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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
Hacker A slang term for a person who writes programs in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to computer systems Although it may refer to any programmer, it implies very tedious \"hacking away\" in an attempt to steal, disrupt or corrupt a computer system or network. ሰርጎ ገብ
handheld About equipment, e.g. handheld pc የእጅ (የጅ) ጭብጥ
handle A small, dark box on a frame that is moved to resize or rotate objects. እጀታ
Handler A driver, utility program, or subroutine that takes care of a task. አስከዋኝ
handout A printed version of a presentation that can include multiple slides per page and space for audience notes. የሚታደል ጽሑፍ
handwriting Image of handwritten text. የእጅ ፅሁፍ
Hang Up To disconnect the phone line. ዝጋ
hanging indent Type of indent in Microsoft Word, Format menu, Paragraph, Indents and Spacing. ገብ ሰቀላ (ብ ይጠብቃል)
hard disk A device, also called hard disk drive, that contains one or more inflexible platters coated with material in which data can be recorded magnetically with read/write heads. The hard disk exists in a sealed case that protects it and allows the head to fly 10 millionths to 25 millionths of an inch above the surface of a platter. Data can both be stored and accessed much more quickly than on a floppy disk. ዋና ዲስክ
hard disk space the data storage space available on a hard disk የዋና ዲስክ ቦታ
Hard hyphen In word processing, a special hyphen that acts as a regular character so that text cannot word wrap at this hyphen. Synonymous with non breaking hyphen. እዝ ቃል አቆራኝ (እዝ - ታዞ ተገዶ እንደማለት)
Hard page break A page break, inserted by the user, that remains in effect even after the user dates adds or deletes text above the break. እዝ ገጽ ከፋይ
Hard return A line break created by actually pressing the Enter key. እዝ መስመር መላሽ
hardcopy Printed output on paper, film, or other permanent medium. Compare soft copy ተጨባጭ እትም
head arm In a disk drive, a grid mechanical rod with a read/ write head flexibly connected at one end and attached to a single moving assembly on the other end. ዘንገ አንጻፊ
header Header and footer: A header, which can consist of text or graphics, appears at the top of every page in a section. A footer appears at the bottom of every page. Headers and footers often contain page numbers, chapter titles, dates, and author names. ራስጌ
heading A paragraph style that is displayed in a typeface larger than body text. The size of a heading is related to its level ርዕስ
heading style Heading style: Formatting applied to a heading. Microsoft Word has nine different built-in styles: Heading 1 through Heading 9. የርዕስ ቅጥ
heap The area of memory set aside for user programs. Synonymous with the base memory. ክምር
Height Length upward - the distance between somebody or something’s lowest point and highest point; highest point - the top or highest point of something ከፍታ
Help The capability of many programs and operating systems to display advice or instructions for using their features when so requested by the user, as by a screen button or menu item or a function key. The user can access help without interrupting work in progress or leafing through a manual. Some help facilities are context-sensitive, meaning that the user receives information specific to the task or command being attempted. Also called online help. እገዛ
Help and Support Item on Start menu in Windows. Opens a central location for help topics, tutorials, support, and troubleshooting. እገዛና ድጋፍ
help button Button in dialogs that displays Help to the user. የእገዛ አዝራር
Help File A file in the Help system የእገዛ ፋይል
help index The Help index in the Help system የእገዛ መረጃ ጠቋሚ
help topic A page in the Help system የእገዛ ርዕስ
Hertz (Hz) A unit of measurement of electrical vibrations, one hz is equal to one cycle per second. ኸርዝ(ኤችዜድ)
Hexadecimal A numbering system that uses a base (radix) of 16. አስራስድስትዮሽ
Hibernate Option in Shut Down Windows dialog. Saves your session to disk, so that you can safely turn off power. Your session is restored the next time you start Windows. አሸልብ
hidden Not visible, such as hidden text in a document or hidden files in a folder. ድብቅ
Hidden code The hidden text formatting codes embedded in a document by an on screen-formatting program. ስውር ኮድ
Hidden file In MS-DOS, a file with the hidden attribute set so that when users view a directory by using the DIR command, the filename is not displayed. You can\'t erase or copy hidden files. ስውር ፋይል
hidden text Hidden text: Character formatting that allows you to show or hide specified text. Microsoft Word indicates hidden text by underlining it with a dotted line. ድብቅ ጽሑፍ
Hide To temporarily remove the onscreen display of an application\'s active window while leaving the application running. Windows that have been hidden are returned to active display by issuing the appropriate command to the operating system. ደብቅ
Hide Detail See hide; see detail ዝርዝር ደብቅ
Hide Details plural form ዝርዝሮችን ደብቅ
hierarchical director A directory (or file system) structure in which each directory can contain other directories as well as files. ተዋረዳዊ ዕፀ ማውጫ
hierarchical selection Extending and restoring the range of selection. ተዋረዳዊ መረጣ
High Opposite of \"low\". Used in various contexts ከፍ
High density A floppy disk storage technique that uses extremely fine-grained magnetic particles. እምቅ
high priority Used in Outlook for messages. ከፍተኛ ቅድሚያ
high resolution About monitors ከፍተኛ ጥራት
highlight Feature in word processing to highlight text. ምረጥ
highlighted command Selected command. የተመረጠ ትዕዛዝ
highlighter Internet Explorer Web Accessory that lets you highlight text in a document just like you would in Microsoft Word. Select your text, then right-click and choose Highlight. This tool is very useful for reading long documents. አድማቂ
high-low lines In 2-D line charts in Microsoft Excel, lines that extend from the highest to the lowest value in each category. High-low lines are often used in stock charts. የከፍ ዝቅ መስመሮች
Hinting In digital typography, reducing the weight (thickness) of a typeface so that small sized fonts print without blurring or losing detail on 300-dots per inch (dpi) printers. ማሸንቀጥ
Hiragana The cursive script that is one of two sets of symbols of Japanese syllabic writing. The other one is Katakana. ሂራጋና
history A list of items arranged in a chronological order, such as a list of previously visited web pages in Internet Explorer. ታሪክ
hit Hits (visitors) on a Web page or in number of entries found in a database search. ምት
hold Verb. To continue pressing a keyboard key, mouse button, or pen tip at the same location. ያዝ
hold down a button To continue pressing a mouse button አዝራር ተጭነህ ያዝ
home 1. Type of address or phone number in Outlook contacts (as opposed to work address or phone number). 2 Used on Web page to go back to the starting page መነሻ
home 1. Type of address or phone number in Outlook contacts (as opposed to work address or phone number). 2 Used on Web page to go back to the starting page ቤት
home directory The directory name given by the value of the environment variable HOME. መኖሪያ ዕፀ ማውጫ (መኖሪያ ቤት፣ የመኖሪያ አድራሻ፣ ወዘተ. እንደሚባለው)
HOME key Key on the keyboard. መነሻ ቁልፍ
home page Main page of a Web site. Usually has hyperlinks to other pages, both within and outside the site. One Web site can contain many home pages. For example, the Microsoft home page contains a Products home page, which contains other home pages. መነሻ ገፅ
home phone A person\'s telephone number at home የቤት ስልክ
Homepage In www a web accessible document that is meant to be the point of entry to a series of related document, called a web. መነሻ ገጽ
horizontal As opposed to vertical. A horizontal line, surface, or position አግድመት
horizontal scroll A feature of programs such as word processors and spreadsheets that enables the user to scroll left and right to display information beyond the horizontal limits of the screen (or window, in a graphical user interface). የአግድመት ሸብላይ
horizontal scroll bar A horizontal bar at the bottom of a display area that can be used with a mouse for moving around in that area. አግድመት ሸብላይ አሞሌ
host A computer that offers services on a network. On the World Wide Web, a host is a computer that runs the Web server software that responds to HTTP protocol requests. Also called server. አስተናጋጅ
host name An ASCII string of at most 8 characters (of which only 6 are supported by all the various manufacturers\' UNIX-like operating systems) which uniquely identifies an HP-UX system on a uucp(1) network. The host name for your system can be viewed and/or set with the hostname(1) command. Systems without a defined host name are described as ``unknown\'\' on the uucp(1) network. Do not confuse a host name with a node name, which is a string that uniquely identifies an HP-UX system on a Local Area Network (LAN). Although your host and node names may be identical, they are set and used by totally different software. See node name. ስመ ካዳም (ካዳም - የሚያስተናግድ የሚያንከባክብ ሰው ማለት ነው)
hotkey Underlined letter on a menu for easy access with ALT key ማፍጠኛ ቁልፍ
hour format Format in which hours is displayed by the operating system (Control Panel, Regional and Language Options), such as 12 hours or 24 hours, inclusion of leading zeros (e.g. 09:30), separators (e.g. 09.30 or 09:30) etc. የሰአት አጻጻፍ
hourglass An icon displayed in the form of an hourglass that indicates that the program is performing a lengthy task. ትእምርተ ጥምደት
HTML HyperText Markup Language. An HTML document is a text document with formatting specifications that tells a software browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer) how to display the page or pages included in the document. ኤችቲኤምኤል
HTML file A file in HTML format. ኤችቲኤምኤል ፋይል
HTML tag See tag ኤችቲኤምኤል መለያ
HTTP Internet protocol that delivers information on the World Wide Web. Makes it possible for a user with a client program to enter a URL (or click a hyperlink) and retrieve text, graphics, sound, and other digital information from a Web server. ኤችቲቲፒ
Hue In the HSB color model, one of the three characteristics used to describe a color. Hue is the attribute that most readily distinguishes one color from other colors. It depends on the frequency of a light wave in the visible spectrum. ለይ ቀለም
hyperlink Colored and underlined text or a graphic that you click to go to a file, a location in a file, an HTML page on the World Wide Web, or an HTML page on an intranet. Hyperlinks can also go to newsgroups and to Gopher, Telnet, and FTP sites. On the World Wide ገፅ አገናኝ
hyperlink address The path to a destination such as an object, document, or Web page. A hyperlink address can be a URL (address to an Internet or intranet site) or a UNC network path (address to a file on a local area network). ገፅ አገናኝ አድራሻ
hyphen Character: - ቃል አቆራኝ
hyphenation Word feature automatically inserting hyphens to eliminate gaps in justified text or to maintain even line lengths in narrow columns. ቃል አቆራኝነት
I/O (input/output) The complementary tasks of gathering data for a computer or a program to work with, and of making the results of the computer’s activities available to the user or to other computer processes. Gathering data is usually done with input devices such as the keyboard and the mouse, while the output is usually made available to the user via the display and the printer. Other data resources, such as disk files and communications ports for the computer, can serve as either input or output devices. Acronym: I/O. ግባት/ውጣት (አይ/ኦ)
I-beam pointer An I shaped mouse pointer that appears when the pointer is moved over a screen area when you can edit text. ኣይ ቢም ጠቋሚ
ICM A program that runs on printers and computers to identify colors that most closely match on both systems. ICM give you a better idea of what the final colors in your publication will look like. አይሲኤም
icon A GUI element, a pictorial symbol representing a program or shortcut on Windows desktop. አዶ
ID Unique identifier of an object or person. መታወቂያ
identifier A field name used in an expression. For example, Order Amount is the identifier (field name) for a field that contains order amounts. You can use an expression (such as Price*Quantity) in place of an identifier. መለያ (ያ ይጠብቃል)
ignore To refuse to notice or pay attention to somebody or something; to refuse to pay attention to; disregard. ተው
Ignore All Command used when running a Spell check in Word, etc, to ignore words you don\'t want to change. ሁሉን ተወው
IIS Internet Information Services. Microsoft Web server software that uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol to deliver World Wide Web documents. IIS incorporates various functions for security, allows for CGI programs, and also provides for FTP servers. አይአይኤስ
illegal character A character that can\'t be used according to the syntax rules of command-driven programs and programming languages. ሕገወጥ ቁምፊ
IM-address የአይኤም አድራሻ
image 1. A stored description of a graphic picture, either as a set of brightness and color values of pixels or as a set of instructions for reproducing the picture. See also bit map, pixel map. 2. A duplicate, copy, or representation of all or part of a hard or floppy disk, a section of memory or hard drive, a file, a program, or data. For example, a RAM disk can hold an image of all or part of a disk in main memory; a virtual RAM program can create an image of some portion of the computer’s main memory on disk. ምስል
IME A program that enters East Asian text (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) into programs by converting keystrokes into complex East Asian characters. The IME is treated as an alternate type of keyboard layout. አይኤምኢ
impact printer A printer that generates output like typewriters, by actually stroking the page with something solid. ረግጦ አታሚ
import Process of reading a data copy stored in the format different from the native format of the application, for example to convert data from a text file, spreadsheet, or database table into an Access table. አስመጣ
Import Data Menu on Data menu in Excel, submenu \"Import external data\". Allows you to import data from databases and files. ውሂብ አስመጣ
Import from command to specify the source of data to be imported ከ...አስመጣ
Importance A flag you can set on a message in Outlook to indicate the importance of the mail. Also used in other contexts to indicate the priority of a document, mail, or other issue. ጠቃሚነት
Imported As captured from an external source የመጣ
In field see field በመስክ ውስጥ
inactive The state of an object where the user’s input is not being directed. ያልተመረጠ
inactive window A window that users are not currently interacting with. This window cannot receive keyboard input. Compare active window. ያልተመረጠ መስኮት
inbox Email folder where all incoming mails arrive. የገቢ መልእክት
incoming message Outlook, Outlook Express and mail messaging term ገቢ መልእክት
incompatible Not compatible: Compatibility is defined as follows: 1. The degree to which a computer, an attached device, a data file, or a program can work with or understand the same commands, formats, or language as another. True compatibility means that any operational differences are invisible to people and programs alike. 2. The extent to which two machines can work in harmony. Compatibility (or the lack thereof) between two machines indicates whether, and to what degree, the computers can communicate, share data, or run the same programs. For example, an Apple Macintosh and an IBM PC are generally incompatible because they cannot communicate freely or share data without the aid of hardware and/or software that functions as an inter­mediary or a converter. 3. The extent to which a piece of hardware conforms to an accepted standard (for example, IBM-compatible or Hayes-compatible). In this sense, compatibility means that the hardware ideally operates in all respects like the standard on which it is based. 4. In reference to software, harmony on a task-oriented level among computers and computer programs. Computers deemed software-compatible are those that can run programs originally designed for other makes or models. Software compatibility also refers to the extent to which programs can work together and share data. In another area, totally different programs, such as a word processor and a drawing program, are compatible with one another if each can incorporate images or files created using the other. All types of software compatibility become increasingly important as computer communications, networks, and program-to-program file transfers become near-essential aspects of microcomputer operation. ያልተጣጣመ
incorrect The opposite of correct. የተሳሳተ
Increase Indent Name of a toolbar button in Word and Outlook that allows you to increase the indentation of text in a document/email message. ገብ ጨምር
indent Blank space added to the left of text in addition to what the left margin provide. ገብ
index A feature that speeds up searching and sorting in a table based on key values and can enforce uniqueness on the rows in a table. The primary key of a table is automatically indexed. Some fields can\'t be indexed because of their data type. መረጃ ጠቋሚ
indicator A dial or light that displays information about the status of a device, such as a light connected to a disk drive that glows when the disk is being accessed. አመልካች
infection The presence of a virus within a computer system or on a disk. ብክለት
information data መረጃ
infrared Light that is beyond red in the color spectrum. While the light is not visible to the human eye, infrared transmitters and receivers can send and receive infrared signals, allowing infrared devices (A computer, or a computer peripheral such as a printer) to communicate. ታህተቀይ
initialization file Same as .INI file ማነሳሻ ፋይል
initialize Usually used about initializing programs አስነሳ
Initials First letters of the name መነሻዎች
ink Writing done with the hand. In software it refers to writing or drawing strokes made with a tablet pen or mouse. May only be visible in applications if you are using Tablet PC or using OneNote. በእጅ የተቀለመ
Ink Annotations Name of a toolbar in Office applications visible if Tablet PC is installed. You can use the Ink Annotations command to annotate the existing content of a document (similar to how you would mark up a document that\'s printed on paper). ማብራሪያ ቀለም
inkjet printer A non-impact printer that forms an image by spraying ink from a matrix of tiny jets. ኢንክጄት አታሚ
inline Inline object: A graphic or other object that is positioned directly in the text of a Microsoft Word document at the insertion point. መስመር ውስጥ
inline image A built-in graphic that is displayed by the browser as part of an HTML document and is retrieved along with it. መስመር ውስጥ ያለ ምስል
in-line image In a document prepared for world wide web (www), a graphic that has been placed so that it appears on the same line with text. መስመር ገብ ምስል
in-place buttons Buttons that appear directly in an Office document when you are typing. \"Smart Tags\" are an example of in-place buttons. ተለጣፊ አዝራሮች
input The complementary tasks of gathering data for a computer or a program to work with. Gathering data is usually done with input devices such as the keyboard and the mouse. ግቤት (ቤ ይጠብቃል)
input focus The area of a window where user interaction is possible from either the keyboard or the mouse. ዝግጁ ማስገቢያ
Insert In this mode, any data to the right of the cursor is moved to the right as you type. አስገባ
Insert Data As text says; insert the data into the document ውሂብ አስገባ
Insert File As text says; insert the content of a file in the document being edited ፋይል አስገባ
INSERT key Key on the keyboard. ማስገቢያ ቁልፍ
insert mode When you have pressed the Insert key on the keyboard አሰገቢ ሁነታ
insertion point The location where text or graphics will be inserted. ግባተ ነጥብ
install When referring to software, to add program files and folders to your hard disk and related data to your registry so that the software runs properly. Installing contrasts with upgrading, where existing program files, folders, and registry entries are updated to a more recent version. When referring to hardware, to physically connect the device to your computer, to load device drivers onto your computer, and to configure device properties and settings. ጫን
installation Adding program files and folders to your hard disk and related data to your registry so that the software will run properly. መጫን
installation disk Storage support (floppy disk/CD-ROM/DVD-ROM) which contains the setup files for a program/application. መጫኛ ዲስክ
Installation ID A unique reference character code for a product installation የመጫኛ መታወቂያ
installer Windows Installer is a component of the Windows operating system that simplifies the application installation process. Windows Installer manages the installation and removal of applications by applying a set of centrally defined setup rules during the installation process. These setup rules define the installation and configuration of the installed application. You can also use this service to modify, repair, or remove an existing application. The Windows Installer technology consists of the Windows Installer service for the Windows operating systems and the package (.msi) file format used to hold information regarding the application set up and installations. Windows Installer is also an extensible software management system. It manages the installation, addition, and deletion of software components, monitors file resiliency, and maintains basic disaster recovery with rollbacks. Windows Installer supports installing and running software from multiple sources, and can be customized by developers that want to install custom applications. ጫኚ
instance An object created from the class that contains its definition. For example, multiple instances of a form class share the same code and are loaded with the same controls that were used to design the form class. አብነት
instruction A basic command. The term instruction is often used to describe the most rudimentary programming commands. For example, a computer\'s instruction set is the list of all the basic commands in the computer\'s machine language. መምሪያ
instruction cycle The time it takes the central processing unit (CPU) to carry out one instruction and move on to the next. የትእዛዝ ዑደት
instruction set A list of keywords describing all the actions or operations that a central processing unit (CPU) can perform. የትእዛዝ ስብስብ
integer Mathematical concept used in programming. ኢንቲጀር
integrity Security / digital signature term, for example in contexts such as \"Cryptography is used to enable and ensure confidentiality, data integrity, authentication (entity and data origin), and nonrepudiation.\" ሙሉነት
interactive Accepting input from a human. Interactive computer systems are programs that allow users to enter data or commands. Most popular programs, such as word processors and spreadsheet applications, are interactive. በይነግንኙነት
interface The visual representation to the user በይነገጽ
Interleave factor A number that determines the order in which sectors on a mass storage medium are accessed. It can be optimized to make data acquisition more efficient. ማትሪያ ልክ
internal hard disk A hard disk designed to fit within a computer\'s case and use electricity from the computers power supply ውስጣዊ ዋና ዲስክ
internal modem Modem built in to the PC የውስጥ ሞደም
Internal Terminal Emulator (ITE) The ``device driver\'\' code contained in the HP-UX kernel that is associated with the computer\'s built-in keyboard and display or with a particular keyboard and display connected to the computer, depending on the Series and Model of system processor. See system console and the System Administrator manuals supplied with your system for details. ውስጣዊ መነሀሪያ አመሳሳይ (ውመአ)
International characters Office UA term. Refers to how characters in languages other than English are handled, for example extended characters. አለምአቀፋዊ ቁምፊ
Internationalization The concept of providing software with the ability to support the native language, local customs, and coded character set of the user. ዓለማቀፋዊነት
Internet A worldwide network of thousands of smaller computer networks and millions of commercial, educational, government, and personal computers. The Internet is like an electronic city with virtual libraries, stores, art galleries, and so on. በይነመረብ
Internet access provider Same as ISP የበይነመረብ አገልግሎት አቅራቢ
Internet account An account with an ISP that allows you to access the Internet. የበይነመረብ መገልገያ ፈቃድ
Internet Call Internet calling is a technology which allows you to make domestic and international calls from a sound-enabled PC to any telephone in the world. የበይነመረብ ስልክ
Internet Explorer A Web browser - software that interprets HTML files, formats them into Web pages, and displays them to the user. ኢንተርኔት ኤክስፕሎረር
Internet service provider ISP: A business that provides access to the Internet for such things as electronic mail, chat rooms, or use of the World Wide Web. Some ISPs are multinational, offering access in many locations, while others are limited to a specific region. የበይነመረብ አገልግሎት አቅራቢ
Internet site See Web site አውደ በይነመረብ
interrupt A request for attention from the processor. When the processor receives an interrupt, it suspends its current operations, saves the status of its work, and transfers control to a special routine known as an interrupt handler, which contains the instructions for dealing with the particular situation that caused the interrupt. አስተጎጉል
Interrupt signal The signal sent by SIGINT (see signal(2)). This signal generally terminates whatever program you are running. The key which sends this signal can be redefined with ioctl(2) or stty(1) (see termio(7)). It is often the ASCII DEL (rubout) character (the DEL key) or the BREAK key. Ctrl-C is often used instead. ማስታጎያ ምልክት
intranet A network within an organization that uses Internet technologies (such as the HTTP or FTP protocol). By using hyperlinks, you can explore objects, documents, pages, and other destinations on the intranet. ውስጠ መረብ
invalid Erroneous or unrecognizable because of a flaw in reasoning or an error in input. Invalid results, for example, might occur if the logic in a program is faulty. የተሳሳተ
invert 1) To reverse something or change it to its opposite. For example, to invert the colors on a monochrome display means to change light to dark and dark to light. 2) In a digital electrical signal, to replace a high level by a low level and vice versa. This type of operation is the electronic equivalent of a Boolean NOT operation. ገልብጥ
invisible Not displayed. You can use invisible controls to perform operations in the background, such as firing events at timed intervals. ስውር
IP Internet Protocol. Internet software that divides data into packets for transmission over the Internet. Computers must run IP to communicate across the Internet. More rarely in Microsoft product, may also be an abbreviation of \"Intellectual Property\". አይፒ
IP address A 32 bit identification of a network component such as a computer or a switch or a router. It has two parts – network ID and host ID. የአይፒ አድራሻ
ISP Abbreviation for Internet Service Provider. See Internet Service Provider በመአ (የበይነመረብ አገልግሎት አቅራቢ) - Internet Service Provider ይመልከቱ
Italic A type of printed letters that lean to the right, often used to emphasize particular words ሰያፍ ጽሁፍ
Item thing; object; article ዓይነት
iteration A single pass through a group of instructions. Most programs contain loops of instructions that are executed over and over again. The computer iterates through the loop, which means that it repeatedly executes the loop. ምልልሶሽ