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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
Radar Type of chart in Microsoft Excel ራዳር
radio button A GUI control type that provides a pre-defined list of choices, allowing selection of only one of the values. የሬዲዮ አዝራር
range Two or more cells on a sheet. The cells in a range can be adjacent or nonadjacent. ከ...እስከ
Range name In spreadsheet program, a title we assign to a range of cells. ከ...እስከ ስም
RAS The raster graphics file format developed by Sun Microsystems. FrontPage can import RAS files. ራስ
Raster On a monitor or television screen, the horizontal pattern of lines that forms the image. ራስተር
rate Noun. Speed, e.g., baud rate ፍጥነት
raw disk The name given to a disk for which there exists a character special file that allows direct transmission between the disk and the user\'s read or write buffer. A single read or write call results in exactly one I/O call. ጥሬ ዲስክ
Read To retrieve data or program instructions from a device such as a hard or floppy disk and place the data into the computer\'s random-access memory (RAM). አንብብ
Read only Capable of being retrieved (read) but not changed (written). A read-only file or document can be displayed or printed but not altered in any way; read-only memory (ROM) holds programs that cannot be changed; a read-only storage medium, such as CD-ROM, can be played back but cannot be used for recording information. Compare read/write. ተነባቢ ብቻ
readability About how easy or difficult something is to read. ተነባቢነት
Reading Pane Preview pane in Outlook using a paper-like design that is displayed at the side of the application. Reduces scrolling and greatly improves the reading experience. ማንበቢያ ሉህ (ሉህ - ዝርግ ነገር)
README file Noun. A file containing information that the user either needs or will find informative and that might not have been included in the documentation. README files are placed on disk in plain-text form (without extraneous or program-specific characters) so that they can be read easily by a variety of word processing programs. አንብበኝ ፋይል
read-only A setting that allows a file to be read or copied, but not changed or saved. If you change a read-only file, you can save your changes only if you give the document a new name. ንባብ ብቻ
read-only file system A characteristic of a file system that prevents file system modifications. ተነባቢ ብቻ ሥርዓተ ፋይል
read-write Adjective. Abbreviated R/W. Able to be both read from and written to. Compare read-only. አንብብ-ፃፍ
rearrange To start the process again of putting something into a proper order or into a correct or suitable sequence, relationship, or adjustment (e.g. rearrange items in a dialog box, etc.) ዳግም ደርድር
reboot To restart a computer by reloading the operating system. ዳግም አስነሳ
Recalculate To calculate again (for example, after something has changed) ዳግም አስላ
recall Feature in Outlook to stop a message that you have already sent. መልእክት አቋርጥ
receive get; accept; host ተቀበል
recipient Person or computer receiving items such as e-mail messages. ተቀባይ
Recolor To change the color of an item such as a drawing object or a shadow. ቀለሙን ለውጥ
record A collection of data about a person, a place, an event, or some other item. Records are the logical equivalents of rows in a table. መዝገብ
Record pointer In a database management program, an on-screen status message that states the number of the data record now visible (or in which the cursor is positioned). መዝገብ ጠቋሚ
record source The underlying source of data for a form, report, or data access page. In an Access database, it could be a table, query, or SQL statement. In an Access project, it could be a table, view, SQL statement, or stored procedure. ምንጨ መዝገብ
recordset Database term in Microsoft Access. The collective name given to table-, dynaset-, and snapshot-type Recordset objects, which are sets of records that behave as objects. ስብስብ መዝገብ
recover Restoring a lost document or file, for example after a crash የጠፋውን አግኝ
Rectangle Geometrical form. A parallelogram all of whose angles are right angles; especially: one with adjacent sides of unequal length. ቀጤ ጎነ አራት
recurring Recurring: Items that occur repeatedly. For example, an appointment or task that occurs on a regular basis, such as a weekly status meeting or a monthly haircut, can be designated as recurring. ተደጋጋሚ
recycle bin An element of the Windows user interface. የጥራጊ ቅርጫት
Redial dial again ዳግም ደውል
Redlining In a word processing, a display attribute, such as reverse video or double underlining, that marks the text co-authors have added to a document. ቀይስምር
Redo Repeat your last action. ዳግም አድርግ
reduce In a graphical user interface, to decrease the size of a window. A user can reduce a window either by clicking on the appropriate button in the title bar or by clicking the mouse on the border of the window and dragging the border toward the middle of the window. አሳንስ
Reduce icon Make the size of an icon smaller (see also icon) አዶውን አሳንስ
reference 1. To access a variable, such as an element in an array or a field in a record. 2. A data type in the C++ programming language. A reference must be initialized with a variable name. The reference then becomes an alias for that variable but actually stores the address of the variable. ማመሳከሪያ
refresh In an Access database, to redisplay the records in a form or datasheet to reflect changes that other users have made. In an Access project, to rerun a query underlying the active form or datasheet in order to reflect changes to records. አድስ
Refresh Data When the user works in a file on the Web, it can be modified by the author while the user is viewing it. When the user updates a file, it is refreshed from the original file that is located on the 1. network server, the Internet, or the hard disk ውሂብ አድስ
Refresh every As text says; see refresh ሁሉን አድስ
region selection A selection technique that involves dragging out a bounding outline (sometimes referred to as a marquee) to define the selected objects. ክልል መረጣ
Regions Areas dedicated to or reserved for a particular purpose. 2. In video programming, a contiguous group of pixels that are treated as a unit. On the Macintosh, for example, a region is an area in a grafPort that can be defined and manipulated as an entity. The visible working area within a window is an example of a region. ክልሎች
register A set of bits of high-speed memory within a microprocessor or other electronic device, used to hold data for a particular purpose. Each register in a central processing unit is referred to in assembly language programs by a name such as AX (the register that contains the results of arithmetic operations in an Intel 80x86 processor) or SP (the register that contains the memory address of the top of the stack in various processors). ውስን ትውስታ (ስ)
register To enroll one\'s name in a register. መዝግብ
registered trademark Character: ® ምዝግብ የንግድ ምልክት
registered user 1) Person named on the registration form and residing at the stated address, and to whom the unique registration number has been issued. Person may be bound legally to the terms of an agreement. 2) A visitor to a web site whose name and password have been recorded within the web site. ህጋዊ ተጠቃሚ
registration 1) The process of precisely aligning elements or superimposing layers in a document or a graphic so that everything will print in the correct relative position. 2) The process in which a consumer enters information to acquire a license, such as an e-mail address. ምዝገባ
registry A database of information used by Windows to determine and set the configuration of a system. መዝገብ
reinstall To install again, i.e. to add hardware such as printers or CD-ROM drives to a system and to add software to a hard disk again. ዳግም ጫን
Reject An option during an approval process to prevent the publication of a document. አትቀበል
relation 1) An aspect or quality (as resemblance) that connects two or more things or parts as being or belonging or working together or as being of the same kind; specifically : a property (as one expressed by is equal to, is less than, or is the brother of) that holds between an ordered pair of objects. 2) A structure composed of attributes (individual characteristics, such as name or address, corresponding to the columns in a table) and tuples (sets of attribute values describing particular entities, such as customers, corresponding to the rows in a table). Within a relation, tuples cannot be repeated; each must be unique. Further, tuples are unordered within a relation; interchanging two tuples does not change the relation. Finally, if relational theory is to be applicable, the domain of each attribute must be atomic—that is, a simple value, rather than a structure such as an array or a record. A relation in which the domains of all attributes are atomic is said to be normalized or in first normal form. ግንኙነት
relationship An association established between common fields (columns) in two tables. A relationship can be one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many. ትስስር
release A particular version of a software product. የተሰራጨ ምርት
release notes Notes included in a product. Often with infomation written after the product was released to manufacturing የምርት መግለጫ
reminder Outlook event, automatically generated according to calendar, system clock and user-defined conditions. አስታዋሽ
remote Far ሩቅ
remote access Part of the integrated Routing and Remote Access service that provides remote networking for telecommuters, mobile workers, and system administrators who monitor and manage servers at multiple branch offices. Users with a computer running Windows and Network Connections can dial in to remotely access their networks for services such as file and printer sharing, electronic mail, scheduling, and SQL database access. የሩቅ ድርሶሽ
remove Do not use remove to mean delete. Remove is correct, however, to refer to removing a program and items such as toolbar buttons or column headings in programs such as Outlook to customize an interface and to refer to removing a program using the Add/Remove Programs dialog box. አስወግድ
rename Noun. A command in most file transfer protocol (FTP) clients and in many other systems that allows the user to assign a new name to a file or files. ዳግም ሰይም
repair Used about repairing errors in the installation of a program. ጠግን
repeat Noun. A command in Microsoft Word that causes all information contained in either the last command dialog box or the last uninterrupted editing session to be repeated. ድገም
Repeat key A key that continuous to enter the same character as long as you hold it down. የድገም ቁልፍ
repetition The act or an instance of repeating or being repeated. ድግግሞሽ
replace To put new data in the place of other data, usually after conducting a search for the data to be replaced. Text-based applications such as word processors typically include search-and-replace commands. In such operations, both old and new data must be specified, and search-and-replace procedures may or may not be sensitive to uppercase and lowercase, depending on the application program. See also search1, search and replace. ተካ
replica A copy of a database that is a member of a replica set and can be synchronized with other replicas in the set. Changes to the data in a replicated table in one replica are sent and applied to the other replicas. ግልባጭ
replication The process of copying a database so that two or more copies can exchange updates of data or replicated objects. This exchange is called synchronization. ማመሳሰል
reply To respond in words or writing (e.g. in e-mail). ምላሽ ስጥ
report An Access database object that prints information formatted and organized according to your specifications. Examples of reports are sales summaries, phone lists, and mailing labels. ሪፖርት
Reset 1) A process that causes the device to restart. 2) To change the reading/settings of something often to zero or default, e.g. reset the language settings on your computer. ዳግም አስጀምር
Reset key A key combination that, when pressed, restarts the computer. ዳግም አስጀማሪ
resize Change the size of something. መጠን ቀይር
resolution A measure of the fineness of detail in an image or text produced by a monitor or printer. ጥራት
resource Generally, any part of a computer system or network, such as a disk drive, printer, or memory, that can be allotted to a running program or a process. ንብረት
response Usually used about a response to a survey or, more techincally, response from a device (such as a modem) መልስ
restart To restart a computer by reloading the operating system. እንደገና ጀምር
Restart Option in Shut Down Windows dialog. Ends your session, shuts down Windows, and restarts Windows again. እንደገና ጀምር
Restore To copy files from a backup storage device to their normal location, especially if the files are being copied to replace files that were accidentally lost or deleted. እነበረበት መልስ
Restore button Refers to the button containing the image of two windows. It appears in the upper-right corner of a window near the Close button and can replace either the Minimize or the Maximize button. Clicking it restores a document or window to its previous size. እነበረበት መላሽ አዝራር
result The outcome of something. ውጤት
resume Verb. To start again after an interruption or break, e.g. \"resume Setup\" ከቆመበት ቀጥል
résumé Type of document you can create in Office. In US the same as CV. የማንነት ቅፅ
retrieve To obtain a specific requested item or set of data by locating it and returning it to a program or to the user. Computers can retrieve information from any source of storage—disks, tapes, or memory. ሰርስረህ አውጣ
retry Verb. To try again. ዳግም ሞክር
return 1. To transfer control of the system from a called routine or program back to the calling routine or program. Some languages support an explicit return or exit statement; others allow return only at the end (last statement) of the called routine or program. See also call2 (definition 2). 2. To report the outcome of a called routine to the calling routine or program. መልስ (ል ይጠብቃል)
Return address Address of Sender የላኪ አድራሻ
retype Verb. Type something again. ዳግም ጻፍ
Revert To return to the last saved version of a document. Choosing this command tells the application to abandon all changes made in a document since the last time it was saved. አድህር
review Verb. to review something like changes in a document. ከልስ
revision marks Marks that show which changes have been made in a document. Used for the Track changes feature in Word የለውጥ ምልክቶች
RGB A system that describes colors as a mixture of red (R), green (G), and blue (B). The color is defined as a set of three integers (R,G,B). Using 0 (zero) percent of each color produces black; using 100 percent of all three colors produces white. ቀአሰ (ቀይ አረንጓዴ ሰማያዊ)
Ribbon strip; band; a strip used in printers and typewriters ጥብጣብ
Rich Text Format (RTF) A text formatting standard developed by Microsoft Corporation that allows a word processing program to create a file encoded with all the document\'s formatting instructions, but without using any special hidden codes. ሪች ቴክስት ፎርማት (አርቲኤፍ)
rich-text box A standard Windows control that is similar to a standard text box, except that individual character and paragraph properties are supported. ፅሁፈ ምሉእ ሳጥን
right click Click on the mouse button to the right ቀኙን ጠቅ አድርግ
rights Permission to perform specific actions with site content, such as viewing or modifying a page. Rights are enabled or disabled for a user role. Users can perform only those actions allowed by the rights assigned to their role. መብቶች
right-to-left Refers to keyboard settings, document views, user interface objects, and the direction in which text is displayed. Arabic and Hebrew are right-to-left languages. ከቀኝ ወደ ግራ የሚያስችል
right-to-left support Right-to-left: Refers to keyboard settings, document views, user interface objects, and the direction in which text is displayed. Arabic and Hebrew are right-to-left languages. ከቀኝ ወደ ግራ ድጋፍ
role A collection of rights that can be assigned to a user account. You can use the default roles, modify them, or create your own custom roles. ሚና
Roman Having upright rather than slanted characters in a typeface. የሮማውያን
root directory A file system directory that has no parent - the top level of the hierarchy. ስርወ ማውጫ
root folder The folder on a drive from which all other folders branch. The root folder\'s name consists of a single backslash character (\\). For example, on drive C, this folder would be represented in the file system as C:\\. ስርወ አቃፊ
Root volume The mass storage volume which contains the boot area (which contains the HP-UX kernel) and the root directory of the HP-UX file system. ስርወ ሪቅ (ሪቅ:- መቶ ዳውላ እህል የሚይዝ ቁመተ ረዥም ጎነ ሰፊ ጎታ ነው)
root web The default, top-level web provided by a Web server. To access the root web, you supply the URL of the server without specifying a page name or sub web. ስርወ ድር
Rotate 1. To turn a model or other graphical image so that it is viewed at a different angle. 2. To move bits in a register to the left or to the right. The bit that moves out of the end position rotates to the newly vacated position at the opposite end of the register. ማሽከርከር
route An established or selected course of travel. IP packet route is a sequence of network hosts the packet goes through on its way from source to destination. ፈለግ
router Hardware or software device to route network traffic. ራውተር
row In a table, the horizontal arrangement of cells. ረድፍ
rule A set of conditions, actions, and exceptions that run in a document library. For example, all documents older than a year (condition) can be set to a status of Expired (action), unless they were modified within the last month (exception). ደንብ
ruler Vertical and horizontal guides, marked in inches, which can be turned on or off. The origin (or zero marker) changes based on what is selected on the slide (text, text box, or shape). ማስመሪያ
run A contiguous piece of text or string of characters sharing the same attributes. All characters in a run have the same directional properties. የጋራ እንቅስቃሴ
Run Item on Start menu in Windows. Opens a program, folder, document or Web site. አሂድ
run-time Either the time period during which a program is running or the amount of time needed to execute the program. የአሂዶ መጠን