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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
face down Especially about paper orientation in printers (e.g. printing a page face down) በጀርባ
face up Especially about paper orientation in printers (e.g. printing a page face up) በፊት
facing pages About printing pages in a double-side doument. See Microsoft Word, File menu, Page Setup. See also Word Help topic \"About page margins\": \"Use mirror margins to set up facing pages for double-sided documents, such as books or magazines.\" ፊትና ጀርባ
failure The inability of a system or system component to perform a required function within specified limits. Lack of success: a lack of success in something, or an unsuccessful attempt at doing something; መሳን (ሳ ይጠብቃል)
fall back In modems, to decrease the data transfer rate to accommodate communication with an older modem or across a dirty line. መልእክት አዝግም
fall forward In modems, to increase the data transfer rate if the quality of connection improves. መልእክት አፍጥን
Fan A fan that keeps its surrounding cool. ማራገቢያ
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. A document listing common questions and answers on a particular subject. ኤፍኤኪው
Fast Used in various contexts, as opposed to Slow. ፈጣን
fatal error An error in a program that, at best, causes the program to abort, and, at worst, causes a crash with loss of data. ከባድ ስህተት
favorite Noun. For example favorite Web site or document. Appears in many MS apps, e.g. Outlook and Internet Explorer ተፈላጊ
Fax Abbreviation for facsimile. The transmission of text or graphics over telephone lines in digitized form. ፋክስ
fax board A circuit board that fits to an expansion slot in a computer, providing many of the features of a fax machine at a lower cost, as well as crisper output and convenience. የፋክስ ሰሌዳ
fax machine A device that can send and receive images of pages through a phone line. የፋክስ መሳሪያ
fax program An application program that enables you to use a fax board. የፋክስ ፍርግም
feature An intended property or behavior (as of a program); a property or behavior that was put in to help someone. ባህርይ
feedback The return of a portion of the output of a process or system to the input, especially when used to maintain performance or to control a system or process. መልሰህ መግብ
female connector A cable terminator and connection device with receptacles designed to accept the pins of a male connector. ሴቴ ጫፍ
field An element of a table that contains a specific item of information, such as a last name. A Title field might contain Mr. or Ms. Databases such as Microsoft SQL Server refer to fields as columns. መስክ
field button Button that identifies a field in a PivotTable or PivotChart report. You can drag the field buttons to change the layout of the report, or click the arrows next to the buttons to change the level of detail displayed in the report. የመስክ አዝራር
field code Placeholder text that shows where specified information from your data source will appear; the elements in a field that generate a field\'s result. The field code includes the field characters, field type, and instructions. የመስክ ኮድ
field definition A list of the attributes that define the type of information that you can enter into a data field. የመስክ ብይን
field list A window that lists all the fields in the underlying record source or database object, except in data access page Design view. In data access page Design view, it lists all the record sources and their fields in the underlying database. የመስክ ዝርዝር
field name The name of a category of information in a Mail Merge data source. For example, City, State, and PostalCode are commonly used field names in an address list. የመስክ ስም
field privilege A data base definition that establish what you can do with the contents of a data field in a protected database. የመስክ ውስን መብት
field template A field definition that specifies the kind of data that you can type in the data field. ስንዱ መስክ
field value The contents of a database field displayed inside a database results region, as shown in a Web browser. የመስክ እሴት
FIFO special file A type of file. Data written to a FIFO is read on a first-in-first-out basis. Other characteristics are described in open(2), read(2), write(2) and lseek(2). ቀድሞ መጥ/ቀድሞ ወጥ ፋይል
File A complete, named collection of information, such as a program, a set of data used by a program, or a user-created document. A file is the basic unit of storage that enables a computer to distinguish one set of information from another. A file is the \"glue\" that binds a conglomeration of instructions, numbers, words, or images into a coherent unit that a user can retrieve, change, delete, save, or send to an output device. ፋይል
File access mode A characteristic of an open file description that determines whether the described file is open for reading, writing, or both. (See open(2).) የፋይል አደራረስ ሁነታ
File access permissions File access controls whether a file can be read, written, or executed. Directory files use the execute permission to control whether or not the directory can be searched. የፋይል አደራረስ ፈቃድ
file allocation table (fat) A hidden table of every cluster on a floppy or hard disk. የፋይል አመዳደብ (ፋአ)
File and Folder Tasks Heading for items in folder windows. Displays commands to use on files and folders you select in the window. የፋይልና አቃፊ ተግባራት
file and print sharing Ability of several users to share the same files and printers ፋይልና እተማ መጋራት
File as specify the category to put a file in an application that indexes files እንደ...ፋይል
file attribute A hidden code, stored with a file\'s directory, that contains the file\'s read-only or archive status and whether a file is a system, hidden or directory file. የፋይል አይነቴ
file descriptor A small unique, per-process, nonnegative integer identifier that is used to refer to a file opened for reading and/or writing. Each file descriptor refers to exactly one open file description. ፋይል ገላጭ
file extension Such as \".doc\" የፋይል ቅጥያ
file format he way in which information is stored in a file so that a program can open and save the file. A file\'s structure defines how it is stored and displayed. File format is indicated by a three-letter extension after the file name, such as .doc. ፋይል ዐይነት
file fragmentation The allocation of file in noncontiguous sectors on a floppy or hard disk. Fragmentation occurs because of multiple file deletions and write operations. የፋይል መዝረክረክ
File hierarchy The collection of one or more file systems available on a system. All files in these file systems are organized in a single hierarchical structure in which all of the nonterminal nodes are directories. Because multiple links can refer to the same file, the directory is properly described as a directed graph. የፋይል ተዋረድ
file locking On a network, a method of concurrency control that ensures the integrity of data. File locking prevent more than one user from accessing and altering a file at the same time. ፋይል መቆለፍ
file management The organizational structure that an operating system or program uses to order and track files. For example, a hierarchical file system uses directories in a so-called tree structure. All operating systems have built-in file management systems. Commercially available products implement additional features that provide more sophisticated means of navigating, finding, and organizing files. የፋይል ምነጃ
File name The set of letters, numbers, and allowable symbols assigned to a file to distinguish it from all other files in a particular directory on a disk. A filename is the label under which a computer user saves and requests a block of information. Both programs and data have filenames and often extensions that further identify the type or purpose of the file. Naming conventions, such as maximum length and allowable characters of a filename, vary from one operating system to another. የፋይል ስም
file offset The file offset specifies the position in the file where the next I/O operation begins. Each open file description associated with either a regular file or special file has a file offset. There is no file offset specified for a pipe or FIFO. የፋይል መነሻ
file owner class A process is in the file owner class if the effective user ID of the process matches the user ID of the file. የፋይል ባለቤት መደብ
file permission bits See permission bits. የፋይል ፈቃድ ቢትስ
file pointer A data element ``points to\'\' (refers to) a file opened for reading and/or writing, and which keeps track of where the next I/O operation will take place in the file ፋይል ጠቋሚ
file privilege In database, an attribute that determines what you can do with the protected database on a network. የፋይል መብት
file recovery Restoring an erased disk file. ፋይል ምለሳ
file serial numbers A file-system-unique identifier for a given file, also known as the file\'s inode number. Each file serial number identifies exactly one inode. File serial numbers are not necessarily unique across file systems in the file hierarchy. የፋይል ተከታታይ ቁጥሮች
file server A computer that stores on its hard disk the application programs and data files for all the workstations in the network. ፋይል አገልጋይ
file sharing Office term - the ability to share files between several users. ፋይል መጋራት
File size The size of a file ፋይል መጠን
file status flags Part of an open file description. These flags can be used to modify the behavior of system calls that access the file described by the open file description. የፋይል ደረጃ አመልካች
file system A collection of files and supporting data structures residing on a mass storage volume. A file system provides a name space for file serial numbers referring to those files. Refer to the System Administrator manuals supplied with your system for details concerning file system implementation and maintenance. ሥርዓተ ፋይል
file times update Each file has three associated time values that are updated when file data is accessed or modified, or when the file status is changed. የፋይል ለውጥ ጊዜ
file type The format of a file, commonly indicated by its file name extension. Computer applications usually work on a limited set of file types. ፋይል አይነት
Filename Command. See File menu, Open command in, for example, Excel. የፋይል ስም
Files of type Command. See File menu, Open command in, for example, Excel. የ...ፋይል አይነት
fill Refers to the fill that is used as a background for a table or other object, for example, for filling a table cell in Word with a shading or a color. For context, see Word, Format menu, Borders and shading, Shading tab. Also related to \"Fill color\" and \"Fill effects\". ሙላ
Fill color A color selection that is used to fill the inside of a closed shape drawn ቀለም አልብስ
Fill Effects Command. Effects for fill. See context in PowerPoint, Format AutoShape, Fill, Color, Fill effects ልዩ መልክ ሙላ
Filled Ellipse An ellipse that has the inside of the shape filled with color or background picture የተሞላ ኢሊፕስ
Filmstrip A way of viewing pictures in a folder. To see context, open My Pictures folder in Windows, choose View menu, \"Filmstrip\" ድርድር ፊልም
filter A set of criteria applied to data in order to display a subset of the data or to sort the data. In Access, you can use filtering techniques, such as Filter By Selection and Filter By Form to filter data. ወንፊት
Filter options optional parameters in setting a filter የማጣሪያ መንገዶች
Find To seek specific data within a file or data structure. ፈልግ
Find File To seek specific file ፋይል ፈልግ
Find Next Button in Find dialog on Edit menu in Word and Excel and other apps. ቀጣዩን ፈልግ
Find Now Button in Advanced Find dialog in Outlook and in Windows Search. አሁን ፈልግ
Find People To seek people with computers in a network environment ሰው ፈልግ
Find Printer To seek a specific printer in a computer or network አታሚ ፈልግ
Find what Command in Find dialog in WordPad and Word and other apps. ምን ልፈልግ
Finish Button that appears in most Wizards. It allows the users to finish a wizard without completing all steps. ጨርስ
Firewall Any software program or hardware device designed to prevent computers on a network from communicating directly with external computer systems by filtering the information coming through the Internet connection into your private network or computer system . A Firewall keeps hackers out and personal data in by acting as a barrier through which all information passing between the network or computer and external systems must pass. ኬላ
First initial; beginning መጀመሪያ
First line indent About indents where the first line only is indented. See the command in Word, Format menu, Paragraph, Indents and Spacing, Indentation, Special. የአዲስ መስመር ገብ
First Name Name of a person, as opposed to Last Name. መጠሪያ ስም
First page Applies for word processing document or web. See first; page; አንደኛ ገጽ
Fit To reduce the size of an item (e.g. in Excel, print a worksheet to fit a paper width) so it fits on page, paper width, etc ማስማማት
Fit text adapt the text to be placed in the width height of a cell available. Applies for tables and spreadsheet cells ጽሁፍ አስማማ
Fit to Applies for layout, print, spreadsheet; Adjust the page to different sizes depending on the content on the display window, papers like letter size, A4, A3 papers. Sometimes specified in percentages. ለ...መጥን
Fit to Window fit the content, layout, to the display window በመስኮቱ መጥን
fix Verb. To repair. ጠግን
fixed disk As opposed to movable disk. Typically a hard disk. ትክል ዲስክ
fixed numeric format In spreadsheet programs, a numeric format that rounds values to the number of decimal places that you specify. ቋሚ አሀዛዊ ቅርፀት
fixed-layout table Fixed-layout HTML tables allow an author to specify the column widths of a table up front, thereby enabling Internet Explorer to load the table at greatly improved speeds over auto-layout tables (the default). ቋሚ ወርድ ሰንጠረዥ
fixed-length field A field whose length is set and can not vary, as opposed to a variable-length field, which can adjust to accommodate entries of different lengths. ቋሚ ርዝመት መስክ
flag Verb. To set a flag. Noun. Used in Outlook, for example for \"Flag for follow up\" እልባት
flash Such as \"the screen flashes\" ብልጭታ
Flat file Lacking elaborate structure. A file system without subdirectories in which you can group files is said to be a file. ሌጣ ፋይል
Flat-Screen Color CRT Monitor Color monitor which features flat screen display, rather than curved glass display. A flat screen display offers truer, more accurate and realistic images than a curved screen display and significantly reduces reflection and glare. ለዝርግ ስክሪን ባለ ቀለም ሲአርቲ ማሳያ
flat-square monitor A monitor that is more gently curved than most, but realy neither flat nor square. ዝርግ ካሬያዊ ማሳያ
Flicker A visible distortion that occurs when you scroll the screen of a monitor that uses a low refresh rate. Also, a visible distortion apparent in light areas on an interlaced monitor. ውዥቅብዥታ (ውዥቅ + ብዥታ)
Flip Horizontal About a way of manipulating an object, for example in Word, Drawing, Draw, Rotate or Flip ወደጎን አዙር
Flip Vertical About a way of manipulating an object, for example in Word, Drawing, Draw, Rotate or Flip ወደላይ አዙር
floating Able to move freely as its own window. A floating window is always on top. Toolbars, menu bars, the toolbox, and palettes can float. ተንሳፋፊ
floating graphic A graph or picture that hasn\'t been fixed in an absolute position on the page, so that it moves up or down on the page as you delete or insert text above it. ተንሳፋፊ ምስግራፍ (ምስል+ ግራፍ)
floating toolbar Floating toolbar: A toolbar that is not attached to the edge of the program window. You can change the shape of some floating toolbars. ተንሳፋፊ ሰሪ አሞሌ
floppy disk A reusable magnetic storage medium. The floppy disk used today is the rigid 3.5-inch microfloppy that holds 1.44 MB. It is called a floppy because the first varieties were housed in bendable jackets. ፍሎፒ ዲስክ
floppy disk controller The circuitry responsible for operating a floppy disk drive. የፍሎፒ ዲስክ ተቆጣጣሪ
floppy disk drive A mechanism that enables a computer to read and write information on floppy disk. የፍሎፒ ዲስክ
Floptical disk A removable optical disk the size of 3½ inch floppy disk but with a capacity of 20 M or 25 M. ልምጥምጦብርሃን ዲሰክ (ልምጥምጥ + ወ + ብርሃን)
Floptical drive A data storage device that uses laser technology to illuminate optical tracts on a floppy disk ልምጥምጦብርሃን አንጻፊ
flow A feature that allows text in a page layout to wrap around graphics and to move automatically from column to column. ፍሰት
flow control A method of ensuring that the data device such as a modem or a computer system sends does not overwhelm the receiving device, such as a modem. ፍሰት መቆጣጠሪያ
flowchart A graphic map of the path of control or data through the operations in a program or an information-handling system. Symbols such as squares, diamonds, and ovals represent various operations. These symbols are connected by lines and arrows to indicate the flow of data or control from one point to another. Flowcharts are used both as aids in showing the way a proposed program will work and as a means of understanding the operations of an existing program. ወራጅ ገበታ
flush empty a portion of the memory, clean the memory አጋቦ
flush left In a word processing, the alignment of text along the left margin, leaving a ragged right margin. በግራ ሰልፍ
flush right In word processing, alligning text along the right margin, leaving a ragged left margin. Flush-right alignment is seldom used except to create decorative effects or cover pages. በቀኝ ሰልፍ
flyer Usually a type of document you can create in Word or Publisher በራሪ ጽሑፍ
focus The ability to receive user input through mouse or keyboard actions or the SetFocus method. Focus can be set by the user or by the application. The object that has focus is usually indicated by a highlighted caption or title bar. ማተኮር
focus set Focus አተኩር
folder A named storage area on a computer containing files and other folders. አቃፊ
folder icon A small image displayed on the screen to represent a folder that can be manipulated by the user. የአቃፊ አዶ
Folder List Listing of folders; See folder የአቃፊ ዝርዝር
Folder Name name given to a folder የአቃፊ ስም
Follow Up the act of monitoring progress ተከታተል
Follow Up Option in Outlook to flag a mail message for \"follow up\" ክትትል
font A set of attributes for characters. ቅርጸ ቁምፊ (ቁጥር ምልክት ፊደል)
font box Box with fonts names on the toolbar. ሳጥነ ቅርጸ ቁምፊ
font cartridge A plug-in read-only memory (ROM) cartridge- designed to fit into a receptacle on a printer-that contains one or more fonts and expands the printer\'s font capabilities. የቅርፀ ቁምፊ ቀፎ
font color Font display and/or print color. ቅርጸ ቁምፊ ቀለም
font family A set of fonts in several sizes and weights that share the same typeface. የቅርፀ ቁምፊ ዝርያ
font metric The width and height information for each character in a font. The font metric is stored in a width table. ቅርጸ ቁምፊ መለኪያ
font name Name of the font. የቅርጸ ቁምፊ ስም
Font size The point size of a set of characters in a particular typeface. The size of a font; typically represented in points. የቅርጸ ቁምፊ መጠን
font size box Box on the toolbar to choose font size. የቅርጸ ቁምፊ መጠን ሳጥን
font smoothing Technology to make fonts appear clearer. See the Windows Help topic \"Description of ClearType Font Smoothing Technology in Windows XP\" ቅርጸ ቁምፊ ማስተካከል
font style Italic, bold, underlined, etc. የቅርጸ ቁምፊ ቅጥ
font substitution Substituting an outline font in place of a bit mapped screen font metric is stored in a width table. የቅርፀ ቁምፊ ትኪያ
foot print The amount of space occupied by a computer, printer, monitor, or other piece of equipment on a desk, shelf, or floor. ማስቀመጫ
footer Header and footer: A header, which can consist of text or graphics, appears at the top of every page in a section. A footer appears at the bottom of every page. Headers and footers often contain page numbers, chapter titles, dates, and author names. ግርጌ
footnote Footnotes and endnotes are used in printed documents to explain, comment on, or provide references for text in a document. Footnotes are used for detailed comments and endnotes for citation of sources. የግርጌ ማስታወሻ
forecasting In a spreadsheet, a method of financial analysis that projects past trends into the future. ትንበያ
Foreground Part that appears nearest: the part of a picture or scene that appears nearest the viewer. ቅድመ ገጽ
foreground process group Each session that has established a connection with a controlling terminal has exactly one process group of the session as a foreground process group of that controlling terminal. The foreground process group has certain privileges when accessing its controlling terminal that are denied to background process groups. See read(2) and write(2). ግንባር ዋይ የሂደት ቡድን
foreground process group ID The process group ID of the foreground process group. የግንባር ዋይ የሂደት ቡድን መለያ
fork An HP-UX system call (see fork(2)), which, when invoked by an existing process, causes a new process to be created. The new process is called the child process; the existing process is called the parent process. The child process is created by making an exact copy of the parent process. The parent and child processes are able to identify themselves by the value returned by their corresponding fork call (see fork(2) for details). ፎርክ
form A document that contains fill-in blanks, or form fields, in which you enter information. For example, you can create an online registration form in Microsoft Word that uses drop-down lists, from which users can select entries. ቅፅ
form control On a Web site, an individual box or button with which you enter information on an electronic form. የቅፅ መቆጣጠሪያ
form feed A printer command that tells a printer to move to the top of the next page. In the ASCII character set, the form-feed character has the decimal value 12 (hexadecimal 0C). Because its purpose is to begin printing on a new page, form feed is also known as the page-eject character. Acronym: FF. ገጽ መግብ
form field A data-entry field on a page. A site visitor supplies information in a field either by typing text or by selecting a field. In a form, a location where a particular type of data is stored, for example, an address field. ውሂብ ማስገቢያ
Form name See form ስመ ቅፅ
form properties Attributes of a form that affect its appearance or behavior. For example, the DefaultView property is a form property that determines whether a form will automatically open in Form view or Datasheet view. የቅፅ ባህርያት
Form view A window that displays a form to either show or accept data. Form view is the primary means of adding and modifying data in tables. You cannot change the design of a form in this view. ቅፅ እይታ
Format 1. In general, the structure or appearance of a unit of data. 2. The arrangement of data within a document file that typically permits the document to be read or written by a certain application. Many applications can store a file in a more generic format, such as plain ASCII text. 3. The layout of data storage areas (tracks and sectors) on a disk. 4. To prepare a disk for use by organizing its storage space into a collection of data \"compartments\", each of which can be located by the operating system so that data can be sorted and retrieved. When a previously used disk is formatted, any preexisting information on it is lost. 5. To change the appearance of selected text or the contents of a selected cell in a spreadsheet. 6. The specifications for the placement of text on a page or in a paragraph. 7. The attributes of a cell in a spreadsheet, such as its being alphabetic or numeric, the number of digits, the use of commas, and the use of currency signs. ቅርፀት
Format Verb ቅረጽ
Format bar A toolbar within an application used for modifying the format of the document being displayed, such as changing font size or type. መቅረጸ አሞሌ
Format Cells Title of the dialog \"Format Cells\" in Excel. To reproduce: start Excel, choose Format menu, Cells submenu. This appears as the title of the dialog. መቅረፀ ህዋሳት
Formatted text Text that is displayed with multiple attributes such as typeface, slant, weight, and color. Formatting can include special effects such as shading, underlining, and blinking. ቅርጽ ፅሁፍ (ር ይጠብቃል)
Formatting 1. The elements of style and presentation that are added to documents through the use of margins, indents, and different sizes, weights, and styles of type. 2. The process of initializing a disk so that it can be used to store information. ቀረፃ
formatting buttons Text ormatting buttons B, I, U on the Formatting toolbar in applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. የቀረፃ አዝራሮች
Formatting toolbar A toolbar with buttons and options you can use to apply text formatting in applications like Microsoft Word and Excel. የቀረፃ ሰሪ አሞሌ
Forms plural of form; see form ቅፆች
formula A sequence of values, cell references, names, functions, or operators in a cell that together produce a new value. A formula always begins with an equal sign (=). ቀመር
formula bar A bar at the top of the Excel window that you use to enter or edit values or formulas in cells or charts. Displays the constant value or formula stored in the active cell. የቀመር አሞሌ
Forward Verb. In e-mail, to send a received message, either modified or in its entirety, to a new recipient. አስተላልፍ
Forward Adv. Opposite of ‘back’, ‘backward’, for example used on the “Forward” and “Back” buttons that allows you to navigate to the last web page visited in Internet Explorer. ወደፊት
forward slash Symbol: / ህዝባር
four-headed arrow Pointer shape. አራት ራስ ቀስት
fraction 1. Mathematics number that is not a whole: a number that is not a whole number, such as ½ (vulgar fraction) or 0.5 (decimal fraction), formed by dividing one quantity into another. 2. small amount: a small part, amount, or proportion of something a fraction of the cost. ክፍልፋይ
fractional numbers See fraction ክፍልፋይ ቁጥሮች
frame Border around a graphical object ክፈፍ
frame Frames: The named sub-window of a frames page. The frame appears in a Web browser as one of a number of window regions in which pages can be displayed. The frame can be scrollable and resizable, and it can have a border. ንዑስ ክፈፍ
frameset A page that divides a Web browser window into different areas called frames that can each display a different Web page. Framesets are often used to display a page with navigation elements or a header in one frame and a page in another frame. ገፅ ከፋፋይ
framework 1. essential supporting structure. 2. basic system መዋቅር
free disk space Noun phrase. available disk space ባዶ የዲስክ ቦታ
free memory Noun phrase. available memory ባዶ ማህደረ ትውስታ
Free Stuff items that you get for free ባዶ ነገር
freeform Any shape you draw by using the Curve, Freeform, and Scribble tools. Freeform shapes can include straight lines and freehand curves. They can be drawn opened or closed and can be edited by using the drawing tools. ስድ ቅርጽ
freeware Copyrighted programs that have been made available without charge for public use. The programs cannot be resold for profit. ነጻ ሶፍትዌር
freeze Used in the command \"freeze panes\" እሰር
frequency 1. Frequent occurrence: the fact of happening often or regularly at short intervals 2. Rate of occurrence: the number of times that something happens during a particular period of time 3. Broadcasting wavelength: a wavelength on which a radio or television signal is broadcast and to which a receiving set can be tuned ድግግሞሽ
frequently asked questions Frequently Asked Questions. A document listing common questions and answers on a particular subject. ተደጋጋሚ ጥያቄዎች
friction feed A printer paper-feed mechanism that draws individual sheet of paper through the printer by using a platen to exert pressure on the paper. አንሸራቶ መጋቢ
friendly name The real name the user sees instead of the actual e-mail address such as \"John Doe\" instead of \"\" ምቹ ስም
From starting in; beginning at; originating in
From File in reference to getting an item; refering source as file; see file ከ ፋይል
From Left in reference to formatting, margin ከ ግራ
From text in reference to data conversion; refering to source ከጽሁፍ
From Top in reference to formatting; margin; ከላይ
Front foremost part; face ፊት
front end The portion of a program that interacts directly with the user. A front end can also be a separate program that acts as a user-friendly interface for a more difficult environment. ግንባር ገጽ
FrontPage Server Extensions A set of programs and scripts that support authoring in FrontPage and extend the functionality of a Web server. ፍሮንት ፔጅ ሰርቨር ኤክስቴንሽን
FTP A communication protocol that makes it possible for a user to transfer files between remote locations on a network. This protocol also allows users to use FTP commands, such as listing files and folders, to work with files on a remote location. ኤፍቲፒ
full bleed Text or graphics extending from one edge of a page to the other. ጠርዝ ገጠም
full page display A monitor that can display a full page of text at a time. ሙሉ ገጽ ማሳያ
Full screen Capable of using or being displayed on the full area of a display screen. Applications running in windowing environments, although they might use the entire area of the screen, commonly allocate different areas to different windows, any of which can be enlarged to fill the entire screen. ሙሉ ማያ
full screen editor A word processing utility designed specifically for creating and editing programs. ሙሉ ማያ አርታኢ
full travel keyboard A keyboard on which the keys travel at least 1/8 inch. Full travel keyboard provide good tactile feedback and enable professional typist to work quickly. አቻዮ የቁልፍ ሰሌዳ
function A query that takes input parameters and returns a result like a stored procedure. ተግባር
function key Any of the 10 or more keys labeled F1, F2, F3, and so on that are placed along the left side or across the top of a keyboard and are used for special tasks by different programs. የተግባር ቁልፍ
fuser wand In laser printers, a heated roller that melts toner onto the page. Dirty fuser wands sometimes cause unwanted vertical stripes on output. ማቅለጫ ዘንግ