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English Term Definition Amharic Translation
sample code sample source code or script የናሙና ኮድ
Save To write data (typically a file) to a storage medium, such as a disk or tape. አስቀምጥ
Save All command to save all files or items. see Save ሁሉን አስቀምጥ
Save and Close command: Close the window after save operation አስቀምጥና ዝጋ
Save As command: Save the file or item using a new name to different location እንደ ...አስቀምጥ
Save as type command: save as a new file or item type እንደ አይነቱ አስቀምጥ
Save Copy As command: make a copy of the current file or data and save the copy under a new name ቅጂውን እንደ ... አስቀምጥ
Save Form command: as text says ቅፅ አስቀምጥ
Save in save to a folder specified በ... አስቀምጥ
Save Password As text says; see password; see Save ይለፍ ቃል አስቀምጥ
Save Picture As command: make a copy of the picture and save the copy under a new name ስእሉን እንደ ... አስቀምጥ
Save Search save search result ግኝቱን አስቀምጥ
scalable Of or relating to the characteristic of a piece of hardware or software or a network that makes it possible for it to expand—or shrink—to meet future needs and circumstances. For example, a scalable network allows the network administrator to add many additional nodes without the need to redesign the basic system. ተቀያያሪ መጠን
Scale Please check for context here, as \"scale\" is used in several contexts: 1. To enlarge or reduce a graphic display, such as a drawing or a proportional character font, by adjusting its size proportionally. 2. To alter the way in which values are represented so as to bring them into a different range--for example, to change linear feet to quarter inches on a blueprint drawing of a house. ልኬት ለውጥ
scanner Hardware device. ስካነር
Scatter diagram An analytical graphic that plots data items, as points on two numeric axes; also called a scatter gram. ብትን ንድፍ
scenario A named set of input values that you can substitute in a worksheet model. ተተኪ እሴት
schedule A procedural plan that indicates the time and sequence of each operation. መርሀግብር
schema A description of a database that defines the attributes of the database, such as tables, fields (columns), and properties. ብያኔ
Scheme A complete set of particular settings e.g. a Windows color scheme ሙሉ ምስርት
screen The display area of a video terminal or monitor. It is either a CRT or one of the flat panel technologies. ማያ
screen tips In an application, notes that appear on the screen to provide information about a feature or dialog box. የስራ ማስታወሻ
ScreenTip Notes that appear on the screen to provide information about a toolbar button, tracked change, or comment or to display a footnote or endnote. ScreenTips also display the text that will appear if you choose to insert a date or AutoText entry. የማያ ጠቃሚ ማሳሰቢያ
Scribble awkward or careless writing; something scribbled መጫጫር
script A type of computer code used to perform tasks on a Web page, such as incrementing a \"number of visitors\" counter each time there is a new visitor. Web scripts can be written in several script languages. Scripts do not need to be compiled to be run. ስክሪፕት
scroll To move the view of an object or information to make a different portion visible. ሸብልል
scroll arrow A component of a scroll bar that allows the information to be scrolled by defined increments when the scroll arrow button is clicked. The direction of the arrow indicates the direction in which the information will be scrolled. መሸብለያ ቀስት
scroll bar A standard Windows control that supports scrolling. መሸብለያ አሞሌ
scroll box A component of a scroll bar that indicates the relative position (and optionally proportion) of the visible information relative to the entire amount of information. Dragging the scroll bar allows the user to scroll the information. መሸብለያ ሳጥን
SCROLL LOCK key On the keyboard. መሸብለያ ቆላፊ
scroll through a document To navigate through ሰነዱን ማሰስ
scrolling text A scrolling text control, often called a marquee, is used on a data access page to display moving text or text that scrolls. Scrolling text draws attention to a line of text, such as a headline or an important announcement. ተሸብላይ ፅሁፍ
search The process of seeking a particular file or specific data. A search is carried out by a program through comparison or calculation to determine whether a match to some pattern exists or whether some other criteria have been met. ፈልግ
Search Item on Start menu in Window and button in Windows folders. Opens a window where you can pick search options and work with search results. መፈለጊያ
search criteria The terms or conditions that a search engine uses to find items in a database. የፍለጋ መሳፍርት
search engine Programs on the Internet, allowing users to search through massive databases of information. የፍለጋ ፍርግም
second Time unit ሰከንድ
secondary prompt One or more characters that the shell prints on the display, indicating that more input is needed. This prompt is not encountered nearly as frequently as the shell\'s primary prompt (see prompt). When it occurs, it is usually caused by an omitted right quote on a string (which confuses the shell), or when you enter a shell programming language control-flow construct (such as a for construct) from the command line. By default, the shell\'s secondary prompt is the greater-than sign (>), but you can re-define it by setting the shell variable PS2 appropriately in your .profile file. (The C shell has no secondary prompt.) ረዳት ስንዱ
secondary window Appears in Help system + A window that is used to provide information or supplemental interaction related to objects in a primary window. ረዳት መስኮት
section A portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options. You create a new section when you want to change such properties as line numbering, number of columns, or headers and footers. ክፍል
section break Section break: A mark you insert to show the end of a section. A section break stores the section formatting elements, such as the margins, page orientation, headers and footers, and sequence of page numbers. ክፍል መለያ
section symbol Character: § ክፍል ምልክት
sector The smallest unit of storage read or written on a disk መም
secure Safe ጥብቅ (ብ ይጠብቃል)
security A condition that results from the establishment and maintenance of protective measures that ensure a state of inviolability from hostile acts or influences ጥበቃ
see as text says እይ
see also as text says ...ም እዩ
select To highlight a cell or range of cells on a datasheet. The selected cells will be affected by the next command or action. To highlight Words or other elements in a document ምረጥ
select a block of text The user is prompted to highlight a chunk of text. ስክ ንባብ ምረጥ (ስክ ንባብ - አንድ ሙሉ ሀሳብ የያዘ ቃል ወይም ሀረግ)
select a check box Checkbox: An interactive control often found in graphical user interfaces. Check boxes are used to enable or disable one or more features or options from a set. When an option is selected, an × or a check mark appears in the box. ሳጥን እሺምቢን ምረጥ
select a command Command: An instruction to a computer program that, when issued by the user, causes an action to be carried out. Commands are usually either typed at the keyboard or chosen from a menu. ትእዛዝ ምረጥ
select a list box List box: A control in Windows that enables the user to choose one option from a list of possibilities. The list box appears as a box, displaying the currently selected option, next to a button marked with a down-arrow. When the user clicks on the button, the list appears. The list has a scroll bar if there are more options than the list has room to show. ከዘርዛሪ ሳጥን ምረጥ
select a menu Menu: A list of options from which a user can make a selection in order to perform a desired action, such as choosing a command or applying a particular format to part of a document. ምናሌ ምረጥ
Select All Choose all items as opposed to a single item ሁሉንም ምረጥ
select an option button Option button: A control, also called radio button, that is typically used as part of an option group to present alternatives on a form, report, or data access page. The user cannot select more than one option. የአማራጭ አዝራር ምረጥ
selected A toolbar button always has a border around it when it\'s selected, even when the pointer is not resting on the button. ምርጥ (ር ይጠብቃል)
selected command See Command ምርጥ (ር ይጠብቃል) ትዕዛዝ
selection An object or set of objects that have been selected. The highlighted portion. የተመረጠ
selector In a cascading style sheet style definition (or style rule), the HTML element linked to a particular set of style properties and values. መምረጫ
semicolon The character \";\" ድርብ ሰረዝ
send To transmit a message or file through a communications channel. ላክ
Send As Is as text says; send the data in the current existing format እንዳለ ላክ
Send As Unicode convert the data format into Unicode and send በወጥ ኮድ ላክ
Send HTML as text says; send the data in HTML ኤችቲኤምኤል ላክ
Send Mail as text says ደብዳቤ ላክ
Send Message email; as in outlook or messaging applications መልእክት ላክ
Send Plain Text send the data without any formatting information በልሙጥ ፅሁፍ ላክ
Send To recipient follows ለ … ላክ
Send/Receive a command in mail management applications like Microsoft Outlook and Eudora to synchronize the local mail folder with the mail server inbox folder ላክ/ተቀበል
sender Person who sends something. ላኪ
Sender Name name of the person who sends something (e.g. an email) የላኪ ስም
Sent Items a folder in mail management applications like Outlook and Eudora that is used to keep a copy of emails sent የተላኩ መልእክቶች
Sent To in the sent items, a parameter that tells the receiver of the mail sent ለ ... የተላከ
separator A separator is a character, such as a punctuation mark, used in a list to separate the numbers or letters identifying the items from the text of the list. መለያ
Sequence An ordered arrangement, as in a set of numbers ቅደም ተከተል
Serial mouse A mouse designed to be connected directly to one of the computer\'s serial ports. ተከታታይ መዳፊት
serial number An unique number of a piece of hardware, given by its manufacturer. መለያ ቁጥር
Serial printer A printer designed to be connected to a computer\'s serial port. ተከታታይ አታሚ
series Sequence of data points or numbers pertaining to certain object or event. ተከታታይ
series lines In 2-D stacked bar and column charts, lines that connect the data markers in each data series that are used to emphasize the difference in measurement between each series. የተከታታይ መስመሮች
Series name See series የተከታታይ ስም
Server In general, a computer that provides shared resources to network users. See also: client; shared resource አገልጋይ
service A computer program providing specific data processing or data access under certain protocol. For example, LDAP service. ግልጋሎት
Service Pack Package of updates to a released product (e.g. Service Pack 1). Title normally not translated. የመጠገኛ ስብስብ
session From the start of a program till it is closed again is one session. ክፍለ ጊዜ
session From the start of a program till it is closed again is one session. ክፍለ ጊዜ
set verb: To establish a particular condition, such as setting tab stops, setting a counter to 0, or setting a breakpoint. similar to \"to define\". አዘጋጅ
set as default see definition of default እንደ ነባሪው አዘጋጅ
Set Default Define the default values. See definition of default ነባሪውን አዘጋጅ
Set Password Define the default values. See definition of default የይለፍ ቃል አዘጋጅ
setting A parameter of a program or operating system configuration. ቅንብር
setup Can mean to install or it can mean settings. ጫን
setup Most of the time setup means the settings, like setup Word to use the A4 format. More seldom it is used in the meaning \"to install\". መዋቅር
setup disk A disk that contains an operating system and can be used to boot a computer. Also called startup disk. ማስነሻ ዲስክ
setup program The program that installs new software on a PC ተጫኝ ፍርግም
shade A color that is mixed with black. A 10-percent shade is one part of the original color and nine parts black. ዳመን ያለ
Shading the process of making a shade on a graphic object; the shade developed ማጥላት
shadow A style applied to an object in which a gray outline is applied usually to the lower right portion. The effect gives the object something of a three-dimensional appearance. ፅላል (ጥላ፣ ድባብ፣ ፀሃይ የሚከለክል)
shadow style A style applied to an object in which a gray outline is applied usually to the lower right portion. The effect gives the object something of a three-dimensional appearance. የፅላል ቅጥ
share Noun. A network share መጋሪያ
Share name A name that refers to a shared resource on a server. Each shared folder on a server has a share name used by personal computer users to refer to the folder. የጋራ ስም
shared library An executable file that can be shared between several different programs. Code from a shared library is not linked into the program by ld(1), but is instead mapped into the process\' address space at run time by the dynamic loader. Shared libraries must contain position-independent code, and are created by ld(1). They typically have the file name suffix .sl. የወል ቤተ ፕሮግራም
Sharing A process or ability of concurrent data access to the resource. መጋራት
sharpness The fineness of detail attained by a printer or a monitor in producing an image. የጠርዝ ጥራት
sheet The paper that a publication is printed on. In the commercial print trade, sheet size refers to the paper that is used for printing, whereas page size refers to the size of the finished publication. ሉህ
Sheet-fed scanner A flatbed scanner that can automatically lead a series of documents for scanning. ወረቀት ሳቢ ስካነር
shell A user interface to the HP-UX operating system. A shell often functions as both a command interpreter and an interpretive programming language. A shell is automatically invoked for every user who logs in. See sh(1) and its related manual entries plus the tutorials supplied with your system for details. ሼል
shell program A sequence of shell commands and shell programming language constructs stored in a file and invoked as a user command (program). No compilation is needed prior to execution because the shell recognizes the commands and constructs that make up the shell programming language. A shell script is often called a shell program or a command file. See the Shells User Guide. ሼል ፍርግም
SHIFT key On the keyboard. መቀየርያ ቁልፍ
shortcut A link to a file, usually represented as an icon in a folder or on the desktop አቋራጭ
shortcut icon Represents a shortcut on the desktop or in a folder. አማራጭ ኣዶ
shortcut key A key or combination of keys that, when pressed, will quickly perform an action within an application that would normally require several user actions, such as menu selections. አቋራጭ ቁልፍ
shortcut menu A menu that shows a list of commands relevant to a particular item. To display a shortcut menu, right-click an item or press SHIFT+F10. አቋራጭ ምናሌ
Show as text says; display a window or item in a window አሳይ
Show all as text says; see show ሁሉን አሳይ
Show As specify a format on how to show እንደ ... አሳይ
Show Detail display more information about the item; see detail ዝርዝር አሳይ
Show Image command: as text says ምስል አሳይ
Show in specify method of display for more than one item በውስጥ አሳይ
Show in Groups Icons on the desktop are grouped by file type, e.g. all Microsoft Word documents in one group, all Text files in another etc በቡድን አሳይ
Show Item as text says ዓይነት አሳይ
Show or Hide as text says አሳይ ወይም ደብቅ
Show Outline display the boundary of an item አጭር ዝርዝር አሳይ
Show value display numerical value of an item እሴት አሳይ
Shut Down Item on Start menu in Windows and option in Shut Down Windows dialog. Provides options for restarting or turning off your computer, or for activating Stand By or Hibernating modes. ዝጋ
shutdown noun. The process of shutting down a system አዘጋግ
sidebar A note alongside the main text that contains interesting or useful information. A sidebar relates to, but is not essential to understanding, the main text. የጎን አሞሌ
Sides outside edge; ጎኖች
signal A software interrupt sent to a process, informing it of special situations or events. Also, the event itself. See signal(2). ማመልከት
Signature A sequence of data used for identification, such as text appended to an e-mail message or fax. A unique number built into hardware or software for authentication purposes. ፊርማ
signature file A file automatically attached to outgoing e-mail messages and postings to newsgroups. See Outlook. ፋይለ ፊርማ
simple As opposed to complex or complicated. ቀላል
single byte character characters in which each character is represented by a one-byte code የነጠላ ባይት ቁምፊ
single underline an underline with 1 line for emphasis ነጠላ ግርጌ ሰረዝ
single-click As opposed to double-click ነጠላ ጠቅታ
Single-sided disk A floppy disk designed so that one side of the disk can be used for read/write operations. ባለአንድ ፊት ዲስክ
site Web site ድረገፅ
sizable That can be sized/resized. አዳጊአናሽ
Size Usually a noun: the size / dimensions of something. መጠን
sizing handle A handle that supports sizing an object. መጣኝ እጀታ
Skip to ignore ዝለል
slash Character: / ህዝባር \'/\'
Slide unit of presentation in presentation applications like Microsoft Powerpoint ስላይድ
slide master The slide that stores information about the design template applied, including font styles, placeholder sizes and positions, background design, and color schemes. ዋና ስላይድ
slide show A process when several pictures are shown one by one and one after the other. ስላይድ ትእይንት
slider Control that lets users set a value on a continuous range of possible values, such as screen brightness, mouse-click speed, or volume. ስላይደር
slider indicator Control that lets users set a value on a continuous range of possible values. ስላይድር አመልካች
Slow As opposed to \"fast\" ዝግታ
Slug A code inserted in a headers or footers to generate page numbers when the document is printed. ስለግ
Small Business edition One of the specific editions of Microsoft Office to equip small businesses አነስተኛ ንግድ እትም
small capitals Small caps: A format that makes lowercase text appear as capital letters in a reduced font size. Small caps formatting does not affect numbers, punctuation, non-alphabetic characters, or uppercase letters. አነስተኛ አቢያት
Smart Phone Type of mobile phone ባለ ካርድ ስልክ
smart quotes Same as curly quotes. አስቀፃይ ጥቅስ
Smart tag Smart tags: Data recognized and labeled as a particular type. For example, a person name or the name of a recent Microsoft Outlook e-mail message recipient is a type of data that can be recognized and labeled with a smart tag ስሉጥ መለያ (ሉ ይጠብቃል፤ ሰለጠ፡- ቀና ሆነ፣ ቀለጠፈ፣ አማረ፣ ተከወነ)
Snail mail A derogatory term for the postal service. የፖስታ መልዕክት
Snap to follow or align with another item mostly shapes on a drawing like snap to grid ግጥምታ
snapshot A static image of a set of data, such as the records displayed as the result of a query. Snapshot-type Recordset objects can be created from a base table, a query, or another recordset. ቅፅበተ ፎቶ
Soft Temporary or changeable, as opposed to hard. ገር
software Computer programs; instructions that make hardware work. ሶፍትዌር
software program A computer program - set of instructions that make hardware work. የሶፍትዌር ፍርግም
solidus See slash. ሕዝባር
Sort To organize data, typically a set of records, in a particular order. Programs and programming algorithms for sorting vary in performance and application. ደርድር
Sort Ascending To sort data when the resulting items are arranged in ascending order. ሽቅብ ደርድር
Sort By to arrange data in a specific order በ ... ደርድር
Sort by Name to arrange data in a specific order በስም ደርድር
Sort Descending To sort data when the resulting items are arranged in descending order. ቁልቁል ደርድር
Sort key In sort operations, the data that determine the order in which the operation arranges data records. የቅደም ተከተል ቁልፍ
sort order A way to arrange data based on value or data type. You can sort data alphabetically, numerically, or by date. Sort orders use an ascending (0 to 100, A to Z) or descending (100 to 0, Z to A) order. ስርዓተ አደራደር
sorting Organization of data, typically a set of records, in a particular order. መደርደር
sorting order A way to arrange data based on value or data type. You can sort data alphabetically, numerically, or by date. Sort orders use an ascending (0 to 100, A to Z) or descending (100 to 0, Z to A) order. ስርዓተ ድርደራ
Sound Organization of data, typically a set of records, in a particular order. ድምፅ
Sound card A type of expansion board on PC-compatible computers that allows the playback and recording of sound, such as from a WAV or MIDI file or a music CD-ROM. የድምፅ ካርድ
Sound clip A file that contains a short audio item, usually an excerpt from a longer recording. የድምፅ ናሙና
Source Please always check context for \"source\" as it can refer to 1. source in the sense of \"origin\" 2. source in the sense of \"source code\", i.e. programming language text or 3. source in the sense of \"paper source\" for paper in printer trays - which tray the paper is in ምንጭ
source code Human-readable program statements written by a programmer or developer in a high-level or assembly language that are not directly readable by a computer. Source code needs to be compiled into object code before a computer can execute it. ምንጭ ኮድ
source data The list or table used to create a PivotTable or PivotChart report. Source data can be taken from an Excel list or range, an external database or cube, or another PivotTable report. ምንጭ ውሂብ
source file The file that contains information that was used to create a linked or embedded object. When you update the information in the source file, you can also update the linked object in the destination file. ምንጭ ፋይል
Source worksheet A worksheet containing a cell or range linked to one or more dependent worksheets. የቀመር ሉህ ምንጭ
space A space between characters. ቦታ
spacebar On keyboard የቦታ ቁልፍ
Spacing arrangement of spaces; distance between any two items (objects) አዘራዘር
Speaker A device which converts electrical impulses to sounds. ድምጽ ማጉያ
Special specific; unusual ልዩ
special paper Paper that has colored, preprinted patterns or borders on it. You can use these papers to create a colorful and stylish look without a color printer or copier. ልዩ ወረቀት
specify indicate; mark; designate አምር (ም ይጠብቃል)
Speech Oral expression of something, either by user input or the computer\'s output (e.g. the computer reading something to the user. Also used by the user to dictate text or to give voice commands. ንግግር
Speech Ability of an application or system to recognize human speech and perform actions, such as typing in spoken words. ንግግር
Speed How fast something being done. ፍጥነት
spell checker An application that employs a disk-based dictionary to check for misspellings in a document. ፊደል አራሚ
Spelling as word says ፊደል መረጣ
spin box A standard Windows control that allows the user to adjust a value from a limited range of possible values. ማሾሪያ ሳጥን
split To split a document or worksheet into two panes. መክፍል
split bar A division between panes that appears where a window has been split; the split bar visually separates window panes. የመክፈያ አሞሌ
split box A special control added to a window (typically above or below a scroll bar) that allows the user to split a window or adjust a window split. መክፈያ አጥቅ
spreadsheet A spreadsheet is a computer accounting program, such as Microsoft Excel; a worksheet is the document produced by a spreadsheet program ዝርግ ተመን ሉህ
Spreadsheet program A spreadsheet program that can create a worksheet file made up of multiple stacked pages, each page resembling a separate worksheet. የዝርግ ተመን ሉህ ፍርግም
SQL (Structured Query Language (SQL): A database query and programming language widely used for accessing, querying, updating, and managing data in relational database systems.) ኤስኪውኤል
SQL Server Microsoft application ኤስኪውኤል አገልጋይ
square brackets Character: [] መረባ ቅንፍ (መረባ - አራት እኩል ጎኖች ያሉት ቅርፅ)
SS/80 See CS/80. ኤስኤስ/80
Stack The order of objects, from front to back, in a picture. ቁልል
Stand by Option in Shut Down Windows dialog. Maintains your session, keeping the computer running on low power with data still in memory. ተጠባበቅ
standalone Of, pertaining to, or being a device that does not require support from another device or system, for example, a computer that is not connected to a network. በንጥል ቋሚ (ጥ ይጠብቃል)
Standard synonymous to \"default\" መደበኛ
standard time As opposed to daylight saving time መደበኛ ሰዓት
Standard toolbar A toolbar that performs some of the most common tasks in a Microsoft Office application, such as opening, saving, and printing files. መደበኛ ሰሪ አሞሌ
start To run (a software program), to boot (a computer). ጀምር
Start button An element of the Windows user interface. መክፈቻ ቁልፍ
Start menu A menu called \"Start\" in the bottom left corner of you screen. The menu that pops up when clicking the green button called \"Start\" መክፈቻ ምናሌ
start page Start page: The first page that appears when you start a Web browser. You can set this to a Web site or to a document on your computer\'s hard disk. A start page can contain hyperlinks to other documents on your computer, on a network, or on the Web. የፊት ገፅ
Start time Time when some type of action starts, for example a meeting, or the start time for an automatic process. ማስጀመሪያ ሰአት
Startup The process of starting a computer. ማስነሳት
Startup disk The disk that you normally use to boot a computer. ማስነሻ ዲስክ
startup folder An element of the Windows user interface. ማስነሻ አቃፊ
State/Province Refers to address data ክልል/ክፍለሀገር
statement A syntactically complete unit that expresses one specific kind of operation, declaration, or definition. A statement is usually on one line in a procedure or Declarations section, but two or more can be on a line separated by a colon. ዓረፍተሐሳብ
Static object A document or portion of a document pasted into a destination document using standard copy and-paste technique. አይለወጤ ነገር
Statistics the result of applying a statistical algorithm to a set of data; the study of state ስታትስቲክስ
status standing; position; rank ሁኔታ
status area The area on the taskbar to the right of the taskbar buttons. It displays the time and can also contain shortcuts that provide quick access to programs, such as Volume Control and Power Options. Other shortcuts can appear temporarily, providing information about the status of activities. መካነ ሁኔታ
status bar A horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen that displays information about the current condition of the program, such as the status of items in the window, the progress of the current task, or information about the selected item. ሁኔታ አሞሌ
Step stage ደረጃ
Step In Go into more detail analysis; used in debugging applications በ…ሂድ
Stop Verb. To stop something from running. አቁም
storage In computing, any device in or on which information can be kept. Microcomputers have two main types of storage: random access memory (RAM) and disk drives and other external storage media. Other types of storage include read-only memory (ROM) and buffers. ማከማቻ
store To retain a physical representation of (data or instructions) that enables them to be subsequently retrieved. አከማች
stored procedure A precompiled collection of SQL statements and optional control-of-flow statements stored under a name and processed as a unit. They are stored in an SQL database and can be run with one call from an application. ዝግጁ ደንብ
stores a collection of items that can store ማከማቻዎች
story A document area that contains a range of text distinct from other areas of text in a document. For example, if a document includes body text, footnotes, and headers, it contains a main text story, footnotes story, and headers story. ሃተታ
straight quotes As opposed to curly quotes ቀጤ ትእምርተ ጥቅስ
stream noun ዥረት
stream About video/audio over the Internet ልቀቅ
Street Part of an address መንገድ
Stretch extend; elongate ዘርጋ
Strict stringent; severe ጥብቅ
Strikeout Refers to a font with a horizontal line through it. ስክርዝ (ስክ + ስርዝ)
strikethrough Character formatting option ስክረዛ
string A collection of characters that can include both numbers and text. ሕብረቁምፊ
Structure 1. The design and composition of a program, including program flow, hierarchy, and modularity. 2. A collection of data elements. መዋቅር
style A combination of formatting characteristics, such as font, font size, and indentation, which you name and store as a set. When you apply a style, all of the formatting instructions in that style are applied at the same time. In HTML, it controls other attributes ቅጥ
style area Style area: A vertical area along the left edge of the document window that displays the name of the paragraph style that is applied to each paragraph. መክስተቅጥ (አማራጭ ቅጦች የሚከሰቱበት/ የሚታዩበት ቦታ ለማለት ነው)
style box Box on Formatting toolbar for showing font styles ሳጥነ ቅጥ
style name Name of a style. የቅጥ ስም
style sheet Cascading style sheets (CSS): The part of a Web page that defines styles that control the way a Web page or a part of a Web page appears in a browser. Microsoft Office stores embedded style sheets at the top of each Web page. የሉህ ቅጥ
Stylus A pen shaped instrument used to select menu options on a monitor screen or to draw line art on a graphics tablet. ብሮስፌ (ብዕር+ወስፌ)
Subdirectory A directory structure created in another directory. ንዑስ ዕፀ ማውጫ
subfolder A folder (logical grouping of related files) within another folder. ንዑስ አቃፊ
subform part of a form ንዑስ ቅጽ
Subject Please check context here as it can refer to 1. the \"subject line\" of an email; the email heading or topic or 2. the name of an applicant ጉዳዩ
submenu A menu that appears when a user points to a command on a higher-level menu. ንዑስ ምናሌ
Submit Typically, a button to send a form on the Web. አስገባ
subreport A report contained within another report. ንዑስ ሪፖርት
subroutine Programming. A common term for \"routine\". Often used for shorter, general routines that are likely to be called often. ንዑስ ሂደተሥራ
Subscribe To be a subscriber to something, for example Internet news bulletins. ደንበኛ ሁን
subscript Describes text that is slightly lower than other text on a line. Subscripts are often used in scientific formulas. ግርጌ አደር (ግርጌ ብቻ ቢባል መናኛ ይሆናል)
subscription 1.The act of adding a newsgroup to the list of groups a user receives articles from. 2. A mechanism which selects and automatically schedules data to be downloaded 3. The act of adding a name to a LISTSERV distribution list. የደንበኝነት ምዝገባ
subsidiary Usually refers to a daughter company of a bigger company (parent company). ቅርንጫፍ
substitute To replace ተካ
substitute A substitute form, frameset, or page is one that has been registered to be displayed for only certain client browsers and languages. ምትክ
Substitution Replacement with something else. መተካት
Subtotal partial cummulative sum or result ንዑስ ድምር
subweb A named subdirectory of the root web site that is a complete FrontPage-based web site. Each subweb can have independent administration, authoring and browsing permissions from the root web site and other subwebs. ንዑስ ድር
Suffix ending ድኅረግንድ
Suggest propose; recommend; remind አመላክት
Suggestion proposal; recommendation አማራጭ
suite Generic marketing term for Office package. ግሴት (ክምችት ስብስብ ማለት ነው)
Sum To calculate together the values of two or more numbers. ደምር
Summary An abstract, abridgment, or compendium, e.g. of a preceding discourse. ማጠቃለያ
superblock A block on each file system\'s mass storage medium which describes the file system. The contents of the superblock vary between implementations. Refer to the System Administrator manuals supplied with your system, and the appropriate fs(4) entry for details. አብይ ክፍል
superscript Describes text that is slightly higher than other text on a line, such as a footnote reference mark. ራስጌ አደር
superuser The HP-UX system administrator. This user has access to all files, and can perform privileged operations. superuser has a real user ID and effective user ID of 0, and, by convention, the user name of root. ሊቀ ተገልጋይ (ሊቅ:- አለቃ ማለት ነው)
supplemental That acts as a supplement to something. ጭማሪ
supplementary group ID A process has up to NGROUPS_MAX supplementary group IDs used in determining file access permissions, in addition to the effective group ID. The supplementary group IDs of a process are set to the supplementary group IDs of the parent process when the process is created. ተጨማሪ የቡድን መታወቂያ
Supplier Usually about a company that provides a service or product to another company or customer. አቅራቢ
support Assistance እገዛ
Surface external part or layer; outward appearance; ገጽታ
survey Enables users to respond to a set of questions specified by the creator of the survey. Results are tallied in a graphical summary. Requires a web server that is running SharePoint Team Services. ቅኝት
Swap file A large, hidden system file that stores program instructions and data that do not fit in the computer\'s random-access memory (RAM). ማገላበጫ ፋይል
switch noun. When working with fields, a special instruction that causes a specific action to occur. Generally, a switch is added to a field to modify a result. መቀያየሪያ
symbol A character that represents an idea, action, or tangible item. For example, $ is a symbol that represents US dollars. In Publisher, symbols may include graphical images, characters from other alphabets, numerals, or commonly recognized signs or marks ወካይ
symbolic link A type of file that indirectly refers to a path name. See symlink(4). ተምሳሌታዊ መጠሪያ
synchronization The process of updating two members of a replica set by exchanging all updated records and objects in each member. Two replica set members are synchronized when the changes in each have been applied to the other. ሥምሪያ (ሰመረ ከሚለው ግስ የወጣ ነው)
Synchronize To represent or arrange (events) to be in correspondence or agreement. አሳምር (ሳ ይጠብቃል)
synonym Word with the same meaning as another in the same language but often with different implications and associations. ተመሳሳይ ቃል
Synonyms word having the same or a similar meaning as another ተመሳሳይ ቃላት
syntax The grammar of a language; the rules governing the structure and content of statements. አገባብ
syntax error An error in the grammatical structure of the code or expression. If syntax checking is enabled, errors are highlighted after you type a line and press ENTER. የአገባብ ስህተት
System A setting for controls and other options that derives its value from the Microsoft Windows operating system. ሥርዓት
system administrator The person responsible for administering use of a multi-user computer system, communications system, or both. ስርዓት አስተዳዳሪ
System call An HP-UX operating system kernel function available to the user through a high-level language (such as FORTRAN, Pascal, or C). Also called an ``intrinsic\'\' or a ``system intrinsic.\'\' The available system calls are documented in Section 2 of the HP-UX Reference Manual. የሥርዓት ጥሪ
system configuration Parameters and settings of a computer. ወቀራ ስርዓት (ወቀረ (ለወፍጮ) ከሚለው የወጣ ነው)
System console A keyboard and display (or terminal) given a unique status by HP-UX and associated with the special file /dev/console. All boot ROM error messages, HP-UX system error messages, and certain system status messages are sent to the system console. Under certain conditions (such as the single-user state), the system console provides the only mechanism for communicating with HP-UX. See the System Administrator manuals and user guides provided with your system for details on configuration and use of the system console. የስርዐት ማሳቁል (ማሳቁል- ማሳያ + የቁልፍ ሰሌዳ ማለት ነው)
System date The calendar date that a computer system maintains. ኮምፒዩተራዊ ቀን መቁጠሪያ
system file A resource file on the Macintosh that contains the resources needed by the operating system, such as fonts, icons, and default dialog boxes. የስርዓት ፋይል
system information Usually refers to the applet System Information in the Help About box. የስርዓት መረጃ
system process A system process is a process that runs on behalf of the system. It may have special implementation-defined characteristics. የስርዓት ሂደት
system requirements Minimum hardware and operating system requirements needed to run Microsoft software appear as a bulleted list or in a table in the introduction to the main printed book or Getting Started topic and on the product packaging. የስርዓት ማሟያዎች
System software Programs that control the operation of a computer system, e.g., operating systems. ስርዓታዊ ሶፍትዌር