the program constructs. ቃላት ጠቋሚ ፋይል
condense to decrease the spacing between the characters. አጠጋጋ
condition The state of an expression or a variable (for example, when a result can be either true or false, or equal or not equal). ሁኔታ
conditional Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an action or operation that takes place based on whether or not a certain condition is true. ሁኔታዊ
confidentiality In electronic mail, the protection of message from being read or interpreted by persons other than intended recipient ምስጢራዊነት
configuration The user\'s choices of settings and setup of the software and hardware on the PC. ውቅረት
configure The action of setting up hardware and software of a data processing system. ውቀር
confirm 1. To make certain, verify, put beyond doubt the changes a user requested. 2. To acknowledge an action or the value of some data (e.g. password) by definite assurance. አረጋግጥ
confirmation An act or result of confirming. ማረጋገጥ
confirmation ID Identification of a confirmation message ማረጋገጫ መታወቂያ
confirmation message An on-screen message asking you to confirm a potentially destructive action, such as closing a window without saving your work ማረጋገጫ ጥያቄ
conflict Can occur if data has changed in the same record of two replica set members. When a conflict occurs, a winning change is selected and applied in all replicas, and the losing change is recorded as a conflict at all replicas. ግጭት
Connect Make a connection between two things, for example to connect a PC to a network e.g. the internet አያይዝ
Connect to Item on Start menu in Windows. Opens Network Connections applet that allows you to connect to other computer via a network or via dial-up ተያያዝ
Connect to a server See \"connect\" and \"server\" ከአገልጋይ ጋር አያይዝ
Connection A physical link via wire, radio, fiber-optic cable, or other medium between two or more communications devices. ተያያዥነት
connection speed The data transmission rate at which a modem, after performing a handshaking sequence with another modem and determining the amount of line noise, establishes a connection. ፍጥነተ ግንኙነት
connection string A string expression used to open an external database. ተያያዥ ሀረግ
connectionless protocol In a WANs, a standard that enables the transmission of data from one computer to another even though no effort is made to determine whether the receiving computer is on-line or able to receive the information. አገናኝ የለሽ ፕሮቶኮል
connection-oriented protocol A standard that established a procedure by which two of the computers on the network can establish a physical connection that lasts until they have successful exchanged data. ግንኙነት ተኮር ፕሮቶኮል
connector A graphic object of illustration, chart of drawing, helping to see the relationship between two graphic objects, usually a line or curve. አያያዥ
console A terminal, consisting of a monitor and keyboard. ኮንሶል
constant A value that is not calculated, and therefore does not change. For example, the number \"210\", and the text \"Quarterly Earnings\" are constants. An expression, or a value resulting from an expression, is not a constant. ቋሚ
contact Person, inside or outside of your organization, about whom you can save several types of information, such as street and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and Web page URLs. ዕውቅያ
contact head In a hard disk, a read/write head that skates on the surface of a platter instead of flying over it. Contact heads offer resistance to head crashes and improved a real density. የሸክላ መርፌ
Contact Us A command/link to initiate sending a mail to a company/website መገኛችን
content class A Web Storage System content class defines the intent or purpose of an item along with the names of properties that are intended for items in this class የይዘት መደብ
content developers People/companies who develop content for Web pages ይዘት አዘጋጆች
contents What something contains, as in \"Table of Contents\" ይዘቶች
context A reading order and alignment setting that is commonly used in controls that display text. When you select the Context setting, the reading order is determined by the first strong character (not a numeral or special character) that you type. አገባበ ነገር
context switching Changing from one program to another without exiting either program. ሁኔታ ልወጣ
context-sensitive Specific to the conditions in which something exists or occurs. አገባበ ነገር ትብ
context-sensitive help Information about an object and its current condition. It answers the questions \"what is this\" and \"why would I wan to use it?\" አገባበ ነገር ትብ እገዛ
Continue To proceed, to move on. ቀጥል
continuous Unbroken, uninterrupted. ቀጣይ
continuous paper Paper manufactured in one long strip, with perforations separating the pages, so you can feed the paper into a printer with a tractor-feed mechanism ቅጥልጥል ወረቀት
continuous-tone image Printer output in which colors and shaded of gray blend smoothly together, as they would in a chemically printed photograph ወጥ ቀለም ምስል
continuous-tone printer A printer that can generate photo realistic output, with smooth gradations between colors or shades of gray. ወጥ ቀለም አታሚ
contrast A metric of difference in color or brightness of the image. ንፅፅር
control A graphical user interface object, such as a text box, check box, scroll bar, or command button, that lets users control the program. You use controls to display data or choices, perform and action, or make the user interface easier to read. መቆጣጠሪያ
control character A character other than a graphic character that affects the recording, processing, transmission, or interpretation of text. In the ASCII character set, control characters are those in the range 0 through 31, and 127. Control characters can be generated by holding down the control key (which may be labeled CTRL, CONTROL, or CNTL depending on your terminal), and pressing a character key (as you would use SHIFT). These two-key sequences are often written as, for example, Control-D, Ctrl-D, or ^D, where ^ stands for the control key. መቆጣጣሪያ ቁምፊ
control code A special code that is entered by a user to carry out a particular function, such as the moving or deleting of text in a word-processing program. የመቆጣጣሪያ ኮድ
control menu A menu containing controls. የመቆጣጠሪያ ምንአሌ
Control Panel A specific part of windows, a utility that allows the user to control aspects of the operation system or hardware, such as system time and date, keyboard characteristics, and networking parameters. የመቆጣጠሪያ ፓነል
control unit A component of CPU that obtains program instructions and emits signals to carry them out. መቆጣጣሪያ አሀድ
controlling process The session leader that establishes the connection to the controlling terminal. Should the terminal subsequently cease to be a controlling terminal for this session, the session leader ceases to be the controlling process. የመቆጣጠሪያ ሂደት
controlling terminal A terminal that is associated with a session. Each session can have at most one controlling terminal associated with it and a controlling terminal is associated with exactly one session. Certain input sequences from the controlling terminal cause signals to be sent to all processes in the foreground process group associated with the controlling terminal. መቆጣጠሪያ መናኸሪያ
Controls In a graphical user interface, objects on the screen that can be manipulated by the user to perform an action. The most common controls are buttons, which allow the user to select options, and scroll bars, which allow the user to move through a document or position text in a window. መቆጣጠሪያዎች
convention Any standard that is used more or less universally in a given situation. Many conventions are applied to microcomputers. In programming, for example, a language such as C relies on formally accepted symbols and abbreviations that must be used in programs. Less formally, programmers usually adopt the convention of indenting subordinate instructions in a routine so that the structure of the program is more easily visualized. National and international committees often discuss and arbitrate conventions for programming languages, data structures, communication standards, and device characteristics. ተለምዶ
conventional Conservative or according to convention. በተለምዶ
conversion The process of changing from one form or format to another; where information is concerned, a changeover that affects form but not substance. ልወጣ
conversion A table listing a set of characters or numbers and their equivalents in another coding scheme. Common examples of conversion tables include ASCII tables, which list characters and their ASCII values, and decimal-to-hexadecimal tables. ልወጣ
conversion table A table listing a set of characters or numbers and their equivalents in another coding scheme. Common examples of conversion tables include ASCII tables, which list characters and their ASCII values, and decimal-to-hexadecimal tables. የልወጣ ሰንጠረዥ
convert To change from one form or function to another. ለውጥ (ው ይጠብቃል)
converter Any device that changes electrical signals or computer data from one form to another. For example, an analog-to-digital converter translates analog signals to digital signals. ለዋጭ
cookie Internet cookie. Small file that is copied to your computer when you visit a Web page with a browser. See \"cookie\" in Internet Explorer Help for more details. ኩኪ
coordinate Any of a set of two or more numbers used to determine the position of a point, line, curve, or plane in a space of a given dimension with respect to a system of lines or other fixed references. መጋጠሚያ
coprocessor A processor, distinct from the main microprocessor, that performs additional functions or assists the main microprocessor. The most common type of coprocessor is the floating-point coprocessor, also called a numeric or math coprocessor, which is designed to perform numeric calculations faster and better than the general-purpose microprocessors used in personal computers. አጋር አቀናባሪ
copy Verb , mostly a verb though ቅዳ
Copy noun ቅጂ
copy fitting In desktop publishing (DTP), a method used to determine the amount of copy (text), in a specified font, that can fit into a given area on a page or in a publication. ቅጂ መጣኝ
copy protection Hidden instructions included in a program intended to prevent you from making unauthorized copies of software. ቅጂ ከልካይ
Copyright Noun. A method of protecting the rights of an originator of a creative work, such as a text, a piece of music, a painting, or a computer program, through law. In many countries the originator of a work has copyright in the work as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium (such as a piece of paper or a disk file); Registration of a copyright, or the use of a copyright symbol, is not needed to create the copyright but does strengthen the originator\'s legal powers. Unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted material can lead to severe penalties, whether done for profit or not. Copyrights affect the computer community in three ways: the copyright protection of software, the copyright status of material (such as song lyrics) distributed over a network such as the Internet, and the copyright status of original material distributed over a network (such as a newsgroup post). The latter two involve electronic media that are arguably not tangible, and legislation protecting the information disseminated through electronic media is still evolving. የቅጂ መብት
copyright notice See \"copyright\" የቅጂ መብት ማስታወቂያ
copyright symbol Character: © የቅጂ መብት ምልክት
core One of the types of memory built into computers before random access memory (RAM) was available or affordable. Some people still use the term to refer to the main memory of any computer system, as in the phrase core dump — a listing of the raw contents of main memory at the moment of a system crash. Compare RAM. ኮር
Corner Usual meaning. Usually a corner of a control. ማእዘን
corona wire In laser printers a wire that applies electrostatic charge to paper የኮሮና ሽቦ
Corporate Of a (large) corporation. የኮርፖሬሽን
Correction The act or process of correcting; Something offered or substituted for a mistake or fault እርማት
corrupt Adj. Synonym of \"damaged\". Mostly used about files are data \"e.g. corrupt data\". ብልሹ
corrupt data Damaged data ብልሹ ውሂብ
count Verb ቁጠር
count Noun ቈጠራ
counter A program used on a Web page to count the number of people who have visited that site. ቈጣሪ
country code A two-character sequence in an Internet domain name address that indicates the country in which a host is located. The major geographic domain is the last part of the of the domain name address, following the sub domain and domain codes; for example, indicates a host at the University of Illinois in the United States, whereas indicates a host at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The code .us, which indicates a domain in the United States, is usually omitted. Also called major geographic domain. የሀገር ኮድ
Country/Region Name of a country or region respectively. As not all countries are officially recognized by all other countries, please always use \"Country/Region\" also for your language and never only \"country\" on its own so neither governments nor people feel offended. ሀገር/ክልል
Courier A mono space typeface, commonly included a built-in font in laser printers, that simulates the output of office typewriter. ኩሪየር
cover page E.g. for faxes or CVs የሽፋን ገጽ
CPU (central processing unit) The computational and control unit of a computer, processor. ሲፒዩ (ሴንትራል ፕሮሰሲንግ ዩኒት)
cracker A computer hobbyist who gets kicks from gaining unauthorized access to computer systems ሾላካ
crash When a program error causes the PC to stop functioning and reboot is necessary ተሰናከለ
crash consistency A feature of shadow copy backups that ensures all files are backed up, regardless of their state. የስንክል መጠባበቂያ
Create To bring an object into existence by allocating the necessary storage space and giving values to its attributes. ፍጠር
Create New To create something - depending on the specific context - new. Please watch for gender and number of what \"new\" is referring to, if needed for your language. አዲስ ፍጠር
Create Shortcut Also see \"Shortcut\": A link to any item accessible on your computer or on a network, such as a program, file, folder, disk drive, Web page, printer, or another computer. You can put shortcuts in various areas, such as on the desktop, on the Start menu, or in specific folders. አቋራጭ ፍጠር
creator 1. A user which created an item. 2. In COM+, the process which created a library application. 3. On the Apple Macintosh, the program that creates a file. Files are linked to their creators by creator codes; this link enables the operating system to open the creator application when a document file is opened. ፈጣሪ
credit card A card issued by an organization authorizing a named person to draw on its account or to make purchases on credit. የዱቤ ካርድ
criteria Conditions you specify to limit which records are included in the result set of a query or filter. For example, the following criterion selects records for which the value for the Order Amount field is greater than 30,000. መሳፍርት
criterion Singular of criteria, see criteria. መስፈርት
critical error An error that suspends processing until the condition can be corrected either by software or by user intervention (for example, an attempt to read to a nonexistent disk, an out-of-paper condition on the printer, or a checksum fault in a data message). ከባድ እንከን
crop To trim vertical or horizontal edges of an object. Pictures are often cropped to focus attention on a particular area. ከርክም
crop mark Mark that appears on some apps when you are cropping graphics. ክርክም አመልካች
cross Pointer shape in certain situations, for example in the Windows applet Paint. መስቀለኛ ጠቋሚ
cross platform fonts Fonts that can be used on several platforms (Windows, Apple, etc) መደብ አለፍ ቅርፀ ቁምፊዎች
cross-reference Microsoft Word. Feature that allows you to insert references to other places in a document. ማጣቀሻ
crosstab query Microsoft Excel. A query that calculates a sum, average, count, or other type of total on records, and then groups the result by two types of information ? one down the left side of the datasheet and the other across the top. ጥቅል ውጤት
cryptographic service provider (CSP) The code that performs authentication, encoding, and encryption services that Windows-based applications access through the CryptoAPI. A CSP is responsible for creating keys, destroying them, and using them to perform a variety of cryptographic operations. Each CSP provides a different implementation of the CryptoAPI. Some provide stronger cryptographic algorithms, while others contain hardware components, such as smart cards. የመረጃ አሰዋወር አገልግሎት አቅራቢ (መአአ)
Cryptography The processes, art, and science of keeping messages and data secure. Cryptography is used to enable and ensure confidentiality, data integrity, authentication (entity and data origin), and nonrepudiation. ስነ መሰውር
CSS A cascading style sheet is a document containing style information that can be referenced by multiple web pages. Styles define appearance and formatting of content on web pages and allow authors more control over how content is displayed in browsers. ሲኤስኤስ
CTRL key On the keyboard. መቆጣጠሪያ ቁልፍ
cube An OLAP data structure. A cube contains dimensions, like Country/Region/City, and data fields, like Sales Amount. Dimensions organize types of data into hierarchies with levels of detail, and data fields measure quantities. ኩብ
curly quotes Character: “ (as opposed to straight quotes) (also called \"smart quotes\" or \"typographer\'s quotes\") ጥምዝ ትእምርተ ጥቅስ
Currency Something (as coins, treasury notes, and banknotes) that is in circulation as a medium of exchange. ምንዛሪ
currency symbol A symbol like $, €, or £. የምንዛሪ ምልክት
current Meaning \"what applies now\", e.g. current setting የአሁን
current date/time The date and time at the moment. የዛሬ ቀን/የአሁን ሰዓት
current directory The disk directory at the end of the active directory path--the directory that is searched first for a requested file, and the one in which a new file is stored unless another directory is specified. የአሁኑ ማውጫ
current folder The folder used at the moment. የአሁኑ አቃፊ
Current page Currently used page. የአሁን ገጽ
current record The record in a record set that you can modify or retrieve data from. There is only one current record in a record set, but a record set may have no current record, for example, after a record has been deleted from a dynaset-type record set. የአሁኑ ምዝግብ
Current View What is displayed on your screen currently የአሁን እይታ
Current working directory See working directory. የአሁን ጥምድ እፀ ማውጫ
cursor A generic term for the visible indication of where the user’s interaction will occur. See also insertion point and pointer. ጠቋሚ
cursor keys Same as \"arrow keys.\" ጠቋሚ ቁልፎች
curve A line especially when curved : as (1) : the path of a moving point (2) : a line defined by an equation so that the coordinates of its points are functions of a single independent variable or parameter. b : The graph of a variable. ጥምዝ
custom User-specific parameter or value, that can be changed by the user according to his particular needs. ብጁ
custom dictionary A list of words not in the standard dictionary that an author wants the spelling checker to accept as correct. ጭምር መዝገበ ቃላት
custom file type Typically, files with extensions that have been created for special kinds of files. Custom file types are not tracked by the system registry. ያልተለመደ የፋይል አይነት
custom group An item of a custom group field. A custom group contains two or more items from a row or column field. ብጁ ቡድን
custom group field A field in the row or column area that contains custom groups as its items. ብጁ ቡድን መስክ
custom installation User-specific installation settings, as oppose to pre-defined installation. ብጁ አጫጫን
custom setup See custom installation. ብጁ ውቅር
Custom show User-specific viewing option ርዕየ ስምም
customizable Prone to customization; users can set their own settings. የሚበጅ
Customize Means modifying something for your special needs, e.g. black background color of your desktop; Customize is a verb. አብጅ
cut Basic function in Windows Apps (CTRL-C). ቁረጥ
cut-and-paste A procedure in which the computer acts as an electronic combination of scissors and glue for reorganizing a document or for compiling a document from different sources. In cut and paste, the portion of a document to be moved is selected, removed to storage in memory or on disk, and then reinserted into the same or a different document. ቆርጠህ ለጥፍ
cut-sheet feeder A paper feed mechanism that feeds separate sheets of paper into a printer, where a friction-feed mechanism draws the paper from the printer ነጣጥሎ መጋቢ
cyan A color that is essential to the CMY color model and the CMYK color-mixing method. The CMY model starts with white and subtracts percentages of cyan, magenta, and yellow to create different colors. ደማቅ ውሃ ሰማያዊ
cyberphobia An exaggerated and irrational fear of computers. ፍርሃተ ኮምፒውተር
cyberspace The virtual space created by computer system. አለመ ኮምፒውተር
Cycle General: a number of events happening in a regularly repeated order or just a perfect round item (physically) ኡደት
cylinder Shape type ሲሊንደር