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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
n/a Abbreviation for \"not available\" or \"not applicable\" አይገኜ
name 1. A person\'s name 2. the identifier of a computer on the network. 3. A word or string of characters in Excel that represents a cell, range of cells, formula, or constant value. ስም
Name box Box at left end of the formula bar that identifies the selected cell, chart item, or drawing object. To name a cell or range, type the name in the Name box and press ENTER. To move to and select a named cell, click its name in the Name box. የስም ሳጥን
Named That has been given a name. ስይም
namespace A mechanism that uniquely qualifies element names and relationships so as to avoid name collisions on elements that have the same name but are coming from multiple sources. ምድብ የስም ቦታ
Nanosecond (ns) A unit of time equal to one billionth of a second. ናኖ ሰኮንድ
native language A computer user\'s spoken or written language, such as Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Katakana, Korean, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, etc. የተጠቃሚ ቋንቋ
Native Language Support (NLS) A feature of HP-UX that provides the user with internationalized software and the application programmer with tools to develop this software. የተጠቃሚ ቋንቋን አጋዥ
navigate Move around in a document, etc ዳስስ
Navigation Going around, from one location to another ዳሰሳ
Navigation Bar . ዳሳሽ አሞሌ
Navigation button In a Web browser, a tool on the on-screen toolbar that enables the user to display the previously accessed document (Back), return to the document being displayed when the Back button was clicked (Forward), or return to the current default home page (Home). የዳሰሳ አዝራር
Navigation Pane The Navigation Pane is a feature of FrontPage 2002, It allows users to view only pages that have already been added to the navigation structure in a Web project, የዳሰሳ መክስት
negative indent A decreased indent. Indent: 1. Displacement of the left or right edge of a block of text in relation to the margin or to other blocks of text. 2. Displacement of the beginning of the first line of a paragraph relative to the other lines in the paragraph. ቅንስ ህዳግ (ን ይጠብቃል)
Network A group of computers and associated devices that are connected by communications facilities. አውታረ መረብ
network administrator Person who administers the network የአውታረ መረብ አስተዳዳሪ
network administrator installation Installation by a network administrator የአውታረ መረብ አስተዳዳሪ ጭነት
network connection Access to network resources and functionality, whether you are physically at the network location or in a remote location የአውታረ መረብ ተያያዥነት
network drive On a local area network, a disk drive whose disk is available to other computers on the network. Access to a network drive might not be allowed to all users of the network; many operating systems contain security provisions that enable a network administrator to grant or deny access to part or all of a network drive. Also called networked drive. See also network directory. የአውታረ መረብ አንፃፊ
network location In a URL, a unique name that identifies an Internet server. A network location has two or more parts, separated by periods, as in Also called host name and Internet address. የአውታረ መረብ ጣቢያ
Network printer A printer made available to you through the network, as distinguished from local printer (a printed connected directly to the workstation you\'re using). የአውታረ መረብ አታሚ
newline character The character with an ASCII value of 10 (line feed) used to separate lines of characters. It is represented by \\n in the C language and in various utilities. The terminal driver normally interprets a carriage-return/line-feed sequence sent by a terminal as a single newline character (but see tty(7) for full details) የአዲስ መስመር ቁምፊ
news The Internet protocol for retrieving files from an Internet newsgroup. You can create news hyperlinks. ዜና
News Message News refers to newsgroups የዜና መልእክት
newsgroup Newsgroup: A collection of messages posted by individuals to a news server, a computer maintained by a company, group, or individual. Some newsgroups are monitored, but most are not, and messages can be posted and read by anyone with access to the group. ማህበረ ዜና
newsletter columns የበራሪ ጽሑፍ አምድ
Newspaper columns A page format in which two or more columns of text are printed vertically on the page so that the text flows down one column and continuous at the top of the next. የጋዜጣ አምዶች
Next Usually a button in dialogs that moves on to the next page or dialog ቀጥል
Next Page a command to display the next page of a document ቀጣይ ገፅ
Nickname A name used in the destination field of an e-mail editor in place of one or more complete network addresses. ቅፅል ስም
NLS See Native Language Support. ተቋአ (የተጠቃሚ ቋንቋን አጋዥ) - Native Language Support ይመልከቱ
No As opposed to \"Yes\". Used in dialogs and on buttons where you make a Yes/No choice. የለም
no wrap Means no line wrap አትገድብ
node An object on a network. አንጓ
node name A string of up to 31 characters, not including control characters or spaces, that uniquely identifies a node on a Local Area Network (LAN). The node name for each system is set by the npowerup command, which is one of the commands supplied with optional LAN/9000 products. Do not confuse a node name with a host name, which is a string that uniquely identifies an HP-UX system on a UUCP network. Your node and host names can be identical, but they are used and set by totally different software. See host name, LAN/9000 User\'s Guide, and LAN/9000 Node Manager\'s Guide. የአንጓ ስም
Noise In data communications, unwanted or random electrical signals on a communications channel unlike the signal that carries the information you want ጫጫታ
non-adjacent cells cells which don\'t have common endpoint or border. Cell: The intersection of a row and a column in a spreadsheet. Each row and column in a spreadsheet is unique, so each cell can be uniquely identified�for example, cell B17, at the intersection of column B and row 17. Each cell is displayed as a rectangular space that can hold text, a value, or a formula. አይዋሰኔ ህዋሳት
non-breaking hyphen Non-breaking hyphen: A hyphen that\'s used to prevent a hyphenated word, number, or phrase from breaking if it falls at the end of a line. For example, you can prevent 555-0123 from breaking; instead, the entire item moves to the beginning of the next line. አሳሪ ንኡስ ሰረዝ
non-breaking space Non-breaking space: A space that\'s used to prevent multiple words from breaking if they fall at the end of a line. For example, you can prevent M. Poirot from breaking; instead, the entire item moves to the beginning of the next line. አሳሪ ሆህት (ሆህት - በፊደል መካከል ያለ ክፍተት)
None Means \"no one\" or \"nothing\". A choice in dialogs, e.g. as opposed to \"All\". Please watch for number and gender of what \"none\" is referring to, if needed for your language ማንም
Non-impact printer A printer that forms a text or graphic image by spraying or fusing ink to the page. አይረግጤ አታሚ
nonprinting character A nonprinting character is used to control the format of our displayed or printed information, rather than to represent a particular letter, digit, or other special character. The space ( ) is one of the more important nonprinting characters. አይታተሜ ምልክት
non-proportional font A font where all characters are displayed using the same width is considered a non-proportional font. For example, on a screen that is 80 characters wide, each character has a width of 1/80th of the screen. A non-proportional font is better than a proportional font for some purposes, because the characters line up in nice, neat columns. አቻ ያልሆነ ቅርፀቁምፊ
Normal Ordinary, regular. Please watch for number and gender of what \"normal\" is referring to, if needed for your language የተለመደ
normal view A view that shows text formatting and a simplified page layout. Normal view is convenient for most editing and formatting tasks. የተለመደ እይታ
Note A brief comment or explanation ማስታወሻ
Note Flag የማስታወሻ ምልክት
Notebook computer A portable computers that typically weighs less than > pounds and measures about 8\" X 11\" X 1�\" inches, easily fitting inside a briefcase. የጭንኮምፒውተር
Notes either a written note from the user, or a system tip/hint for the user ማስታወሻዎች
Notify see definition of notification አሳውቅ
nudge To move an object one pixel at a time. አንፏቅ
Null value In an accounting or database management program, a blank field in which you\'ve never typed a value, as distinguished from a value of zero that you enter deliberately. እሴት አልቦ
NUM LOCK key On the keyboard. ቁጥር ቆላፊ
Number Noun. Indicates numeric values: 1,2,3, etc. ቁጥር
number sign Character: # የቁጥር ምልክት #
numbered list Enumerated list of items. ቁጥራዊ ዝርዝር
numeric keypad A separate set of keys on some keyboards that contain the numbers 0 through 9 and a decimal point arranged as on a calculator. Numeric keypads make it easier to enter large amounts of numeric data. ቁጥራዊ ቁልፈ ሰሌዳ
object A table, chart, graphic, equation, or other form of information. Objects created in one application, for example spreadsheets, and linked or embedded in another application are OLE objects. ነገር
Object code The machine- readable instructions created by a compiler or interpreter from source code. ኦብጀክት ኮድ
object library A file that contains definitions of objects and their methods and properties. The file that contains an object library typically has the extension .olb. ነገረ ቤተመፃህፍት
Object Type An opaque data structure that defines a protected entity that is implemented and manipulated by the operating system. ዓይነተ ነገር
OCR Translates images of text, such as scanned documents, into actual text characters. Also known as text recognition. ኦሲአር
Octal A numbering system that uses a base (radix) of eight. The eight octal digits are: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7. ስምንትዮሽ
OEM manufacturer Original Equipment Manufacturer የኦኢኤም አምራች
Off Inactive; turned off የጠፋ
office Business location/room a person works in. ኦፊስ
Office Assistant Help feature in Office showing an \"assistant\" that helps answering questions. (Help menu). የኦፊስ ረዳት
Office Clipboard Feature in Office allowing you to collect copied items (Edit menu). ኦፊስ ንጣይ ሰሌዳ
Office Document Documents created with or aimed at applications of the Microsoft Office Family/System. የኦፊስ ሰነድ
offline Opposite of online ከመስመር ውጭ
offset A distance from common reference point where data read or write operations should take place. ከመነሻ ርቀት
OK Text on button in most dialogs. ይሁን
OLAP A database technology that has been optimized for querying and reporting, instead of processing transactions. OLAP data is organized hierarchically and stored in cubes instead of tables. ኦላፕ
Old password Used when changing a password in many MS apps. To change your password, you are asked to supply the old password for security reasons. የቀድሞ ይለፍቃል
OLE Object Linking and Embedding. A technology for transferring and sharing information among applications. OLE lets an author invoke different editor components to create a compound document. ኦሌ
OLE DB A component database architecture that implements efficient network and internet access to many types of data sources, including relational data, mail files, flat files, and spreadsheets. ኦሌ ዲቢ
OLE object An object that supports the OLE protocol for object linking and embedding. An OLE object from an OLE server, for example, a Windows Paint picture or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, can be linked or embedded in a field, form, or report. ነገረ ኦሌ
OLE server An application or DLL that supplies a linked or embedded OLE object to another application. For example, if an OLE object in an Access database contains a Microsoft Excel worksheet, Excel is the OLE server. የኦሌ አገልጋይ
omit To leave out or leave unmentioned ተው
On Active, turned on የበራ
On the Phone Presence information also called the online status of an Instant Messaging contact in the Windows/MSN Messenger application. A contact�s status can be one of the following: Offline, Online, Busy, Be Right Back, Away, On The Phone, or Out To Lunch. ስልክ ላይ
Online Connected as opposed to offline መስመር ላይ
online service A business that provides its subscribers with a wide variety of data transmitted over telecommunications lines. Examples of online services are AOL and MSN. የቀጥታ አገልግሎት
Online Support Microsoft technical support on the Web የቀጥታ ድጋፍ
On-screen formatting In a word processing program, a formatting technique in which formatting commands directly affect the text that\'s visible on-screen. ታይታ ቀረፃ
Open Should refer to the following scenario: a program must first open a file before the file�s contents can be used, and it must close the file when done. ክፈት
open file description A record of how a process or a group of processes is accessing a file. Each file descriptor refers to exactly one open file description, but an open file description can be referred to by more than one file descriptor. The file offset, file status flags, and file access modes are attributes of an open file description. የፋይል አከፋፈት መግለጫ
operating system The most important program that runs on a computer. Every general-purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs. Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. For large systems, the operating system has even greater responsibilities and powers. It is like a traffic cop -- it makes sure that different programs and users running at the same time do not interfere with each other. The operating system is also responsible for security, ensuring that unauthorized users do not access the system. Operating systems can be classified as follows: multi-user : Allows two or more users to run programs at the same time. Some operating systems permit hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users. multiprocessing : Supports running a program on more than one CPU. multitasking : Allows more than one program to run concurrently. multithreading : Allows different parts of a single program to run concurrently. real time: Responds to input instantly. General-purpose operating systems, such as DOS and UNIX, are not real-time. Operating systems provide a software platform on top of which other programs, called application programs, can run. The application programs must be written to run on top of a particular operating system. Your choice of operating system, therefore, determines to a great extent the applications you can run. For PCs, the most popular operating systems are DOS, OS/2, and Windows, but others are available, such as Linux. As a user, you normally interact with the operating system through a set of commands. For example, the DOS operating system contains commands such as COPY and RENAME for copying files and changing the names of files, respectively. The commands are accepted and executed by a part of the operating system called the command processor or command line interpreter. Graphical user interfaces allow you to enter commands by pointing and clicking at objects that appear on the screen. ስርአተ ክወና
operation A generic term used to refer to the actions that can be done to or with an object. ክወና
operator A sign or symbol that specifies the type of calculation to perform within an expression. There are mathematical, comparison, logical, and reference operators. ትእምርተ ከዋኝ
Optical disk A large- capacity data storage medium for computers on which information is stored at extremely high density in the form of tiny pits. የጨረር ዲስክ
Optical mouse A mouse that does not require cleaning, as a mechanical mouse does, but must be used on a special mouse pad. የጨረር መዳፊት
optimize (1) In programming, to fine-tune a program so that it runs more quickly or takes up less space. ማትባት
Option A menu choice in many graphical user interface applications that allows the user to specify how the application will act each time it is used. አማራጭ
option button A control, also called radio button, that is typically used as part of an option group to present alternatives on a form, report, or data access page. The user cannot select more than one option. የአማራጭ አዝራር
option group A frame that can contain check boxes, toggle buttons, and option buttons on a form, report, or data access page. You use an option group to present alternatives from which the user can select a single option. የአማራጭ ቡድን
optional Not compulsory ግድ ያይደል
optional hyphen Optional hyphen, also called discretionary or soft hyphens, appear only when a word is broken between syllables at the end of a line; they are usually supplied by the word processing program itself. ግድ ያይደል ንኡስ ሰረዝ
ordinal number A number whose form indicates position in an ordered sequence of items, such as first, third, or twentieth. ስርቶሽ ቁጥር
organization chart Sometimes also referred to as org chart የድርጅት ገበታ
orientation The direction a publication will be printed on a sheet of paper. You can choose either portrait, which is the taller-than-wide orientation, or landscape, which is the wider-than-tall orientation. አቀማመጠ ገፅ
original That from which a copy, reproduction, etc. is made ኦሪጅናሌ
originate To initiate or to begin ማመንጨት
Other In the sense of someone or something else. Please watch for number and gender of what \"other\" is referring to, if needed for your language ሌላ
Other Places Heading for items in folder windows. Displays links to open other, useful folders. ሌሎች ቦታዎች
out of the office Away from your desk and not able to reply to e-mails. Outlook term. ከቢሮ ውጭ
Out to Lunch Presence information also called the online status of an Instant Messaging contact in the Windows/MSN Messenger application. A contact�s status can be one of the following: Offline, Online, Busy, Be Right Back, Away, On The Phone, or Out To Lunch. ወደ ምሳ
outbox Outlook, Outlook Express and mail messaging term የወጪ መልእክት ሳጥን
outgoing message Outlook, Outlook Express and mail messaging term ወጪ መልእክት
outline Worksheet data in which rows or columns of detail data are grouped so that you can create summary reports. The outline can summarize either an entire worksheet or a selected portion of it. ቢጋር
Outline font A printer font or screen font in which a mathematical formula, generate each character, producing a graceful and undistorted outline of the character, which the printer then fills in. የቢጋር ቅርፀቁምፊ
output The results of processing, whether sent to the screen or printer, stored on disk as a file, or sent to another computer in a network. ውፅአት
overlap To extend over or past and cover a part of ደራርብ
overlapping windows Windows that extend over or past and cover a part of other windows ተደራራቢ መስኮቶች
override To prevent something from happening in a program or in an operating system or to initiate another response. ማገድ
overstrike Character formatting option ወገብ ሰመራ
overtype Verb. To type over something በላዩ ተይብ
Overwrite erase what is already written and write something in place ተካ
owner When security is being used, the user account that has control over a database or database object. By default, the user account that created a database or database object is the owner. ባለቤት
ownership The state, relation, or fact of being an owner ባለቤትነት